Macaos Enterprise

Macaos Enterprise is a cloud-based system for purchasing printed circuit boards and solder paste stencils. It includes powerful tools for creating panels, stencils and technical documentation and gives a comprehensive overview of purchasing, manufacturing and shipment history.


Use the Product Browser to view and organize your board and stencil products. With the graphic viewer you can view, inspect and measure any detail in the product. The browser also lists key product specifications, fabrication history and order history. Instant online quotations are available for most products. Select a price and add to the shopping basket to place an order. Use the Import Module to easily create new PCB products from your Gerber, Drill and Pick & Place files.


With the Panelization Module you can step up a PCB board to an array (panel) suitable for assembly in a matter of seconds. You have complete control over the placement and style of break-off tabs. In addition, you can easily add fiducial marks, tooling holes, bad marks, copper fill, bar codes and text to the panel frame. It is also possible to add assembly mask data (such as peel-off mask, glue mask, etc) to the panel. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your panel just as it will be interpreted by the manufacturer. Once the panel has been "published" to the system it will appear in the Product Browser, ready for purchase.


The Stencil Module allows you to easily create a solder paste stencil product, either based on an existing PCB product or on a gerber file. Choose from one of the pre-defined stencil frames or upload your own. Specify adjustments to pad openings, split large openings into an array of smaller openings, add text and remove extraneous objects. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your stencil just as it will be cut. Once the stencil has been "published" to the system it will appear in the Product Browser, ready for purchase.


The test fixture module allows you to quickly design a "Bed of Nails" test fixture for a PCB. Simply click on holes or pads to place guide pins or test pins. For each test point, specify the signal name and connector pin to automatically generate a wiring list. Test jigs and test pins for a complete in-circuit test setup are available for purchase from the Test accessories folder.


The product sharing features of Macaos Enterprise allow a board owner to share the board with an EMS supplier. The EMS supplier can then panelize the board, add assembly mask data (such as peel-off mask, glue mask, etc), and generate solder paste stencils optimized for their own assembly processes, either for quotation purposes or to place an order for production.

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