Startup parameter

By adding a product number as a startup parameter to your Macaos Enterprise shortcut, you can force Macaos Enterprise to locate and load that product when the program starts. In the shortcut parameters tab, define the target as "C:\Program Files\Macaos\macaosenterprise.exe ProdNr" where ProdNr is the product number you wish to locate. See the user documentation for your operating system for more information about creating and maintaining shortcuts.

User administration

Clicking on the User Admin button opens either a dialog box with the user's contact information, or (if the user is an administrator) the user manager.

Certification documents

If you wish, you may upload documentation about yourself to the server. Typically, this would be done by a PCB designer who wishes to attach their professional certificates (such as an IPC CID+ certificate) to the products which they have designed. Your uploaded documents may be viewed when viewing the product history for any product that you have published.

To upload a document, choose the Tools|Upload certification document menu command, and select the file you wish to upload. You may upload more than one file (but only one at a time).


Selecting Tools|Options in the menu opens the Macaos Enterprise Options dialog box, allowing you to specify default settings that will be used each time you start Macaos Enterprise.

Connection settings

Selecting Tools|Proxy server settings in the menu opens the Internet connection proxy setup dialog box, allowing you to specify settings for a proxy server if needed to use your internet connection.

Move Macaos Enterprise to a new PC

Use the Tools|Move Macaos Enterprise to new PC command to copy all program and settings files to a flash drive (or other storage location). These files may then be copied to an appropriate program folder on the new PC. The first time Macaos Enterprise is run on the new PC, the settings files will be moved to the user’s settings folder on that PC.