Macaos Enterprise 3.2 (December 2009)

Stencil Product CreatorStencil Product Creator

Create a new solder paste stencil product from an existing PCB product or from a Gerber file. Choose from one of our pre-defined stencil frames, or upload your own. Reduce opening sizes globally or individually and see the results compared to the copper pads. Once the stencil product is defined, publish it to the product browser for pricing and ordering.

Pick and Place data

Pick and Place data

Import pick and place data together with Gerber files. Pick and Place data is automatically stepped when panelizing a board product. Right-click on a Pick&Place layer and choose from several formats for Pick and Place output.

Specify files as assembly documentation to insure that they follow the product throughout the fabrication and assembly processes.

More silkscreen symbols

More silkscreen symbols

Additional symbols for the component legend or solder mask layer of your board are available:

  • WEEE symbol
  • Recycle symbol


Improved product searching

The product search dialog now lists the names of folders where the product may be found.

You may now assign your own article and description to products which have been shared to you by partners. This should make it easier to organize and locate partner products.

Autolink filter for Proteus

A pre-defined link filter has been added for Proteus files. You may need to open the link filter manager (Edit|Link filters) to enable the new filter.

Rounded corners on panels

When panelizing a product, it is possible to specify that the corners of the panel frame should be rounded. This makes it easier to load panels into processing machines.