Other operations

Quotations and the Shopping basket

Macaos Enterprise supports instant online price quotations for most PCB products. You can choose various quantities and lead times to find the combination that best meets your needs. Once you have gotten a price, you can add it to your “shopping basket” and then place your order when you are ready.

For complex PCBs, online prices may not be available. The Quotation Module has integrated support for generating a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for such products.

Technical documentation

A layout document set, panel drawing or stackup drawing of PCB any product may be generated in PDF format.

Mechanical parts

The STL Import Module is used to read 3D data (in STL-format) and save it as a mechanical part product. The module includes a 3D viewer, which allows zoom, pan, rotation, etc.

Since STL data is “unit-less,” the importer assumes that units are in millimeters. This can easily be changed as necessary. Once the object size is correct the product may be published.

Off-the-shelf products

While PCBs, stencils and related fixtures are products which may only be purchased by their owner (and partners), Macaos Enterprise also supports purchasing “off the shelf” products. These include connectors, test accessories, software, stencil stretch frames and more. Simply select a product from the appropriate folder in the product browser. For connectors, the Connector chooser module helps you browse among a myriad of connector families and options.

Product sharing and collaboration

One of the powerful features of Macaos Enterprise is sharing product data with your partners. For example, an external consultant might design of your PCB and then import and publish the PCB with you as the product owner. Then you might share the product with your EMS provider, who would panelize, create a stencil, add assembly masks and create fixtures as necessary.

Use the Partner Manager to manage partnerships with other companies. Right-click on a product in the Product Browser and choose Add share to share a product.

User information

Click on the User Admin button to view or modify user contact information.