Test pins

Test pinsTest pins are available with a variety of different heads, depending on the type of pad, solder joint or component pin they are to make contact with.


For the Macaos Integrated Test Jig, the desired head must be specified for each test point. The jig is supplied fully assembled, with pins inserted into receptacles, which are soldered to the test circuitry PCB.

The most commonly used pin heads are:

Test pin heads

As shown, it is important to choose a pin head suitable for contact with the test point on the PCBA.

For the Box and Legacy jigs, the user must insert appropriate pins and receptacles into the fixture plate(s), and connect or solder them to their test circuitry. The Macaos Test Jig Starter Kit contains a variety of pins, receptacles, connectors, etc for this purpose.

Note: For best results, all test pins in a fixture should have approximately the same height above the fixture plate, both when fully extended and fully depressed. In the Macaos assortment, types PA50/R50 and P75/R75 are compatible with each other. In the same manner, types PL75/RL75, PA100/R100, PA125/R125 and PA156/R156 are compatible. Other combinations (such as mixing PA50/R50 with PA100/R100) are NOT recommended.

A variety of test pins are available for purchase in the Test accessories folder of the Product browser.

Macaos Test Jig Starter Kit

The Macaos test jig starter kit includes the following pins, receptacles and accessories:

Macaos test jig starter kit