Macaos Gallery 1.x

Macaos Gallery 1.7

Build (26-06-2018)

  • 0003994: [Import] Access violation when saving certain ODB++ products
  • 0003977: [Import] Error in estimating min. hole-cu distance
  • 0003976: [Import] Drill parser fails on block with M08M30
  • 0003965: [Import] Via protection layer missing after save
  • 0003962: [Import] Drill files do not link to correct Gerber X2 drill depths
  • 0003974: [Panelization] Frame objects sometimes placed within boards
  • 0003973: [Panelization] plated slot diameter rounded up after panalization

Build (28-05-2018)

  • 0003968: [Pro version] Access violation when opening quote dialog with newly imported product

Build (07-05-2018)

  • 0003961: [Other] Require users to confirm privacy policy (GDPR confirmation)
  • 0003958: [Import] Pressing Ctrl+s shows Enterprise warning message
  • 0003956: [Import] Automatic feature estimations fail for outer layers

Build (23-04-2018)

  • 0003918: [Import] Select user-defined stackup material from CircuitData database
  • 0003949: [Import] Symmetric stackup gets warning about not symmetric
  • 0003946: [Import] Can not set nominal thickness to 50µm
  • 0003940: [Import] Can not specify dielectric thickness for 1-layer MBB
  • 0003747: [Panelization] A few issues with scratch elements in panels
  • 0003935: [Stencil] Can not open Gerber file
  • 0003936: [Test fixture] Allow test pin pitch of 1.25mm for R50 pins

Build (21-03-2018)

  • 0003928: [Import] Can not specify number of different products in panel
  • 0003913: [Import] Problems defining custom stackup for 1-layer MBB
  • 0003914: [Import] Layer-specific matl does not load properly when editing custom stackup
  • 0003932: [Pro Version Archive] Data type error when viewing quotation
  • 0003926: [Stencil] Loading outline data from gerberfile caused access violation
  • 0003819: [Stencil] Delete stencil objects, sometimes deletes other objects than the ones selected

Build (28-02-2018)

New functionality:
  • 0003857: [Import] Import board specs from Gerber .gbrjob file
  • 0003801: [Import] Allow for refresh of import files
  • 0001710: [Import] Improved support for flex/flex-rigid stackups
  • 0003766: [Stencil] Options for stencil: coated, polish
  • 0003873: [Import] Unsupported PnP file
  • 0003783: [Panelization] Easy exchange of x/y placement of objects
  • 0003859: [Test fixture] Redraw after changing jig or fixture style
  • 0003856: [Viewer] Show drill depths in stackup viewer
  • 0003837: [Viewer] Show coverlayer when showing top/bottom side of a flex board
  • 0003903: [Import] AutoContour selects too large tool for outer contour with notches
  • 0003889: [Import] Multi-quadrant arc slots in excellon file incorrectly imported
  • 0003888: [Import] Min rout dia not always rounded properly
  • 0003887: [Import] Remark layer missing from imported product
  • 0003871: [Import] Min buried diameter not calculated for ODB++ jobs
  • 0003863: [Import] Unlinking files fails
  • 0003852: [Import] Eagle PnP file not recognized if field contains space
  • 0003842: [Import] Slots in drill/milling files not visible when viewing -single file
  • 0003829: [Import] Error in contour file generation
  • 0003895: [Panelization] Rigid board with outer rout diameter < 1mm causes program to crash
  • 0003835: [Panelization] Problem with polygon intersection detection
  • 0003894: [Other] Very small files get corrupted when extracting from zip
  • 0003864: [Other] Add peel-off with Duplicate pads does not work
  • 0003854: [Other] Error in reading files in some cases
  • 0003865: [Viewer] Access violation, when doing a mouse scroll before date is loaded into a viewer

Build (31-07-2017)

  • 0003732: [Pro Version Archive] Combine the three quote files into a single file
  • 0003752: [Pro Version Archive] Factory price displayed incorrectly
  • 0003739: [Pro Version Price Editor] Some issues with wizard

Build (23-06-2017)

New functionality:
  • 0003742: [Pro Version Archive] Move quotations to another folder in archive
  • 0003741: [Pro Version Archive] Show seller initials

Build (21-06-2017)

New functionality:
  • 0003731: [Pro Version Archive] Add support for subfolders in quotation archive
  • 0003721: [Pro Version Archive] Additional columns in quotation archive
  • 0003737: [Pro Version Price Editor] Show choice list when specifying selector value
  • 0003735: [Pro Version Price Editor] Additional price parameters
  • 0003738: [Pro Version Price Editor] Selector chooses wrong category when param<=category
  • 0003734: [Pro Version Price Editor] Some issues with wizard
  • 0003733: [Pro Version Price Editor] Can not enter negative default value in curve editor

Build (30-05-2017)

New functionality:
  • 0003650: [Import] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
  • 0003651: [Panel] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
  • 0003630: [Panel] Replace board in panel
  • 0003692: [Test fixture] Support for new Standard Macaos Test Jig
  • 0003678: [Test fixture] Place static alignment pin along edge of board
  • 0003584: [Test fixture] Allow user to specify/edit pin coordinates
  • 0003652: [Import] Should be possible to cancel UL mark placement with right mouse
  • 0003705: [Panel] Break off holes should be symmetric on both sides of panel frame
  • 0003716: [Pro version Quote] Order weight does not update when changing quote specs

Build (24-05-2017)

  • 0003709: [Import] Solder mask files have wrong Gerber X2 .FilePolarity
  • 0003697: [Import] Core checkbox not set when editing aluminum core stackup
  • 0003690: [Import] Not possible to change layer of drill file in the Files tab
  • 0003694: [Panelization] Some contours get smaller tabs than the user selected after publish
  • 0003695: [Viewer] Layer name for pick and place layers not shown
  • 0003701: [Other] Submitting a bug report causes loss of connection

Build (05-04-2017)

  • 0003688: [Browser] Search should not filter after each keystroke
  • 0003687: [Import] Contour objects with 2.4mm diameter are not correctly specified
  • 0003686: [Pro version] Editing shipping price should not change markup

Build (29-03-2017)

  • 0003632: [Import] Possibility to specify default finish/colors
  • 0003665: [Test fixture] Pressing Save without any pins defined causes access violation
  • 0003675: [Pro version] Some users report difficulty selecting qtys/days due to font size
  • 0003661: [Pro version] Color/finish not correctly constrained if mode is in-list/not-in-list

Build (10-03-2017)

  • 0003654: [Browser] Stencil data is missing from exported Gerber data
  • 0003640: [Browser] About dialog displays zero date for when updates expire
  • 0003605: [Browser] Polygon missing after export to Gerber if starts at X or Y = zero
  • 0003645: [Import] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
  • 0003643: [Import] Can't link drill files if filename incorrectly parsed
  • 0003623: [Import] Some GerberX2 file function parameters are not mapped to correct layers
  • 0003598: [Import] Cannot link "out of context" layers in ODB++
  • 0003655: [Stencil] Stencil statistics not saved with product
  • 0003624: [Stencil] Auto selection of panel fiducials fail
  • 0003649: [Test fixture] Product name is not copied from board product
  • 0003648: [Test fixture] Aligning of fixtures top and bottom
  • 0003646: [Test fixture] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
  • 0003644: [Test fixture] Saved test fixture with flipped board does not restore properly
  • 0003615: [Test fixture] Reloading saved fixture shows edit dialog for pins without signal name

Build (02-03-2017)

  • 0003639: [Browser] Incorrect product info shown in Document set
  • 0003636: [Browser] New product not properly selected after creating panel or stencil
  • 0003635: [Browser] Browser fails if archive in UNC-defined path
  • 0003638: [Stencil] Several bug fixes around new frame styles when storing frames locally
  • 0003637: [Stencil] Improve method for fetching frames locally and from server
  • 0003634: [Stencil] Could not delete frames from Frame Manager
  • 0003633: [Stencil] Convert to Float error

Build (28-02-2017)

  • 0003626: [Import] ODB++: Rotated rectangular pads get enlarged rather than rotated
  • 0003629: [Pro version] Start price shown in quote is not always correct

Build (22-02-2017)

New functionality:
  • 0003581: [Import] Quick contour mode
  • 0003578: [Import] Ability to select obround pads as track objects
  • 0003503: [Import] Specify inner contour or track rout as depth rout from top or bottom
  • 0003601: [Stencil] Add possibility to change height or width of stencil openings by selection
  • 0003475: [Stencil] Additional stencil product parameters
  • 0003525: [Test fixture] Possibility for rotated text
  • 0003517: [Test fixture] Z-dimension visualizer
  • 0003491: [Test fixture] Would like to save partially finished test fixture for later use
  • 0003399: [Pro version] Create price list from tables
  • 0003394: [Pro version] Independently specified path to price files
  • 0002139: [Pro version] Additional parameters in price engine
  • 0003580: [Import] 2-layer custom stackups should be defined with free thickness
  • 0003574: [Import] Link filter tweak for Proteus
  • 0003552: [Import] Options: Allow set warning threshold for small Track and Annular ring
  • 0003380: [Import] Support for ferrite layer
  • 0003431: [Order] Should be possible to include email and org# with invoice address
  • 0003514: [Panel] Insert solder mask objects in cover layer
  • 0002410: [Panel] Add more info to PanelReport.txt so it's easier to recreate a panel
  • 0003583: [Test fixture] Should be possible to place pin even when multiple objects selected
  • 0003567: [Test fixture] Select test fixture size within test fixture designer
  • 0003558: [Test fixture] Selecting a fixture should not disable the Fixture designer
  • 0003550: [Viewer] Add status text to see if the view is mirrored or rotated
  • 0003621: [Pro version] Should be possible to send panel drawing together with quotation
  • 0003593: [Import] Problem parsing ODB++ soldermask pad
  • 0003590: [Import] X2 attribute causes access violation when linking to Board
  • 0003577: [Import] .lst files sometimes make the program stop Autolink
  • 0003575: [Import] Can not set product id mark
  • 0003569: [Import] White square in corner of layers diagram if file has invalid drill depth
  • 0003561: [Import] Some cutouts missing from polygon in ODB++ file
  • 0003553: [Import] Disallow marking with UL-mark selected warning does not work properly
  • 0003534: [Import] ODB++ fails in paint and scratch layers on publish
  • 0003618: [Panel] Out of memory error when publishing very small Panels
  • 0003607: [Panel] Access violation on publish on some panels
  • 0003585: [Panel] Check for dark/clear when inserting objects in solder mask
  • 0003555: [Panel] Creating panel from 212708 causes notch in board
  • 0003554: [Panel] Autopanel: Checking scoring x/y does not activate modified
  • 0003520: [Panel] Rounded/chamfered corners disappear when saving panel
  • 0003620: [Product browser] Problem accessing network drives
  • 0003582: [Test fixture] Board should not "unflip" after delete or move press point
  • 0003572: [Test fixture] Can't place top fixture press pins outside of bottom fixture
  • 0003556: [Test fixture] Moving the press point (green arrows) should not move the board
  • 0003564: [Test fixture] Horizontal line of test point annotations offset in annotation layer

Build (31-10-2016)

New functionality:
  • 0003516: [Test fixture] Should be possible to flip board before making fixture
  • 0003518: [Browser] Access violation when exporting to Gerber
  • 0003519: [Stencil] Can not create stencil product
  • 0003522: [Test fixture] Top fixture contour does not surround the slider holes

Build (18-10-2016)

New functionality:
  • 0003508: [Test fixture] Should be possible to add support pins to bottom fixture
  • 0003507: [Test fixture] Should be possible to add annotation to fixture
  • 0003504: [Test fixture] Choose fixture size and side when opening fixture module
  • 0003495: [Test fixture] Update materials for test fixture
  • 0003505: [Import] Set minimum allowed total thickness for free build to 20µm
  • 0003506: [Test fixture] Include board layers in published test fixture
  • 0003496: [Test fixture] Update Material thickness of test fixtures
  • 0003472: [Test fixture] Make 4 buttons for moving board in fixture
  • 0003510: [Import] If excellon drill file has plated slots, the product property doesn't get set
  • 0003509: [Import] Adjust/warn soldermask/coverlayer for flex boards
  • 0003494: [Import] Zero layer boards gets solder mask color as green as standard
  • 0003493: [Panelization] Wrong route width in panel if non-standard outer tool diameter
  • 0003500: [Test fixture] Guide pin count incorrect after deletion
  • 0003488: [Test fixture] Test fixture holes should not appear as unplated

Build (05-09-2016)

  • 0003467: [Test fixture] When generating top test fixture, press hole should be slot
  • 0003466: [Import] Empty Gerber level can lead to following features with wrong color polarity

Build (29-08-2016)

New functionality:
  • 0003372: [Test fixture] Test fixture creator
  • 0003457: [Import] min buried diameter size is not set
  • 0003446: [Import] In some ODB++ cases, polygons are not visible
  • 0003442: [Import] Unable to import drill file with comments that begin with # character
  • 0003427: [Import] Est. min features hangs if contour file contains drawing frame
  • 0003445: [Panelization] Copper fill checkboxes not set correctly if copper fill is in a script
  • 0003444: [Panelization] Clearance from Cu fill to frame objects missing in some cases

Build (04-08-2016)

  • 0003433: [Import] Qty buried via depths does not get saved
  • 0003436: [Panelization] For panels with copper fill, openings are not added for frame objects
  • 0003437: [Pro version] Surface finish cost not correctly calculated in some cases

Build (09-06-2016)

  • 0003395: [Browser] Exported NCD drill file has too many M71 and G90 lines
  • 0003398: [Panel] Placement error when rotating board in panel with V-cut
  • 0003389: [Panel] Break-off tabs missing from exported Gerber files
  • 0003397: [Pro version] Curve editor: Out of range error on point-to-point curve
  • 0003396: [Pro version] Price editor: Extra cost colors are not saved properly

Build (24-05-2016)

  • 0003384: [Browser] Default filename when saving panel drawing should reflect product name
  • 0003385: [Panel] Contour is wrong if panel has rounded corners

Build (12-05-2016)

  • 0003381: [Pro version] invalid integer value error when opening quotation archive

Build (13-04-2016)

New functionality:
  • 0003283: [Assembly Data] More simplified workflow
  • 0003235: [Assembly Data] Various improvements for BOM processing
  • 0003298: [Import] It should be possible to align PnP layers independently of each other
  • 0003274: [Import] Beveled edge specification
  • 0003265: [Import] Parse PnP files from Expedition
  • 0003256: [Import] Add support for additional product specifications and statistics
  • 0003196: [Import] Allow 180 and 270 rotation of manuf ident mark
  • 0002267: [Import] Add "flex" as a Board type in Custom Stackup
  • 0001867: [Import] Stackup viewer/pdf. Add view/selection of cores and prepreg
  • 0003161: [Other] Export drill files in Excellon format
  • 0003198: [Panelization] Add functionality for adding remarks in panel module
  • 0003195: [Panelization] Allow legend text to be placed within boards in panel
  • 0003219: [Pro version] It should be possible to get prices for panels by qty boards
  • 0003315: [Stencil] Check if reduced paste data and original paste data vary in size
  • 0003207: [Stencil] Add ability to edit/split rotated shapes
  • 0002911: [Stencil] Ability to transfer objects from any layer to paste mask
  • 0003248: [Stencil] When showing possible fiducials add option to set as fiducials
  • 0003001: [Viewer] Press D to highlight min tracks or A to highlight min annular rings
  • 0003241: [Assembly Data] When importing Pnp file show file name when asking for side
  • 0003303: [Import] Selecting contour give many similar warnings
  • 0003321: [Import] Set checkboxes and board type according to selected layers/features
  • 0003285: [Import] Change thickness for 1080 prepreg to 70um
  • 0003272: [Import] Warn for flex/rigid-flex boards in combination with HASL
  • 0003257: [Import] Highlight specs and stats that can affect price or manufacturability
  • 0003232: [Import] Add checks for MBB
  • 0003213: [Import] Allow import of products with tracks/iso below 100um
  • 0003189: [Import] Allow larger error margin when detecting too large contour cutter diameter
  • 0003142: [Import] Selecting contour. Adjust popup when tool size should be changed
  • 0003129: [Import] Inner layer menus don't automatically expand with autolinked high layer count
  • 0003125: [Import] When linking/unlinking SM/notation layers, colors should be set appropriately
  • 0003065: [Import] Stackup definitions should refer to IPC-4101 (no revision letter)
  • 0003308: [Other] Make hyperlinks of URLs in What's New panel of update wizard
  • 0003309: [Panelization] Add board thickness to panel report
  • 0003233: [Panelization] For MBB, mousebite holes should use larger hole size by default
  • 0003320: [Stencil] Stencil side indicators were placed randomly
  • 0003316: [Stencil] It is not possible to undo after having deleted objects from a paste layer
  • 0003160: [Stencil] "Copper as reference"
  • 0003337: [Viewer] Show flex cover layer when choosing top/bottom side view
  • 0003347: [Viewer] Show exact coordinate values when press 'x' to snap to nearest feature
  • 0003318: [Import] Problems with ODB++
  • 0003266: [Import] Hard to see drill layers
  • 0003264: [Import] Cannot export ODB++ with rotated rounded rectangles to Gerber
  • 0003262: [Import] ODB++ v8 file does not scale properly
  • 0003218: [Import] Ignore undefinded unused d-codes
  • 0003136: [Import] Use largest pad to find annular when multiple pads are colocated
  • 0003260: [Object Structure] Round inner contour disappears after publish
  • 0003284: [Panelization] Pnp fiducial position is wrong when making changes to boards in x/y
  • 0003252: [Stencil] Wrong reference pad is found when reducing some pads
  • 0003209: [Stencil] On select stencil outline from data, objects overlapping data gets deleted
  • 0003297: [Viewer] Thermal apertures incorrectly affect display of nearby objects

Build (29-06-2015)

  • 0003082: [Import] Access violation when saving imported product
  • 0003073: [Import] ODB++ files with chamfered corner rectangle pads can't publish
  • 0003074: [Viewer] Rectangle pads with chamfered corners are shown with rounded corners

Build (18-06-2015)

  • 0003076: [Browser] Gerber export: readme.txt should specify that unplated holes are square
  • 0003050: [Panelization] Remove copper fill around fiducials on inner layers
  • 0003075: [Browser] Panel tooling holes missing on Gerber export
  • 0003077: [Panel] Panel outline error
  • 0003081: [Stencil] Splitting of pads causes access violation

Build (30-04-2015)

New functionality:
  • 0003052: [Panelization] Allow fiducial to be placed relative to boards in panel
  • 0003049: [Assembly Data] Input BOM column type guess should not override column header text
  • 0003042: [Panelization] Add Remove all option to all Remove-buttons
  • 0003041: [Panelization] Script manager: Change default settings to fiducial objects
  • 0003040: [Panelization] Allow larger offset on breakoff tabs
  • 0003053: [Panelization] The registration control coupon sometimes moves to outside of panel
  • 0003039: [Product browser] Mouse scroll in product history listes does not work
  • 0003047: [Viewer] Error at product view
  • 0003046: [Viewer] Padstack report is not enabled for frame objects in a panel
  • 0003044: [Viewer] Product view on product 185248 gives an error

Build (14-04-2015)

  • 0003043: [Viewer] Slots created in import module disappear from product

Build (13-04-2015)

  • 0003038: [Browser] Access violation when opening Assembly Data Manager
  • 0003037: [Browser] PnP component rotations incorrect in panel with rotated boards
  • 0003028: [Import] Drill file with D7x in header not recognized as drill file
  • 0003026: [Import] Lines to arc conversion fails
  • 0003022: [Import] Automatic contour claims to create contour without doing so
  • 0002937: [Other] Stackup drawing does not handle double-plated buried vias well
  • 0003029: [Panelization] Problem with scoring in multiple product panel

Build (26-03-2015)

  • 0003028: [Import] Drill file with D7x in header not recognized as drill file
  • 0003026: [Import] Lines to arc conversion fails
  • 0003022: [Import] Automatic contour claims to create contour without doing so
  • 0002937: [Other] Stackup drawing does not handle double-plated buried vias well
  • 0003032: [Stencil] Zooming to paste top fails for panels
  • 0003031: [Stencil] Panel with PnP data caused out of bounds error
  • 0003011: [Stencil] Frame objects are deleted when top/bottom instances are moved to overlap the objects
  • 0002537: [Stencil] Top and bottom paste on the same stencil product does not work with Panels

Build (17-03-2015)

  • 0003027: [Browser] Exporting to Gerber creates invalid D-code between 1 and 9

Build (26-02-2015)

  • 0003018: [Import] Number of copper layers reverts to wrong even after setting desired value
  • 0003017: [Import] Remark layer disappears
  • 0003019: [Panelization] Panelizing a board without any holes gives incorrect minimum hole
  • 0003016: [Panelization] Chamfered corners interfere with boards on panel
  • 0003014: [Stencil] Rotated rectangles not drawn nicely when zoomed out
  • 0003013: [Stencil] Zooming to individual positioned top and bottom data fails in some cases

Build (20-01-2015)

  • 0002991: [Panel] Illegal route width when creating panel

Build (14-01-2015)

  • 0002979: [Import] Comment text causes drill tool sizes to be read as mm instead of inch
  • 0002976: [Stencil] No stencil frame error message

Build (22-12-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002971: [Assembly Data] Mark components as Do Not Install
  • 0002741: [Stencil] Define initial settings for stencil creator
  • 0002972: [Viewer] Show objects as outline/centerline
  • 0002968: [Assembly Data] Add parser for pick and place files from Orcad and Supermax E-CAD
  • 0002969: [Import] Add search functionality to View file as text dialog box
  • 0002966: [Import] Improved detection of outer/inner contours with tool too large for contour
  • 0002944: [Import] Parse drill file coordinate format from METRIC/INCH command, if given
  • 0002942: [Price] Support for very large quantities (up to 999M) [Pro version only]
  • 0002973: [Viewer] Change shortcut keys for viewing copper layers
  • 0002967: [Assembly Data] Some Allegro and Cadstar pick and place files are not recognized properly
  • 0002959: [Import] Problems with ODB++
  • 0002933: [Import] When adding marks on notation layer, be sure that the the gerber set is dark/positive
  • 0002931: [Import] Ground plane missing from ODB++ job on publish
  • 0002939: [Browser] Stackup definition should not show in description (when custom stackup)
  • 0002950: [Stencil] Adjustment with original stencil as reference, loses corner rounding
  • 0002934: [Stencil] Not able to import stencil scripts
  • 0002932: [Stencil] Script manager: Auto horz/vert does not change the caption of x/y offset spin edit

Build (22-10-2014)

  • 0002931: [Import] Ground plane missing from ODB++ job on publish
  • 0002930: [PriceEditor] Cannot select price curve

Build (20-10-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002928: [Browser] Show tool list for board products
  • 0002921: [Import] Show drill tool list for ODB++ jobs
  • 0002919: [Import] Add support for PNP file from Protel
  • 0002918: [Import] Force cutter diameter to 1.0, 1.6, 2.0 or 2.4 for outer contour
  • 0002910: [Import] Add support for PNP file from Allegro
  • 0002922: [Browser] Incorrect minimum hole in Layout Documentation for ODB++ job
  • 0002927: [Import] Minimum annular ring calculated incorrectly for some complex aperture macro pads
  • 0002926: [Import] Ring aperture gets drawn in wrong sequence after initial display
  • 0002920: [Import] Incorrect minimum hole for ODB++ file
  • 0002917: [Import] Incorrect rotation of mirrored pads
  • 0002912: [Import] During UL-mark placement. If right-clicking, UL-mark should not be placed
  • 0002924: [Panelization] Tabs covering multiple small segments may come out too small or not at all
  • 0002923: [Panelization] Tabs placed on arc segments gets wrong orientation after rotation of instance

Build (09-10-2014) [Pro version only]

  • 0002915: [PriceEditor] Wrong seller name when printing quote after having opened price editor
  • 0002914: [PriceEditor] Access violation when opening price editor prevents loading prices

Build (24-09-2014)

  • 0002895: [Assembly Data] Add context menu to activate all components
  • 0002883: [Assembly Data] Do not reset visible layers when updating PnP view
  • 0002885: [Quote] It should be possible to specify parameters such as carbon when creating free specs quote
  • 0002882: [Quote] Show 3 decimals for panel/unit/dm² price
  • 0002899: [Viewer] Show long filenames as hint in viewer file list
  • 0002878: [Assembly Data] Unable to process BOM after pasting data from spreadsheet
  • 0002877: [Assembly Data] BOM parser should not find "0." value for valueless components
  • 0002907: [Import] Error saving product with scoring
  • 0002875: [Import] Autocontour does not check slot width when creating inner contours
  • 0002873: [Product browser] Stiffener and cover layers are not included in layout documentation
  • 0002904: [Panelization] Settings menu is missing
  • 0002854: [Panelization] Incorrect min hole diameter if no mousebite holes in a panel
  • 0002892: [Stencil] Height/width texts for obround shapes edit must be exchanged
  • 0002891: [Stencil] Scripts created after publish, do not perform global adjustment
  • 0002890: [Stencil] Zoom to fit when data placed in individual positions doesn't work in for fiducials in all cases
  • 0002889: [Stencil] Selecting similar openings as fiducials, does not show selected when asking for confirmation
  • 0002888: [Viewer] Step thicknesses (etch) is not shown in product viewer

Build (08-09-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002777: [Assembly Data] BOM Processor module
  • 0002677: [Assembly Data] Allow graphical comments on published products
  • 0001888: [Assembly Data] Checklist for Assembly RFQ
  • 0001855: [Assembly Data] PnP data management module
  • 0002856: [Browser] Allow specifying filenames when exporting to Gerber
  • 0002780: [Import] Add support for latest version of Extended Gerber with File and Aperture Attributes
  • 0002776: [Import] Add support for more than 20 inner layers
  • 0002737: [Import] Make option for disabling estimation of minimum feature sizes
  • 0002496: [Panel] Add table listing shape/size of fiducials and bad marks to panel drawing
  • 0002743: [Panel] Add count column and filter to Product Chooser
  • 0002642: [Panel] Add placement of tabs by lines
  • 0002767: [Panel] Show step distances in panel drawing
  • 0002740: [Stencil] Position stencil data with reference to frame edge
  • 0002739: [Stencil] Create stencil script after publishing stencil
  • 0002719: [Stencil] Add possibility to change shapes
  • 0002297: [Stencil] Add info about areas of original and resulting patterns when splitting features
  • 0002826: [Browser] Open Stencil module maximized
  • 0002845: [Import] Update Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
  • 0002818: [Import] Make it possible to not show the Edit title block contents window after publish
  • 0002822: [Panel] Make it possible to not show the Edit title block contents window after publish.
  • 0002815: [Panel] Add fiducials to PnP data, if exists
  • 0002813: [Panel] Show tooling hole diameters in panel drawing
  • 0002811: [Panel] It should not be possible to save a script with the same name as an existing script
  • 0002803: [Panel] Increase copper fill clearance default size for square or cross fiducial marks
  • 0002722: [Panel] Documentation layers should not be clipped at board edges when panelizing
  • 0002882: [Quote] Show 3 decimals for panel/unit/dm² price
  • 0002847: [Stencil] Show frame id as a hint text in the frame list
  • 0002836: [Stencil] Remove "Article Number" if the product has no article number
  • 0002812: [Stencil] It should not be possible to save a script with the same name as an existing script
  • 0002804: [Stencil] Update Stencil Script Manager to handle new positioning methods
  • 0002788: [Stencil] It should be possible to specify corner radius when splitting an opening to an array
  • 0002762: [Stencil] Identify rotated rectangular shapes to enable corner rounding and splitting
  • 0002757: [Stencil] Mirror bottom stencil data on import
  • 0002724: [Stencil] Enlarge frame text width
  • 0002538: [Stencil] When running stencil scripts, the form flashes and takes long time to update
  • 0002850: [Browser] Files stored with earlier versions show paste layers as Kapton layers
  • 0002817: [Import] Manuf ID text on bottom is not shown properly relative to rectangle
  • 0002809: [Import] Multi-quadrant arcs from ODB++ do not export properly to Gerber
  • 0002808: [Import] Full circle arcs in ODB++ files disappear
  • 0002807: [Import] Ignore unused shapes when estimating min track/clearance
  • 0002798: [Import] Board contents hidden after importing old MOS file
  • 0002794: [Import] Parse pick and place files from Cadstar
  • 0002779: [Import] Custom stackup is not recovered when opening .mei file
  • 0002760: [Import] Add warning of drill tools with zero size
  • 0002764: [Import] UL Mark box should map to valid coupon size
  • 0002752: [Import] Excellon rout arcs get wrong center point
  • 0002766: [Import] List index out of bounds error on ODB++ file
  • 0001738: [Import] Parameter macro aperture causes range check error
  • 0002797: [Other] Cannot close window (modal dialog hidden behind window)
  • 0002772: [Other] Inner contour compensation and sharp corners
  • 0002853: [Panel] SQL error when adding test coupon to panel frame
  • 0002842: [Panel] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width
  • 0002835: [Panel] Moving rectangle is not displayed when placing registration controll coupon
  • 0002748: [Panel] Multi-product panel has wrong blind tool count
  • 0002860: [Stencil] Show product name and number in the top of the form when opening a product
  • 0002857: [Stencil] It is not possible to exit SelectSplit mode
  • 0002852: [Stencil] Creating stencil based on panels causes the board data to move outside the panel frame
  • 0002838: [Stencil] Auto Zooming does not work properly when top and bottom not in same position
  • 0002825: [Stencil] Frame Manager: It is not possible to delete frames
  • 0002823: [Stencil] Show possible fiducials does not work corretly
  • 0002786: [Stencil] Bottom side holes/contour are not shown if top side layers are visible
  • 0002778: [Stencil] Drawn pad converted to wrong shape when opened in Stencil
  • 0002761: [Stencil] Check that fiducial d-codes are correct when publish
  • 0002756: [Stencil] Various small bugs in d-codes for adding frames
  • 0002723: [Stencil] When creating new frames, d-codes for frame text are duplicated
  • 0002720: [Stencil] Shape splitter does not work with rotated shapes
  • 0002713: [Stencil] Check that Select mode is not pre-set false
  • 0002712: [Stencil] In Etch, when removing layers auto-select remove thickness if only one thickness is present
  • 0002711: [Stencil] Selection of objects should not be based on boundbox
  • 0002536: [Stencil] Display of various reductions disabled for panels
  • 0002535: [Stencil] Etching of stencils disbled for panels
  • 0002534: [Stencil] Splitting of features not possible for panels
  • 0002171: [Stencil] When loading files, they were not shown in viewer
  • 0002170: [Stencil] Product number is not correctly inserted when deleting frame text

Build (02-04-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002705: [Panelization] Kapton Tape should be a layer that may be specified in Add Masks
  • 0002733: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Load target points from curve
  • 0002734: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Insert/delete row in target points
  • 0002725: [Import] Add support for Round Thermal Rounded in ODB++ parser
  • 0002704: [Product browser] Remark layer should be included in PDF Documentation set
  • 0002706: [Import] Via plugging: Menu item is missing and text disappears when going to another tab
  • 0002699: [Panelization] Copper fill dots on inner layers may occur inside contour on boards with arcs in contour
  • 0002735: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Cannot create curve from targets if first target x=0

Build (07-03-2014)

  • 0002693: [Import] Align drills fails after selecting multiple pads
  • 0002694: [PRO: Quote] Can't select more than 10 layers when changing product specs for quote

Build (19-02-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002672: [Import] Add method to fix Pick&Place offset if Gerber and PnP files do not have the same origin
  • 0002673: [Import] It is not possible to assign a pick&place file in import filter
  • 0002674: [Import] Zooming by mouse wheel does not always retain zoom point
  • 0002675: [Panelization] Zooming by mouse wheel does not always retain zoom point
  • 0002678: [Panelization] Removal of frame objects can cause layers to be deleted
  • 0002676: [Product browser] Zooming by mouse wheel does not retain zoom point

Build (07-02-2014)

New functionality:
  • 0002655: [Browser] Allow filtering product (file) list
  • 0002656: [Browser] Add feature to search for product file by filename
  • 0002140: [PRO: Quote] Implement functionality for specifying impedance control or eltest
  • 0002657: [Import] Improved warning when min feature prevent saving product
  • 0002149: [Panel] Calculate qty routs and rout length when saving panel
  • 0002619: [Import] Round-off error on minimum track/clearance prevents saving product
  • 0002662: [Import] Various issues with selecting track routing
  • 0002664: [Import] Placement of marks must be disabled when board is rotated
  • 0002637: [Panelization] In some cases copper fill on innerlayers places pad inside the board contour
  • 0002638: [Panelization] In some cases some layers are missing from panelized products when exported to gerber
  • 0002641: [Panelization] If place tabs is pressed and you zoom (by right mouse click) place tabs mode is abandoned
  • 0002659: [Panelization] Floating rectangle for text/barcode/datamatrix is incorrect if the view is rotated
  • 0002660: [Panelization] When entering text for barcode or text, the view rotates/mirrors when "r" or "m" is pressed
  • 0002624: [Stencil] Dcodes of exported paste files are out of range in some cases
  • 0002654: [Stencil] Select subtract deletes objects instead of de-selecting them
  • 0002663: [Stencil] Wheel scroll does not work
  • 0002658: [Viewer] View top and View bottom menu doesn't select the appropriate layers in Stencil module
  • 0002665: [PRO: Quote] Modifying freight price does not change total price

Build (27-01-2014)

  • 0002647: [Pro: Quote] Print "empty" quotation (without prices)
  • 0002648: [Pro: Quote] Include total area and total weight in quotation
  • 0002619: [Import] Round-off error on minimum track/clearance prevents save
  • 0002645: [Import] Inner contour gets incorrect tool diameter after panelization
  • 0002637: [Panelization] In some cases copper fill on inner layers places pad inside the board contour
  • 0002641: [Panelization] If place tabs is pressed and you zoom (by right mouse click) place tabs mode is abandoned

Build (18-12-2013)

  • 0002611: [Viewer] Ctrl+Alt+Click on hole to open padstack viewer
  • 0002617: [Import] Problem interpreting Gerber as drill file without line break between %FS and %MO lines
  • 0002618: [Import] Problem parsing Gerber file with implicit NOR01 aperture table
  • 0002616: [Stencil] Index error in optimizaton gave false result when reducing pads

Build (12-12-2013)

  • 0002605: [Import] Support import of ODB++ file with empty profile
  • 0002600: [Panelization] Reduce dot diameter and spacing on inner layer copper fill
  • 0002607: [Viewer] Allow rotate view to rotate 0/90/180/360 degrees
  • 0002606: [Viewer] Add vertical scroll bar to help tab in layer list
  • 0002602: [Panelization] Copper top layer not visible when publishing panel with copper fill
  • 0002598: [Panelization] Cannot place test coupon on panel in certain cases

Build (06-12-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002578: [Import] Add text to board
  • 0002576: [Import] View segment endpoints when selecting contour segments
  • 0002512: [Import] Add lead-free marking in accordance with J-STD-609A
  • 0002081: [Import] Manage/view hpgl files
  • 0002047: [Import] Add possibility to select which holes must be plugged and which IPC method to use
  • 0001975: [Import] Import ODB++ files
  • 0001974: [Import] Draw contour segments graphically
  • 0001944: [Import] Assign via plugging from drill tool list
  • 0001179: [Import] Place remarks graphically on board
  • 0000307: [Import] Auto-estimation of tolerances
  • 0002575: [Panelization] Add posibility to enter the size off the opening in copper fill for fiducials
  • 0002573: [Panelization] Allow removing vcut from specific edges of panel frame
  • 0002119: [Panelization] Possibliity to flip boards upside-down in panel
  • 0002549: [Stencil] Make it possible to select etch features from other layers than paste for Region by oversize
  • 0002489: [Viewer] For multi-product panels, show Product number layer
  • 0002242: [Viewer] Make screendump from Viewer directly
  • 0002190: [Viewer] Mirror and/or rotate view
  • 0002569: [Import] It should be possible to click on a drill hole to view its stackup report
  • 0002200: [Import] Make it possible to type in exact numbers for min track/space
  • 0002574: [Panelization] Enlarge track/spacing in test coupon if copper thickness more than 45um
  • 0001926: [Panelization] Cu fill for inner layers should be done with dots, not solid
  • 0002597: [Stencil] Change position of top/bottom when both are on the same stencil
  • 0002580: [Stencil] In the help text, write the number of selected elements after each selection
  • 0002572: [Import] Do not automatically adjust meas. unit in drill file if specified in file
  • 0002570: [Import] Cannot change filetype from Text to Gerber
  • 0002588: [Stencil] Bug in splitting objects
  • 0002563: [Stencil] Pad size calculations are wrong for large pad sizes
  • 0002553: [Stencil] Cannot create split opening when there are holes in pad
  • 0002536: [Stencil] Display of various reductions disabled for panels (mikkel) - resolved.
  • 0002366: [Stencil] Fiducials are selected multiple times if select add is chosen
  • 0002292: [Stencil] Stencil does not load frames if server connection has been missing
  • 0002554: [Viewer] Buried via layers not shown as drill layers
  • 0002592: [Other] Stackup drawing does not scale properly if stackup >4mm thick

Build (17-10-2013)

  • 0002557: [Browser] Problem creating archive directory on new installation
  • 0002550: [Browser] Problem with display of text in viewer
  • 0002548: [Stencil] Some items in the file menu are not linked to the correct functions
  • 0002535: [Stencil] Etching of stencils for panels does not work in Gallery

Build (14-10-2013)

  • 0002547: [Product browser] Add column separator lines to contents page of layout documentation set
  • 0002545: [Product browser] Include number of layers in product info of layout documentation set
  • 0002546: [Import] Cannot save imported product
  • 0002541: [Stencil] File|Save as... opens the User Guide instead of saving

Build (08-10-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002532: [Browser] It should be possible to edit an existing panel product
  • 0002525: [Browser] The contents of the readme.txt file are incomplete when exporting panel products
  • 0002524: [Browser] It's not possible to create a stencil from paste files - only from board products
  • 0002523: [Browser] Measuring a panel product in product viewer gives an access violation
  • 0002520: [Browser] When clicking on a new product (showing product specs) the edit boxes flash multiple times
  • 0002528: [Panel] Should check for break-off tabs before saving panel
  • 0002527: [Panel] Default folder for adding products to panel should be Gallery Archive
  • 0002526: [Panel] fresedim.txt missing from panelized mif files
  • 0002538: [Stencil] When running stencil scripts, the form flashes and takes long time to update
  • 0002534: [Stencil] Splitting of features not possible in Gallery for panel products
  • 0002533: [Stencil] Stencil scripts do not work with panel products

Build (02-10-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002495: [Browser] It should be possible to open/save products from/to any file location
  • 0002470: [Import] Expand Perfag-10 aperture table to include thermal and donut pads
  • 0002427: [Panelization] Allow placing registration coupon anywhere on panel frame
  • 0002513: [Browser] When viewing a stencil product, the viewer should set paste and frame files visisble
  • 0002509: [Browser] When renaming products, the old product name should appear in the edit box
  • 0002504: [Browser] Browser product list does not update after importing product from ME
  • 0002516: [Import] Cannot add symbols to non-existing legend layer
  • 0002491: [Import] It's not possible to select blind/buried vias from the drill-file layer selection popup
  • 0002463: [Import] Incorrect file linking with very short common name
  • 0002460: [Import] Should be possible to delete Product/Batch No without entering Place Product/Batch No mode
  • 0002429: [Import] Some objects are offset in gerber file with incremental coordinates
  • 0002416: [Import] Problem selecting more then 9 inner contours
  • 0002390: [Import] When selecting an inner contour, it shows as a track routing
  • 0002503: [Panel] Incorrect initial directory when saving panel
  • 0002471: [Panel] Tab has incorrect rotation if scoring enabled
  • 0002431: [Panel] Datamatrix on copper layers not deleted when removing test coupons
  • 0002409: [Panel] Show Edit Titleblock Contents dialog only once on panel publish
  • 0002404: [Panel] In auto panel, when rename script, write the original name in the edit box
  • 0002519: [Stencil] Stencil product not created properly if based on panel product
  • 0002508: [Viewer] Space key causes access violation
  • 0002469: [Viewer] Inner contour opening is slightly too large
  • 0002430: [Viewer] Contour is not displayed properly
  • 0002396: [Viewer] Some rout tracks do not show properly in viewer
  • 0002502: [Other] Should be more space between vias in stackup drawing

Build (20-06-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002379: [Import] Allow disabling auto-contour
  • 0002356: [Import] Add Data Matrix 2-D bar code symbol to board
  • 0002359: [Panelization] Allow rotating board 180 degrees in panel with scoring
  • 0002358: [Panelization] Add registration control coupon to panel
  • 0002357: [Panelization] Add Data Matrix 2-D bar code symbol to panel
  • 0002362: [Product browser] Add table of contents page to PDF layout documentation file
  • 0002381: [Quote] Should be possible to show any currency exchange rate combination
  • 0002387: [Import] Disable minimum features selection for non copper products
  • 0002360: [Import] Unplated inner contours do not display properly
  • 0002311: [Import] Aperture table dialog should check parsed aperture table after changes
  • 0002309: [Import] Arc converted to straight line during auto-contour
  • 0002385: [Panelization] Problem with tab placement on panels with scoring and rout
  • 0002384: [Panelization] Rout is not always cut at the right place when scoring is selected
  • 0002370: [Panelization] Slots larger than 6.3 mm in autopanel scripts are shortened to 6.3 mm
  • 0002308: [Panelization] Annotation field always gets the default location and size when defined in scripts
  • 0002290: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if frame width, instance count or spacing are changed
  • 0002347: [Product browser] Filter product list keyword does not work every time
  • 0002335: [Stencil] Selection mode buttons are not set correctly after jumping between panels
  • 0002304: [Stencil] Incorrect calculations in split stencil opening
  • 0002382: [Viewer] Overlapping or colocated donut apertures do not display correctly in the viewer
  • 0002313: [Other] Material description does not show in PDF drawing for stackup with aluminum

Build (16-05-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002324: [Import] Import product downloaded from Macaos Enterprise
  • 0002279: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if copper fill or scoring are changed
  • 0002262: [Panelization] Scratch for copper layers if copper filling and scoring extends the board outline
  • 0002300: [Viewer] Access violation occurs if a D code that is not defined in the header is referenced

Build (16-04-2013)

  • 0002301: [Import] Save to local disk does not work
  • 0002279: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if copper fill or scoring are changed
  • 0002262: [Panelization] Scratch for copper layers if copper filling and scoring extends the board outline
  • 0002300: [Viewer] Access violation occurs if a D code that is not defined in the header is referenced

Build (10-04-2013)

New functionality:
  • 0002294: [Import] Add Stiffener to Additional layers
  • 0002297: [Stencil] Add info about areas of original and resulting patterns when splitting features
  • 0002293: [Import] Scoring or track routing incorrect if more than one segment selected
  • 0002299: [Panel] Increase solder mask clearance around bad marks on copper
  • 0002298: [Panel] Frame objects should follow frame edges if frame width or instance count or spacing are changed
  • 0002295: [Panel] Create new script frame object should use parameters of selected object
  • 0002296: [Quote] Estimated weight not calculated for aluminum stackups

Build (21-03-2013)

Initial public release