Product history

The Product history tab lists the quotation, order, and fabrication history for the selected product. If the product is currently in production, a progress section at the top shows the current production status for that order.

In the middle-left section, a list of quotations for the product is shown. Clicking on the quote number opens the quote viewer. In the quote viewer you can view/print a full quotation document. You can also double-click on a price to add an order to the shopping basket for the selected quantity and lead time. Note: Only quotations within the past 2 months are listed.

In the middle-right section, fabrication and shipment information are shown for each production batch. Clicking on Track opens a web browser with shipment tracking info, if available. A blue icon means that additional documents are available, which may be viewed by double-clicking on the icon.

If the product was published by a Macaos Enterprise user, then the name and company of the publisher is shown at the right, between the fabrication history and the order history. If the publisher has uploaded his professional certification, then a blue icon is shown to the right of the publisher\s name. Double-click on the icon to download and open a zip file containing the certification documents. Note: Certification documents may be uploaded with the Tools|Upload certification document menu command.

For each order, the relevant numbers and dates are shown. Clicking on an order number opens a PDF viewer displaying the order confirmation. Clicking on a packing list number displays additional information about the shipment.

Note: If it was not your company that placed an order, then you will only be able to view the order's shipment information.

Order history

The Tools|Order history command opens the Order history dialog box, which displays an overview of all orders placed by the user's company together with a delivery summary and several graphs.

To view the order history for a single product, double-click on a row or use the Show order history for product number check box.

To view the order history for a time period, double-click on a summary row. Click on the Clear button to restore statistics for all products.

Each of the graphs shows the number of orders placed (Qty), total board area ordered (m²) and total cost of orders (Cost).

  • Annual summary shows the order statistics per year for the past decade.
  • Orders by layer count shows the order statistics as pie charts, where each color represents the layer count of the ordered board.
  • Orders by size shows the order statistics by the size (total area) of the order.
  • Orders by lead time shows the order statistics by the lead time (delivery days) of the order.