Macaos Enterprise 5.x

Build (25-09-2020)
- 0004487: [Import] Ask before using article number or description when importing specs from existing product
- 0004471: [Panel] Allow to create panels with flex boards defined with laser outline
- 0004490: [ADM] API token for ME active customers not found
- 0004488: [ADM] DNP attribute does not get saved to product file
- 0004478: [ADM] In viewer if swapping between Product view and Bill of Materials no items is visible in BOM
- 0004491: [Import] Align button dropdown menu does not work
- 0004476: [Import] Unnecessary warning of negative image
- 0004474: [Import] Incorrect Gerber X2 FileFunction in published blind/buried drill files
- 0004472: [Import] Unable to parse basic Gerber files
- 0004484: [MIF] Memory leak when exporting to Gerber
- 0004482: [MIF] Operations that modifies the product zip file will sometimes make the product zip file corrupt
- 0004493: [Panel] False warning about less than 0.15 mm clearance between copper objects and break-off tabs
- 0004486: [Panel] When scoring and corner tabs are selected, inner corner-edges get break off tabs
- 0004483: [Panel] Boards with arcs in contour will in some cases end up with invalid arcs after being rotated on a panel
- 0004492: [Stencil] Rotated rounded rectangle gets corrupted on publish
- 0004485: [Viewer] The show route directions function in the viewer does not work for single boards

Build (27-08-2020)
- 0004466: [ADM] Change mounting to TH should also uncheck include in PnP
- 0004465: [ADM] Allow marking alternate MPN as "Equivalent or better"
- 0004464: [ADM] After component edit, component should remain focused in list
- 0004463: [ADM] Cannot enter API token
- 0004467: [Import] Problem importing drill file with implicit tool change

Build (19-08-2020)
- 0004461: [Browser] Access violation moving from PCB viewer to 3D viewer
- 0004458: [Browser] Problem downloading stencil data from board product
- 0004459: [Viewer] Thermal aperture does not display properly

Build (14-08-2020)
- 0004456: [Stencil] Parsing error in rounded rectangle aperture
- 0004457: [Import] Board area incorrectly calculated

Build (13-08-2020)
New functionality:
- 0004446: [3D part] Expand paint color specification model
- 0004394: [3D part] Attach additional specification files to mech part
- 0004451: [ADM] New Assembly Data Manager module
- 0004450: [Import] Support for all features of current version of Gerber Format (2019.06 with X3 extensions)
- 0003943: [Stencil] Add Aspect and area ratio calculations
- 0004400: [Browser] Change of search functions from blank to product number and contains instead of begins with...
- 0004349: [Browser] Updates to Product History
- 0004402: [Import] TeamViewer from import, stencil and panel modules
- 0004421: [Import] It should be possible to create inner contour objects from polygons
- 0003847: [Import] Warn of unsupported G41/G42 compensation when importing excellon file
- 0004432: [Other] Show toolbar button captions below icons
- 0003980: [Panel] Add change-log info when a product is updated in Add Masks module
- 0004443: [Price] Extend quotation days if no prices are fetched
- 0004352: [Price] Add unit price and panel price to price breakdown
- 0004452: [Browser] It should not be possible to change layer count when making a variant of a PCB
- 0004410: [Browser] Product list not visible
- 0004407: [Browser] Hole diameter missing from variant of old board product
- 0004399: [Browser] Download of stencil data should use MPR functions
- 0004416: [Import] Cannot parse Gerber obround flash as slot
- 0004413: [Import] Issues with Gerber Job import from kicad
- 0004405: [Import] Warn about unspecified tool dias prior to laser cutter warning
- 0004393: [Order] Order placement fails if product name is too long
- 0004406: [Panel] Unclear error message when selecting owner on publish
- 0004445: [Stencil] Program hangs on Rotate Frame if view is rotated
- 0004390: [Stencil] Run-time error when reducing butterfly openings

Build (06-01-2020)
- 0004388: [Import] Do not create assistance request without attached files
- 0004389: [Stencil] Access violation when opening products not panelized in Macaos Enterprise

Build (18-12-2019)
- 0004382: [Depanel] Duplicate tab removal segments in some cases
- 0004387: [Import] PnP layer does not get published
- 0004385: [Import] MEI files saved to local disc can't be imported again
- 0004365: [Import] Depth routing issues
- 0004364: [Import] ODB++ Plated slot tools show as unplated in drill tool list
- 0004380: [Panel] Copper fill cut-out mis-placed after rout width change

Build (10-12-2019)
New functionality:
- 0004372: [Stencil] Add function to transfer tooling holes from panel to stencil
- 0004383: [Browser] Don't show brds/pnl for single boards on the stats tab
- 0004366: [Browser] Checkboxes disappears from product specifications
- 0004381: [Import] Some PnP import settings not stored properly
- 0004379: [Panel] Some tab operations can cause access violation
- 0004374: [Panel] Script manager misbehaves when selecting delete object with no corners
- 0004369: [Stencil] Stencil issues
- 0004375: [Viewer] Access Violation when opening some old products

Build (19-11-2019)
New functionality:
- 0004360: [Import] Support for backdrill layers
- 0004361: [Import] Depth routing does not always publish properly
- 0004362: [Stencil] Access violation if PCB is not based on a panel product

Build (14-11-2019)
- 0002219: [Stencil] Duplicate stencil opening modifications to all boards in panel
- 0004359: [Assy Data] Adding PnP data sometimes adds empty bottom side layer
- 0004356: [Assy Data] Wrong board size in viewer after manually adding PnP component
- 0004358: [Pallet] Deleting opening or pocket should not delete board pocket
- 0004355: [Stencil] Stencils cannot be published

Build (12-11-2019)
New functionality:
- 0003236: [Assy Data] Improve PnP import options
- 0004330: [Browser] Add button bars to browser lists
- 0004117: [Browser] Make variant of mech part product
- 0004318: [Import] Allow user to specify PnP file format if unrecognized
- 0004230: [Import] Mark holes as press-fit
- 0004229: [Import] Laser outer/inner cutter for flex boards
- 0004324: [Other] Request interactive support session
- 0003909: [Pallet] Pallet designer module for solder pallets
- 0004255: [Price] View list of active RFQs
- 0004128: [Stencil] Generic stencil frame should have rounded corners
- 0004212: [Test fixture] PCB as test fixture
- 0004337: [Browser] Update CircuitData to version 2
- 0004331: [Depanel] Change suction cup holder for 4, 6 and 8 mm cups
- 0004300: [Depanel] Do not allow pedestals to overlap
- 0004283: [Depanel] Improved auto-detection of tabs
- 0004322: [Import] GerberJob updated to support rev 2019.09
- 0004279: [Import] "Import board specs from product" should not overwrite product identification
- 0004275: [Import] Display board size before showing automatic contour message
- 0004290: [3D part] Some mech products get zero volume after import
- 0004343: [Import] Cannot link file if incorrectly linked to Drill
- 0004341: [Import] Set legend color to White when creating layer for symbol
- 0004316: [Import] Access violation in link filter manager
- 0004294: [Import] Notation files created in Import are not published
- 0004288: [Import] Access violation importing Gerber as Drill file with polygon regions
- 0004285: [Import] Error message when loading CircuitData materials database
- 0004350: [Panel] Problem adding new board to existing panel
- 0004303: [Panel] Rout compensation can give undesired results in some cases
- 0004301: [Panel] A 4-layer board gets wrong buried drill layer name after flip
- 0004293: [Panel] Show soldermask opening for mousebite holes when remove soldermask has not been selected
- 0004292: [Panel] Rout width does not always change properly when user selects another rout width
- 0004347: [Stencil] Generic frame was unselected
- 0004334: [Viewer] Copper thickness is sometimes shown wrong for special stackups

Build (12-06-2019)
- 0004272: [Test fixture] Timer on max/min check for fixture size should be lengthened
- 0004273: [Panel] Soldermask disappears from panel frame

Build (07-06-2019)
New functionality:
- 0004268: [Panel] Allow editing solder mask as an assembly mask
- 0004251: [Panel] Remove solder mask from around mousebite holes
- 0004265: [Depanel] Allow for offset between reg holes and milling program
- 0004267: [Panel] Allow milling track to cross scoring line into waste matl
- 0004269: [Import] "import board product specs" should ignore qty board per panel

Build (21-05-2019)
New functionality:
- 0004249: [Panel] Allow milling track to cross scoring line on board corners
- 0004234: [Assy Data] Add note that PnP must include fiducials
- 0004261: [Depanel] Make it possible to not have a dust nozzle
- 0004252: [Browser] Make variant of stencil product fails
- 0004260: [Import] Allegro PnP file not scaled properly
- 0004258: [Import] Problems with depth routing in ODB++
- 0004045: [Other] 3D import: Arrow keys does not move curser in ID edit boxes
- 0004262: [Test fixture] Can not place test pins on flipped board

Build (26-04-2019)
- 0004239: [Import] Text file viewer does not size correctly
- 0004237: [Import] Graphical remarks not saved on publish
- 0004247: [Panel] Problem publishing multi-product panel
- 0004246: [Panel] Panel property controls hidden when opening Actions menu

Build (11-04-2019)
New functionality:
- 0003802: [Import] Import board specs from CircuitData
- 0004186: [Depanel] Warn if fixture is too near rout table edge
- 0004053: [Import] Some flex import tweaks
- 0004040: [Import] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004221: [Panel] Allow changing rout width
- 0004224: [Viewer] Show flex layers slightly wider in rigid-flex stackup
- 0004167: [Viewer] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004216: [Browser] Browser product list does not refresh properly
- 0004205: [Browser] Product not selected after change product specs
- 0004215: [Depanel] Alignment holes missing from NC file for depanel fixture product
- 0004217: [Import] Can not add adhesive layer beside cover layer
- 0004207: [Import] Stackup drawing in PDF does not draw thin/flex boards properly
- 0004203: [Import] Can not deselect contour segments
- 0004211: [Test fixture] Fixture sizes can not be adjusted
- 0004202: [Test fixture] Misleading message when opening test fixture designer
- 0004148: [Viewer] Problems converting to float in virtual machine environment

Build (20-02-2019)
- 0004193: [Import] Show layers when changing side to place mark
- 0004191: [Import] Layer count selector limit 0-30
- 0004189: [Viewer] Zoom to stencil frame outline for stencil products
- 0004185: [Import] Issues with drill files
- 0004190: [Price] Some price lists ignored
- 0004192: [Test fixture] Z-dimension values incorrrectly scaled
- 0004197: [Test fixture] Loading saved fixture does not enable Publish button

Build (13-02-2019)
- 0004036: [Browser] Allow to modify stencil thickness in variant mode
- 0004181: [Import] Set color None for flex board with cover layer and no solder mask
- 0004179: [Import] Truncate Name, art number and description to db field length
- 0004175: [Import] Gerber macro vector line uses depracated specification
- 0004166: [Import] Board size not displayed after autocontour
- 0004182: [Browser] Problem with cutouts when adding to existing mask layer
- 0004177: [Browser] Problems publishing stencil Variant
- 0004174: [Depanel] Milling output
- 0004183: [Stencil] Scripts are not activated when loading data from files

Build (31-01-2019)
New functionality:
- 0003993: [Panel] Add impedance test coupon to panel frame
- 0004149: [Price] Allow RFQs to additional suppliers
- 0003942: [Price] Add option/confirmation for holidays on Order placement
- 0003803: [Price] Import product specs for quotation from CircuitData or Gerber Job file
- 0004172: [Browser] Export CircuitData file of product
- 0004159: [Browser] Search for product by customer's order number
- 0004163: [Test fixture] Test accessory catalog
- 0004076: [Import] Support for additional PnP formats
- 0004044: [Panel] Don't ask to move original boards to wastebasket for multi-panel products
- 0004165: [Import] Capped and Tented Via's in ODB++ are incorrect
- 0004161: [Import] Selected stackup disappears when placing UL mark

Build (11-12-2018)
- 0004144: [Import] Selected inner contour not shown
- 0004142: [Stencil] Add possiblity to scale and change size of features when moving features to paste layer
- 0004147: [Import] Solder mask is set to green for both sides of a single sided board
- 0004146: [Import] Rotated oval pads with holes are not exported with rotation
- 0004145: [Import] Boards with negative copper files can't be published
- 0004143: [Import] EP marks may not be placed on solder mask layers - wrong popup dialog

Build (04-12-2018)
- 0004113: [Stencil] Add tooling holes to stencil
- 0004134: [Import] Error message "Duplicates not allowed" when starting Import module
- 0004133: [Import] Problem recognizing drill file containing multiple files
- 0004126: [Import] Warn if number of linked files does not match selected number of layers
- 0004136: [Order] No prices are available for Depanel fixtures
- 0004138: [Other] Due date must show date to ship
- 0004137: [Stencil] Shape splitter window can't open

Build (21-11-2018)
- 0004116: [Price] Allow to change parameters for mechanical part
- 0004121: [Test fixture] Width of USB connector is wrong
- 0004106: [Depanel] Some arc tabs have wrong arc direction
- 0004102: [Depanel] Position of nozzles are wrong at startup
- 0004125: [Import] Outer contour gets wrong tool size on autocontour
- 0004120: [Import] ODB++ imports some user shapes with wrong dimensions
- 0004119: [Import] Can not select 4-layer stackup
- 0004103: [Import] Most layers missing from product published from ODB++
- 0004124: [Panel] Rotated boards not displayed correctly rotatated or mirrored view
- 0004115: [Stencil] Can not deselect visible layers in viewer
- 0004114: [Stencil] Problems with transfer objects

Build (06-11-2018)
- 0004096: [Depanel] Warn on operations that will delete all suction cups and pedestals
- 0004098: [Browser] Add DocSet and GbrJob to Download all data
- 0004094: [Browser] Access violation when switching between folders in product browser

Build (30-10-2018)
- 0004090: [Depanel] AV when closing program
- 0004092: [Import] Via protection layers do not get exported properly
- 0004093: [Browser] Product info tab is missing; program hangs if mech part selected

Build (29-10-2018)
New functionality:
- 0004082: [Depanel] Generate milling program from depanel fixture
- 0004038: [Depanel] View registration coordinates when setting offset
- 0004081: [Depanel] Must be possible to place tab removal for outline-defined slots
- 0004077: [Depanel] Additional vacuum cup sizes
- 0004078: [Import] A few minor tweaks on Import
- 0004067: [Panel] Allow selecting bad marks for only boards or only panel in autopanel
- 0004087: [Viewer] Show cover layer for flex boards
- 0004085: [Import] Zero-length drawn pads ignored
- 0004088: [Browser] Access violation when switching between empty and not empty folders
- 0004079: [Viewer] Showing all layers with shortcut will show min. annular ring

Build (15-10-2018)
- 0004068: [Panel] Add scroll bar to info pane
- 0004072: [Import] Unable to view negative copper layers
- 0004071: [Import] Layer panes in custom build designer do not scale height properly
- 0004057: [Import] Files marked Not Used shouldn't be included in product data
- 0004059: [Panel] When screen resolution is low, it is not possible to make panels
- 0004074: [Viewer] Toggle layer view for negative layers doesn't work

Build (08-10-2018)
New functionality:
- 0003910: [Depanel] Depanelizer module
- 0003915: [Import] Allow defining "missing" layer in custom stackup
- 0003971: [Panel] Specify panel outer dimensions
- 0003631: [Panel] Allow placing tooling holes/fiducials relative to panel center
- 0003972: [Browser] Allow modifying additional parameters on create variant
- 0003978: [Viewer] Show minimum copper to unplated edge clearance in viewer
- 0003983: [Other] Improve explanation of Move Macaos to new PC
- 0003982: [Other] Use more consistent look/feel across all modules
- 0003979: [Other] Expanded connection manager
- 0004020: [Import] Highlight selected contour object
- 0003960: [Import] Show Symbols layer when showing top/bottom layers
- 0004007: [Panel] Instance spacing should not be reset when changing instance count
- 0003955: [Panel] Automatically add product batch number to panel frame if not placed on original board
- 0004002: [Browser] When saving data in Assembly module, refresh the product when exit
- 0003999: [Browser] When having published a product, go to Recently published folder
- 0003989: [Stencil] Automatically convert simple polygons to flash pads
- 0004031: [Import] Stackup sets the flex / rigid-flex style incorrectly
- 0004021: [Import] Primitives in Gerber macros are rotated around the wrong origin
- 0004017: [Import] Previously used stackups do not show in custom build editor
- 0003985: [Import] Inner layers not listed in correct order
- 0004006: [Panel] Panel believes straight edge is round and makes circular outline
- 0003996: [Panel] Panel report does not support fiducials with cross shape
- 0003990: [Browser] Inactive colors surface finish will not show in products