Macaos Enterprise is designed for collaboration. You can share your products with your design bureau, fabricator, EMS, purchaser, etc so that each partner has access to the data they need without compromising product security.

For example, a product might go forward like this:

  1. When the design bureau finishes the board layout, they load the Gerber, drill and pick & place data, together with drawings and other documentation, into the Import Module.
  2. Once the product has been specified in the Import Module, the design bureau publishes the product, assigning ownership to the product's owner.
  3. The product owner locates the product in the Product Browser and clicks on the RFQ for Assembly button to generate RFQs for populated boards. This module automatically "shares" the product with participating EMS providers, and then asks them for a quote for a batch of populated boards. Alternatively, the product may be shared manually and any EMS provider may be directly contacted for a quotation.
  4. The EMS production engineer analyzes the board and adds assembly mask data (such as peel-off mask, glue mask, paste mask, etc) to the board product (or panel), as needed.
  5. The EMS panelizes the board as best suited to their own processes and uses the quotation module to estimate their cost for the bare boards. This, together with the product's pick & place data and BOM allows them to make a quotation.
  6. Once the EMS gets the order, they can order the panels and solder paste stencils via Macaos Enterprise.
  7. When the bare boards are finished, the fabricator uploads quality documentation and shipment tracking number, so that it is visible in the Product Browser.
  8. The EMS may use the Depanel module to generate a milling program for depanelization. They may also use the Test fixture module to design a test fixture for the populated boards.
  9. When the populated boards are finished, the EMS uploads quality documentation and shipment tracking number, so that it is visible in the Product Browser.

Macaos Enterprise has several levels of access and visibility, so that the product owner can control access to their data.

More info

Macaos Enterprise user guide: Product sharing