Macaos Enterprise 3.1 (October 2009)

New panelization features

Three new features have been added to the Panelization Module:

  • Fill area outside of boards with copper
  • Bad-board marks
  • Break-off holes in panel frame


Silkscreen symbols

Silkscreen symbols

Add symbols to the component legend or solder mask layer of your board. The following symbols are available:

  • Lead-free symbol
  • CE-mark


Complex Contour EditorComplex Contour Editor

At times, complex contours may be difficult to define, due to the Import Module's requirement that an outer or inner contour be a closed loop without gaps or overlaps. By holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys while selecting a contour, you can open the Complex Contour Editor, which lists all of the selected segments and indicates any breaks with bold-faced text. You may add or delete segments to try to correct the situation, or simply use the information presented as an aid to correct the layout in your CAD system.