What's new in Macaos Gallery

Macaos Gallery 2.7

Simple PCB Editor

With have added two operations to the Simple PCB Editor.

  • Crop: Sometimes, the imported Gerber files include extraneous information, such as a title block or drawing frame, which should not be included in manufacturing files. Clicking on the Crop button deletes all features (graphic objects) on visible layers, which are not completely or partially inside the outer contour of the board.
  • Delete selected features: Selected features on visible layers may be deleted. All features on visible layers which are completely or partially within a selection rectangle are deleted.

In addition to these new operations, the simple PCB Editor also lets you:

  • Change the diameter of a drill or rout tool
  • Toggle the plating of a drill tool
  • Change the drill depth/extent of a drill layer
  • Reassign a copper layer, or swap two layers.
  • Toggle the polarity of a copper layer
  • Change the via protection style of a via protection layer
  • Replace a layer with a new Gerber file

To access the Simple PCB Editor, right-click on a single-board PCB product and choose Edit PCB.

Other improvements

Stencil usable area

Typically, the usable area of a stencil, the area which is accessible to the squeegee, is somewhat smaller than the stencil. When placing the board(s) within a stencil frame, they should be placed within the usable area. When defining a stencil frame, it is now possible to specify the stencil's usable area as a rectangle, centered in the stencil frame. This is done in the Stencil Frame Editor, which may be opened from the Stencil Frame Manager.

Offline mode

With this release, we have implemented a new license server. Although this should be transparent to users, it does allow us to offer the possibility of running Macaos Gallery in a completely offline mode. 

In offline mode, Macaos Gallery does not access the internet for any purpose. Our Gallery Offline Registration Utility must be used to configure offline mode. It may be downloaded from https://download.macaos.com/latest/GORU.zip