Macaos Enterprise

Macaos Enterprise is a cloud-based system for working with printed circuit boards in real world applications and simplifying your PCB acquisition process. Whether you are part of a large organization or just a service provider in the supply chain, Macaos Enterprise will help you get the job done.

Macaos Enterprise is not a design tool for PCBs. There are many good tools available for designing a single PCB. However, most such tools stop there. You get an excellent PCB design converted to an output format (such as Gerber and drill files) which may then be sent to a fabricator.

However, a single bare printed circuit board is not a finished product. Modern electronics manufacturing makes use of automated assembly lines for component placement, soldering, depanelization, test and more. The various modules in Macaos Enterprise allow you to rapidly generate the data and tooling necessary for these assembly steps. Macaos Enterprise also eases the process of purchasing PCBs.

Macaos Enterprise is available for free download.

Macaos Enterprise includes the following tools and modules:

  • Product Browser
    View and organize your products. The graphic viewer allows you to view, inspect and measure any detail in the product. The browser also lists key product specifications, fabrication history and order history.
  • Import
    Import a PCB product from Gerber/Drill or ODB++ data (and Pick&Place data if available). Select or define stackup, specify mask colors and other parameters, and then publish to the Product Browser.
  • Panel
    Step up a PCB board to an array (panel) suitable for assembly in a matter of seconds. Place break-off tabs automatically, or exactly as you wish. Add fiducial marks, tooling holes, bad marks, copper fill, bar codes, text, and test coupons to the panel frame.
  • Solder Paste Stencil
    Create a solder paste stencil product, from an existing PCB product or a gerber file. Choose a stencil frame or upload your own. Specify adjustments to pad openings, split or modify the shape of openings, define stepped (thinner) regions, add text and more. 
  • Assembly Mask
    Add assembly mask data (such as peel-off, glue or solder paste) to an existing PCB or panel without needing to go back to the original CAD Layout system.
  • Assembly Data
    Add or edit the Pick and Place (PnP) and Bill of Materials (BOM) data for a PCB. Send a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to participating Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers.
  • Pallet creation
    Design a wave solder pallet or selective wave solder pallet. You only need to define pallet dimensions and parameters and place board fasteners. For a selective wave solder pallet simply draw the solder openings and component pockets. The rest is calculated automatically.
  • Depanelization
    Generate a milling file (in G-code) for removing break-off tabs from a panel. Design a fixture to hold all boards in place during tab removal.
  • Test fixture
    Design a "Bed of Nails" test fixture for a PCB. Click on holes or pads to place guide pins or test pins. Test jigs and test pins for a complete in-circuit test setup are available for purchase from the Test accessories folder.
  • Online Prices and Ordering
    Instant online quotations are available for most products. Select a price and add to the shopping basket to place an order.
  • Technical Documentation
    Generate technical drawings in PDF format.
  • Mechanical Parts
    Upload a 3D object and purchase it in plastic or aluminum.
  • Connectors, Accessories and Machines
    Purchase connectors, test jigs and accessories, ESD accessories, stencil stretching frames, milling machines, laser engraving machines, and more.
  • Collaboration (Product Sharing)
    The product sharing features of Macaos Enterprise allow a board owner to share the board with an EMS supplier. The EMS supplier can then panelize the board, add assembly mask data, and create solder paste stencils optimized for their own assembly processes, either for quotation purposes or to place an order for production.

We are constantly working to improve and expand Macaos Enterprise. Expanded component management, transport pallet designer, laser engraving of serial numbers, and output to solder paste printers are among the features we have under development. Your input to our development process is welcome. You can contact us at


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