User manager

If you are an administrator, then the User Admin button opens the User Manager. This lists all of the Macaos users in your company.


You can view or edit the information for any user by double-clicking on a user in the list.

You can add a new user to your company by right-clicking on an existing user and selecting Create new user. This opens the User info dialog box with the same address and access privileges as the selected user. After entering the remaining contact info, click on the OK button to create the user and send them a mail with download info.

You can add a batch of new users by right-clicking and selecting Create multiple users. This allows you to create several users with the same address and access rights, but with individual names, phone numbers, e-mail adresses and passwords. Enter the desired user info and click the Add user button for each user. Finally, click the Add users button to create the entire batch of users.

Right-click on one or more users and select Disable user to remove all access rights for the selected users. If the Hide disabled users box is checked, then users without any access rights are not listed.

Company properties

You can also edit certain properties of your company.

To modify the name of your company, enter the correct name at the bottom of the User Manager. Note: This will only change the company name as used by Macaos. You should also contact your supplier to inform them of changes to your company.

When a person requests a Macaos Enterprise license from, the Macaos Team verifies that the person is a valid representative of the company. If in doubt, the company will be contacted for verification before a license is created. If, however, you want complete control over users connected to your company, then check the Prevent Macaos from creating new users check box. If this property is enabled, the Macaos Team will ignore all license requests for your company.

Click on the Save button to save changes to company properties.