The Configure|Options menu command opens the Macaos Enterprise Options dialog box, allowing you to specify default settings that will be used each time you start Macaos Enterprise.

If Remember passwords from multiple login identities is enabled, then you will be able to choose between your different identities in the Login dialog box.

If Warn if potential fiducials are found when creating a stencil is enabled, then the stencil creator will warn you if it finds object that probably should be marked as fiducials.

Price/order settings allows you to specify ordering options that will be selected by default.

Product browser folder settings specifies if certain folders should be hidden. Folders which are hidden here will not be shown with the View|Show hidden folders command.

Product browser visible columns allows you to specify columns which are visible at program start.

Time interval for product folders specifies the number of weeks back in time for a product to be included in the Recent orders, Recent shipments, and Recently published folders.

Show title block editor specifies whether or not the title block editor dialog box will be shown when creating a stackup drawing, panel drawing or document set.