Macaos price list


Macaos Enterprise


Macaos Enterprise is sponsored by PCB suppliers, who have access to product data for purposes of generating quotations and fulfilling orders. For export of product data to non-participating PCB suppliers, see the Export Product Data service.

A subscription to the Receive RFQs for Assembly service includes Macaos Enterprise Pro version.

Macaos Gallery

€200 for a single user on a single computer. Includes one year of software maintenance. Click here to purchase.

€100 for an additional year of software maintenance. Click here to purchase.

You must contact Macaos Support if you need to move your license to a new computer.

Users who manufacture, sell, trade, or broker bare (unpopulated) printed circuit boards must license Macaos Gallery Pro. Macaos Gallery (basic version) will not be licensed to such users. This limitation also applies to CAM/Engineering service providers (such as Pre-CAM or Quotation services) for such users.

Macaos Gallery Pro

€5000 per year

Includes one named user on one computer. Contact Macaos Support if a named user needs access from more than one computer.

€800 per year for each additional named user at the same site.

Macaos RapidCam

Price to be determined.

Macaos RapidCam is currently in a development/testing phase. Users may download an evaluation version for unrestricted use until the final release of version 1.0. Users who actively participate with feedback during the development/testing phase will receive a 50% discount on the license fee for the first year after release of version 1.0.

The Macaos Enterprise System

Contact Macaos Support for pricing.

Macaos Fusion

Contact Macaos Support for pricing.


Receive RFQs for Assembly from Macaos Enterprise users

After insuring that a product has PnP and BOM data, a Macaos Enterprise user may send an RFQ to participating EMS providers. The EMS provider is notified by e-mail, and has access to the product data within their Macaos Enterprise.

A subscription to this service includes a Macaos Enterprise Pro license and a small banner advertisement on the Macaos Enterprise welcome page. 

Price: €110 per month

Price with unlimited export of product data: €2600 per year

Receive RFQs for PCB products from Macaos Enterprise users

When enabled, each time a Macaos Enterprise user gets an online price, an RFQ is automatically generated and sent by e-mail. The e-mail attachment may be opened directly in Macaos Gallery Pro, allowing for rapid generation of a quotation to the requester.

This service is only available to Macaos Gallery Pro users. Contact Macaos Support for pricing.

Export product data from Macaos Enterprise

Download of data files from Macaos Enterprise is a pay-per-use service. 

Macaos Enterprise is sponsored by PCB suppliers, who make the application available at no cost to their customers. For this reason, there is a cost for extracting data from the system that could be used to purchase from competing suppliers.

Note: If a product has been previously purchased, then the data files for download have been processed by a manufacturing engineer, and are considered to be production-ready.

The service is initially disabled, so that users will not inadvertently incur download charges. If the service is enabled, it will be available to all users in the company, and the company will be responsible for all download charges incurred.

Download charges are as follows:
€44 per product for the first 5 products downloaded in a calendar month
€22 per product for the next 15 products
€11 per product for the next 50 products
Maximum €1100 per month

If a product is downloaded more than one time within a calendar month, it will only be invoiced once. However, if a product is downloaded again in a different calendar month, the download will be invoiced again.

Macaos invoices at the end of each calendar month where a download has taken place. The invoice will be generated in PDF format and sent by e-mail.

The download service will be enabled on request. The request must include the company's invoice address, VAT number, and an e-mail address to receive the PDF invoice. Send your request to Macaos Support.

The download service may also be disabled on request.