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 Macaos Software AS is a leading developer of software for streamlining the acquisition and production of printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Bottom line is that the software is so good it really deserves more attention from the German market. I would stretch it and say that the global market needs an eye opener towards this newcomer. This is the future. -- Knut M Hansen, Mekatronikk AS

I have followed Elprint [in Norway] for at least 15 years and nearly always used them. This Macaos System [which they use] is a stroke of genius! -- Tore Svortdal, poLight AS

Macaos supports in-circuit testing

Now you can quickly create "bed of nails" test fixtures for your PCBs in Macaos Enterprise 4.2 or Macaos Gallery 1.4. With the test fixture module, you simply click on holes or pads to place guide pins or test pins. For test pins you may also specify the signal name and connector pin. Drill files, wiring list and documentation for the test fixture are automatically generated.

Macaos Enterprise User guide

Macaos Enterprise allows you to easily browse, panelize and place orders for printed circuit boards and solder paste stencils. This quick user guide will help you get started.
For more detailed info, use the Help menu in Macaos Enterprise to open the user manual.

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