Welcome to Macaos

 Macaos Software AS is a leading developer of software for streamlining the acquisition and production of printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Macaos Gallery seems to be exactly what I've been looking for - a minimal learning curve and intuitive interface. It’s the most intuitive panelising package I've seen to date. I will be sure to recommend others to give it a go as well.

-- Dean Claxton , Saros (Australia) Pty Ltd

Bottom line is that the software is so good it really deserves more attention from the German market. I would stretch it and say that the global market needs an eye opener towards this newcomer. This is the future.

-- Knut M Hansen , Mekatronikk AS

I have followed Elprint [in Norway] for at least 15 years and nearly always used them. This Macaos System [which they use] is a stroke of genius!

-- Tore Svortdal, poLight AS