Linking files

The Files pane lists the files which have been added to the project using the File|Add files command. Each file is listed together with its file type and the layer to which the file has been linked. Multiple files may be selected when opening files. Additional files may be added executing the File|Add files command again.

When a file is added to the list, an attempt is made to determine the file type. If, for some reason, the file type is incorrect, it can be changed by right-clicking on the file and choosing the correct file type from the Change file type submenu. (Note: Empty image files are identified as text files.)

The contents of the file list may be filtered with the Configure menu:

  • Configure|Hide linked files hides all files that have already been linked
  • Configure|Hide non-image files hides all text files and other non-image files
  • Configure|Hide common part of file names shows only the portion of filenames used by autolinking