Aligning component or test pad data

In principle, all files should have the same coordinate origin in order to insure that all layers match. However, some CAD systems generate different file types with different origins. This can be corrected as follows:

  1. Click on the small down-arrow beside the Align button and choose Align P&P  or Align test pads to enter align mode.
  2. With the left mouse button, draw a selection rectangle around a pick and place component symbol or test pad. A rubber band segment stretches from the symbol to the mouse pointer.
  3. Draw a selection rectangle around the corresponding copper pad(s) for the corresponding component or test pad. The selected symbol will move to the center of the selected pad(s). (All other component symbols will also move the same distance.)
  4. If necessary, press the Esc key to exit Align mode.

Note: When aligning component data, only visible component layers will be moved. If you have co0mponent data for both sides of the board, you should show or hide component layers appropriately before aligning them with the Gerber data.