Test coupons

Registration control coupon

A registration control coupon may be added to the panel frame by clicking the Place button (so that it is “down”) and then clicking at the desired location. The coupon has a combination of thin (0.1 to 0.175 mm) lines and plated holes, for use with cross-section or registration testing of the finished panel. The product number is encoded as a Data Matrix at either end of the coupon.

To remove all registration coupons, click on the Remove button.

Note: If the stackup has copper layers with a copper thickness of more than than 35µm (1 oz) then the lines in the registration coupon are enlarged accordingly.

Impedance coupons

To add an IPC-2221B compliant type Z impedance control coupon to the panel frame, do the following:

  1. Select a signal style. A signal may be above, below or between copper planes. A signal may be either single-ended or differential. It is also possible to specify a broadside-coupled differential signal (with parallel signals on adjacent layers).
  2. Select a signal layer. This is the layer for the signal trace, or for the upper signal trace when broadside-coupled.
  3. Specify the width (and spacing for edge-couple differential pairs) of the signal trace(s).
  4. Click on the Add to coupon button.
  5. If desired, repeat steps 1-4 for addition impedance-critical signal configurations. The test coupon may have up to 12 signal configurations, but no more than 2 configurations on each layer.
  6. If necessary, right-click on the signal list to remove a signal configuration from the list.
  7. Click on the Place button (so that it is “down”) and then click at the desired location.

IPC-2221 Z-style test coupon

The resulting test coupon has signal traces and planes in accordance with the type Z coupon specification. If the panel has a legend top layer, then the terminal pads are annotated to indicate the signal type and layer.

If possible, signal configurations will be placed only on one side of the coupon, allowing it to fit into a 9mm frame margin. If both sides are used then the frame margin must be at least 14.5 mm.