Macaos Convergence 3.x

Macaos Convergence 3.0

Build (07-06-2024)

  • 0005266: [Work orders] Add icons for new suppliers
  • 0005265: [Status] Can not sign for QA on connector orders

Build (06-06-2024)

  • 0005256: [Production data] Fresedim out of range should not generate error
  • 0005228: [Work orders] Toggle invoice ok: Check invoice checked status before asking to toggle several invoices
  • 0005227: [Work orders] Toggle invoice ok: Do not refresh the list when invoice is checked
  • 0005225: [Work orders] Toggle invoice ok: Add Ctrl+O shortcut to toggle invoice OK
  • 0005263: [Work orders] Can not send cancellation mails when deleting work order

Build (06-05-2024)

  • 0005253: [Work orders] Change target email address for Norwegian invoices
  • 0005245: [Production data] Outline files is output as copper bottom for 0-layer boards
  • 0005252: [Work orders] Sending cancellation email - can't edit text

Build (20-03-2024)

  • 0005234: [Production data] If PCB for PCBA is in wastebasket, warning message should show PCB product number
  • 0005186: [Production data] Change error message when PCBA files do not contain component data
  • 0005242: [Work orders] Error "FDMTCompanySearch: Field 'id' not found" when editing WO
  • 0005190: [Production data] Layer mixup if there are no copper layers

Build (03-11-2023)

  • 0005180: [Production data] If PCBA product has linked panel, allow to download panel data rather than single board data
  • 0005079: [Production data] Changes to ASSY file output
  • 0005172: [RFQs] On create WO, let user choose between closing all product RFQs or only order RFQs
  • 0005166: [RFQs] Forward Quote needs to detect the destination country when selecting a freight price from a price list
  • 0005083: [RFQs] Improved Forward quote to customer - price breakdown
  • 0005076: [Incoming Orders] Orders in production checkbox is always un-checked on open
  • 0005183: [RFQs] Can not close all RFQs in a group
  • 0005178: [RFQs] Surface finish not correct in MC for Other surface
  • 0005173: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer must pre-select a shipping price list
  • 0005184: [Work orders] Sometimes the "linked customer orders" are duplicated
  • 0005182: [Work orders] Links do not work properly if multiple tracking numbers
  • 0005181: [Work orders] Warning of missing QA docs does not display when uploading invoice

Build (17-10-2023)

  • 0005164: [Other] Performance improvements

Build (05-10-2023)

  • 0005150: [Other] Custom layers not shown in viewer
  • 0005163: [Production data] Copper bottom contains wrong layer data under certain circumstances
  • 0005160: [Work orders] Do not allow to mark invoice as OK if no invoice uploaded

Build (06-09-2023)

New features:
  • 0005153: [Work orders] Add a hide option "Invoice OK"
  • 0005154: [Work orders] Add a Date Range to possibly hide old work orders
  • 0005157: [Production data] Can not download production data for RFQ for Assy w/o PCBs
  • 0005148: [RFQs] RFQ for PCBA data load the wrong files in some cases
  • 0005144: [RFQs] Forward quote: Show the exchange rate of the quote time when showing old quotes
  • 0005152: [Work orders] Tree is not refreshed for all items when setting more WO's to invoice OK
  • 0005097: [Work orders] Tree columns do not sort properly

Build (06-07-2023)

  • 0005132: [Status] Can not download production data for certain products

Build (05-07-2023)

  • 0005119: [Work orders] When marking invoice OK, ask if all relevant WOs should also be marked as OK
  • 0005131: [RFQs] ME Customer generated RFQs can't be seen in MC
  • 0005127: [RFQs] Sometimes RFQ/Quotes are displayed twice
  • 0005125: [RFQs] Cannot open OTS products in Quotation viewer
  • 0005124: [RFQs] Incorrect footer in RFQ document
  • 0005118: [RFQs] Error in OTS RFQs
  • 0005117: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer grid gets incorrectly loaded if RFQ has previously been forwarded
  • 0005116: [RFQs] Forward quote: PDF file is often empty
  • 0005122: [Production data] Backdrilling not handled correctly
  • 0005115: [Status] QA milepost gets signed with wrong userid
  • 0005120: [Work orders] Hyperlinks not working in WO history for product

Build (23-05-2023)

  • 0005106: [Other] Product options for PCBA products do not display correctly
  • 0005107: [RFQs] Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer) when creating RFQ
  • 0005105: [RFQs] Connectors cannot be opend in Quotation view
  • 0005104: [RFQs] Forward quote: Copy of quotation should go to office rather than sender
  • 0005100: [Work orders] Sending invoice files to Uni Economy does not always work

Build (10-05-2023)

  • 0005098: [RFQs] Cannot close group of RFQs
  • 0005099: [Work orders] Uploaded invoice does not have visible filename

Build (08-05-2023)

  • 0005095: [Other] Change highlight color in Orders, RFQs and WOs list
  • 0005094: [RFQs] Forward quote: Prevent sending mail directly from quote viewer
  • 0005093: [RFQs] Forward quote: It should not be absolutely necessary to view quote before Send and Close
  • 0005090: [RFQs] Forward quote: Copy of quotation does not get sent to sales office
  • 0005086: [Status] Dataset not in edit mode error when marking document OK
  • 0005096: [Work orders] Date columns do not sort properly

Build (27-04-2023)

  • 0005072: [Work orders] Only ask to close RFQs if necessary
  • 0005078: [Work orders] Add more text options
  • 0005077: [Work orders] Warn if WO due date is later than Order due date(s)
  • 0005076: [Incoming Orders] Orders in production-checkbox is always un-checked on open
  • 0005082: [RFQs] Problems with attachments when sending mail
  • 0005069: [RFQs] Cannot input macaos id and retrieve customer info
  • 0005080: [Status] 3 orders could not pack

Build (20-04-2023)

  • 0005045: [Production data] Component price estimator: choose currency prior to fetching parts list
  • 0005068: [RFQs] Forward quote: Field replymail not found when sending quote by mail
  • 0005067: [RFQs] RFQ document not uploaded when creating RFQ

Build (19-04-2023)

  • 0005066: [RFQs] Show comments to viewer (requester or supplier) in main view
  • 0005063: [RFQs] When creating WO from RFQ, ask if RFQs should be closed
  • 0005061: [Other] Can not download/view certain products
  • 0005064: [RFQs] Cannot send forwarded quote as email
  • 0005060: [RFQs] Prices with decimals come in as zero when creating WO from RFQ
  • 0005065: [Status] Can not sign for mileposts
  • 0005062: [Status] Can not QA mechanical product

Build (18-04-2023)

  • 0005057: [Other] Extend default timeout
  • 0005056: [RFQs] Forward quote: Can not view quotation

Build (17-04-2023)

New features:
  • This is a nearly complete rewrite of the application. The look and feel has been changed, and the data access paradigm has been streamlined. See What's new for more info.
  • Each of the main views has been given a color, to assist in navigating the system
  • Each user should have their own login credentials. This will improve system reliability.
  • In most cases, major view data is only updated when clicking on the Refresh button. This will reduce search/filter times, but will increase Refresh time somewhat.
  • 0005040: [Other] Finer control of event notification
  • 0005012: [Production data] Allow all route sizes in fresedim
  • 0004906: [RFQs] Add product stackup and specifications columns to "Prod info"
  • 0004961: [Work orders] Should be possible to ship to third party
  • 0004918: [Work orders] It should be possible to link a WO to multiple incoming order positions
  • Unused functionality has been removed. This includes support for mixing, pricing and agents.
  • 0005024: [Production data] laser-cut diameter
  • 0004974: [Work orders] Register a WO that is split in sales order, fails to register the qty chosen from MP popup