Macaos Convergence

Macaos Convergence is a PCB supply chain management system, which is designed to manage the sales and manufacture logistics between multiple organizations. It gives each organization an overview of their part of the process and provides a platform for transfer of information throughout the process.


Macaos Convergence allows sellers to easily generate RFQs and Work Orders to their suppliers. In addition, Convergence gives the seller an overview of the current status of work orders and an archive for all work order documents. Integration with Macaos Enterprise automates the processing of customer RFQs and orders.


Sellers may send their work orders directly to a fabricator, or through a broker. Brokers may make use of the Production Planning module to mix multiple orders together in order to maximize the use of production panels, thereby reducing fabrication costs. Work orders may be generated for mixes in the same manner as for incoming orders.


Macaos Convergence provides fabricators with an overview of their incoming RFQs and work orders, and provides a communication channel for messages as well as for documents such as quotations, purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. The packing/shipping module may be used to generate packing labels and documents. In addition, Convergence provides a tool for managing the fabricator's price list(s) used in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system.