User information

The user info dialog box allows you to edit your contact and login information. To make changes, simply enter the correct information into the dialog box and click on the OK button.

If you are an administrator, you will also be able to view and change the access rights for the user.

To change the postcode/city/country, you must click on the Post code button. Here you can search for your post code from among those existing in the database, by typing the first characters of your post code into the search field at the top of the dialog box. If your post code is not found, you can add your it by entering your post code, city and country at the bottom of the dialog and clicking the Add button.

Note: The contact information here is used by Macaos. It is not the same as the contact information and shipping/invoice addresses used by a supplier when you place an order. The Macaos contact information will be passed to the supplier the first time you place an order with them, but changes here will not necessarily be reflected in the supplier's customer database.