Macaos Convergence provides fabricators with an overview of their incoming work orders, and provides a communication channel for messages as well as for documents. In addition, Convergence provides a tool for managing the fabricator's pricing as it will be used in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system.

Work order statusWork order status

The Work orders status view displays an overview of active work orders and their progress through the various steps from order to shipment. Color-coded mileposts make it easy to see progress and to see which work orders require attention. Where appropriate, signing off for a milepost initiates adding a document to the archive.

Work ordersWork orders

The Work orders view lists both active and inactive work orders in a specified time frame. It gives an overview of the participants and the logistics of each work order. It also gives easy access to all of the documents archived with each work order.

Supported documents include purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. End user documents, such as shipment tracking and quality documentation are also made available to customers and end users through Macaos Enterprise.


A fabricator may make a price list available for use in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system. A price list is a set of parameters such as price per area, start cost, etc. The Prices view in Convergence allows a fabricator to manage and test the parameters in their price list.

In addition to listing price parameters and curves, a quotation module simulates online quotations as they would be obtained by customers using Macaos Enterprise. Product parameters may be specified and prices obtained for various quantities and delivery times, as necessary for testing the price list parameters. Prices displayed are the fabricator's price to the seller, and do not include shipping or any percentage that the seller may add to the customer price.