Macaos Gallery

Macaos Gallery bruce Thu, 03/14/2013 - 16:19

Macaos Gallery is a powerful tool that allows PCB designers and EMS engineers to easily create PCB panels, Solder Paste Stencils and technical drawings from the Gerber and Drill files for a single PCB..


The Import Module quickly loads and interprets Gerber, Drill, Pick&Place and ODB++ files, creating a PCB product ready for panelization or stencil creation. You can choose or define the stackup; define via plugging/filling; and add fiducials, remarks, symbols, text, bar codes and J-STD-609A compliant markings.

Use the Product Browser to view and organize your board and stencil products. With the graphic viewer you can view, inspect and measure any detail in the product. The browser also lists key product specifications. From the browser you can export annotated Gerber and info files that will reduce confusion at the manufacturer.


With the Panelization Module you can step up a PCB board to an array (panel)  suitable for assembly in a matter of seconds. You have complete control over the placement and style of break-off tabs. In addition, you can easily add fiducial marks, tooling holes, bad marks, copper fill, bar codes, text and registration test coupons to the panel frame. By defining a panelization script, you can instantly create a panel just the way you want it. 

It is also possible to add assembly mask data (such as peel-off mask, glue mask, etc) to the panel. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your panel just as it will be interpreted by the manufacturer.


The Stencil Module allows you to easily create a solder paste stencil product, either based on an existing PCB product or on a gerber file. Choose from one of the pre-defined stencil frames or upload your own. Specify adjustments to pad openings, define reduced-thickness regions, split large openings into an array of smaller openings, add text and remove extraneous objects. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your stencil just as it will be cut.


The test fixture module allows you to quickly design a "Bed of Nails" test fixture for a PCB. Simply click on holes or pads to place guide pins or test pins. For each test point, specify the signal name and connector pin to automatically generate a wiring list. Test jigs and test pins for a complete in-circuit test setup are available for purchase from the Test accessories folder.

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Import bruce Mon, 03/18/2013 - 11:02

Import ModuleImport Module

The Import Module is used to read ODB++ files or Gerber and drill files, as well as pick & place data and documentation, into the system and "package" them into a PCB product. Each input file is automatically mapped to it's board layer, based on an AI-based filename analysis or by using pre-defined or customizable filename filters. A WYSIWYG viewer shows your board just as it will be interpreted by the manufacturer. Once the PCB product has been saved it will appear in the Product Browser, ready for panelization and/or stencil creation.


When defining your board, you may choose from a large selection of pre-defined stackups, or define your own buildup. Either way, a  high quality technical drawing of the stackup is automatically generated in PDF format.



A unique feature of the import module is the ability to add symbols to the component legend or solder mask layers. Available symbols include: Lead-free, CE-mark, WEEE, Recycle, ESD, RoHS, bar code, fiducial and the fabricator's UL-mark.

Text may be also added at any location on the board. A wizard may be used to generate an IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609A compliant text string to indicate the presence or absence of hazardous materials in the PCB, in accordance with RoHS and WEEE requirements.

Remarks may be added. Remarks are created in a separate layer which may be sent to the manufacturer as a Gerber file.

Product Browser

Product browser

The Product Browser allows you to organize and browse all of your PCB and Stencil products. Products may be sorted into customizable project folders for easy searching.

The Product Viewer allows you to view and inspect the product's Gerber, drill and pick & place data in detail. Features include pan, zoom, measure and complete layer selection. Documentation files, including automatically generated stackup drawings and panel drawings, may be viewed or saved locally. You may also add additional documentation to the product, if necessary.

The print utility may be used to generate high quality technical drawings in PDF format. Layout drawings for each layer, stackup drawings and drill template drawings may be generated.

A zip file containing Gerber data, file explanations and additional information may be exported for submission to your manufacturer. 


Panelize bruce Mon, 03/18/2013 - 11:20

The Macaos Gallery Panelization Module allows you to quickly step up a PCB board to an array (panel) suitable for assembly. The panel may be generated automatically from a script or you may specify panel parameters and add features to the panel frame as desired. Downloadable scripts from EMS providers may be used or modified to meet your own needs.

Panelization Module

You can easily add features to the panel, such as:

  • Break-off tabs
  • Fiducial marks
  • Tooling holes
  • Break-off holes
  • Bad marks
  • Copper fill
  • Text
  • Bar code
  • Registration test coupon

A WYSIWYG viewer shows your panel just as it will be interpreted by the manufacturer. Once the panel has been saved it will appear in the Product Browser. A high-quality technical drawing of the panel in PDF format is automatically generated when the panel is saved.

Multi-product panels

Multi-product panels

Panels that combine several different products are also supported. Use the File|Open menu command to add additional products to the panel.

Add assembly masks to a panel

Often, the necessary data for assembly masks is missing from the Gerber files created by the board designer. Especially in cases where assembly is being done by an EMS provider, this missing data can be a problem. It is the EMS provider who knows the processes and needs to specify the masks, but getting this information to the board designer early enough to be included in the design is usually not possible.

With this feature, the mask areas may be specified by the production engineer while creating the assembly panel. Mask areas may be specified either to fill a rectangle drawn by the user, or to fill all solder mask openings within a rectangle drawn by the user. The following masks may be defined:

  • Peel-off mask (Blue mask)
  • Paste mask
  • Glue mask
  • Hard gold
  • Carbon

By adding paste mask data to the desired solder mask openings of a panel, it is possible to create a solder paste stencil when paste mask data was missing from the designer. Although the solder mask openings are usually somewhat larger than the copper pads, this is easily corrected in the Stencil module, which adjusts openings relative to the original copper pad size (when available) rather than the specified paste mask pad size.


Stencil bruce Mon, 03/18/2013 - 11:31

The Stencil Product Creator Module allows you to quickly define a solder paste stencil for your PCB.

Stencil Product Creator

Using the copper layer and paste mask layer data from the PCB, you can do the following:

  • Select a frame from among pre-defined or uploaded frame data
  • Adjust all opening sizes by a percentage of area
  • Adjust the corner rounding of all openings
  • Fine tune individual opening sizes to correct for process issues
  • Mark fiducials for etching (rather than cutting)
  • Add text
  • Place top and bottom openings side by side on the same stencil
  • Split a large opening into an array of smaller openings
  • Define regions of the stencil to be built up or etched down to a different thickness


All opening size adjustments are defined as a percentage of the copper pad area (when copper data is available). The WYSIWYG viewer lets you see how your adjusted openings compare to the copper pads.

A frame manager and editor allows you to upload frames or build new frames based on pre-defined templates. Frames may be defined with variable texts (company name, product number, etc) which automatically get substituted in the Stencil Product Creator.


Test bruce Wed, 08/31/2016 - 10:07

Macaos Gallery helps you to quickly and economically set up a platform for in-circuit testing of a PCB assembly. Using the Test fixture module, you can quickly design test fixture(s) by simply clicking on PCB holes or pads.

Test jigA "Bed of Nails" test fixture is a plate with an array of spring-loaded test pins (or Pogopins) which are mounted in the fixture so that they will make contact with desired test points on the PCB. In addition, a few guide pins are placed at mounting hole locations in order to properly align the PCB with the test pins. The PCB is placed on top of the pins and then pressed down so that the pins make good contact with the test points. Ideally, all test points should be accessible from the bottom side of the PCB.

Typically, test pins consist of two parts: 1) a receptacle which is mounted in the fixture plate and wired to a connector, and 2) a spring loaded pin which is inserted into the receptacle. The spring-loaded pins are available with a variety of different pin heads, which are chosen according to the type of test point contact to be made (via hole, solder pad, component pin, etc).

The test fixture is mounted on the base of the test jig. The PCB is placed on the pins of the test fixture. An upper plate then presses the PCB onto the test pins, so that they make contact with the test points on the PCB. Once contact is made, test measurements may be made as desired.

For a more detailed description of the test fixture design process, see the user guide.

Test jigs and test pins are available for purchase from

Product comparison

Product comparison bruce Mon, 03/18/2013 - 12:48

Product comparison: Macaos Gallery and Macaos Enterprise

Feature Macaos Enterprise Macaos Gallery1 Macaos Gallery Pro1  
Import Gerber and drill files for board product Yes Yes Yes
Add symbols to imported board product Yes Yes Yes
Define stackup for board product with drawing Yes Yes Yes
Location of product storage2 Macaos Cloud User's
local disk
local disk
Panelize board product Yes Yes Yes
Multi-product panelization Yes Yes Yes
Add assembly mask data to panel Yes Yes Yes
Panel drawing Yes Yes Yes
Create solder paste stencil for board product Yes Yes Yes
Add assembly mask data to board product Yes Yes Yes
Generate technical drawings of product Yes Yes Yes
Edit Pick-and-Place and Bill of Materials (BOM) data Yes Yes Yes
Create test fixture for board product Yes Yes Yes
Export product to Gerber/drill files - Yes Yes
Get online price quotations Yes - -
Place order online Yes - -
Order connectors, test jigs and other accessories Yes - -
Access Macaos component database when working with BOM Yes - -
Request quotation for assembly (EMS) Yes - -
Share products with partners Yes - -
Calculate cost and retail price of PCB - - Yes
Generate quotation for PCB to customer - - Yes
Create/modify price lists for PCBs - - Yes
Price Free €2003 €5000/yr4
Price per additional user - - €800/yr4
Product updates No limit 1 year 1 year

1 Users who manufacture, sell, trade, or broker bare (unpopulated) printed circuit boards must purchase Macaos Gallery Pro. Macaos Gallery (basic version) will not be licensed to such users. This limitation also applies to CAM/Engineering service providers (such as Pre-CAM or Quotation services) for such users.

2 Macaos Enterprise is sponsored by PCB resellers, who have access to product data for purposes of generating quotations and fulfilling orders. With Macaos Gallery, all of your product data is stored in your local system and is not visible to any other parties.

3 Macaos Gallery is licensed to a single user on a single computer. You must contact Macaos Support if you need to move your license to a new computer.

4 Includes one named user on one computer. Contact Macaos support if a named user needs access from more than one computer.

What's new in Macaos Gallery

What's new in Macaos Gallery bruce Thu, 08/28/2014 - 14:11

Macaos Gallery 2.0


Depanelization is the process of removing individual boards from a panel, after the boards have been populated with components. Traditionally, boards have been depanelized by breaking or cutting the the break-off tabs which hold the panel together. However, the mechanical forces (particularly bending) which can take place may weaken or damage the solder joints of fine-pitch SMT components near the board edges. This problem can be mitigated by using a milling machine to remove the break-off tabs.

The Depanelizer module allows you to easily and quickly accomplish the two specific tasks required for depanelization by milling machine:

  • Generate a milling program for removing the break-off tabs from a panel. A milling program contains the numerical instructions for operating a CNC milling machine which removes the break-off tabs from the panel. The Milling Program Setup dialog box helps you to specify axes and offsets when generating a CNC program for your machine.

  • Design a fixture for holding the panel frame and boards in place during the milling process. The depanelization fixture holds the boards in place, so that they do not move or otherwise get damaged during the milling process. Macaos has developed an inexpensive and reliable fixture style for this purpose. The fixture uses registration “pedestals” and vacuum suction to hold the boards in place as they are loosened from the panel, as well as a suction nozzle to remove dust from the milling process.

See the Depanelization module help page for more info.

Note: The depanelization is not available for Macaos Gallery users located in the Nordic countries.

Stackups with odd number of layers

It is now possible to define a multi-layer custom buildup with an odd number of copper layers. For example, to define a 3-layer buildup, start by defining a 4-layer buildup. Then, choose Omit as the copper thickness of one of the inner layers.

Panelization improvements

It is now possible to specify the outer dimensions of a panel. In this way, you can adjust the width of the outer frame to give the desired total panel width/height. The outer dimensions may only be adjusted after the Panelize operation has been executed.

It is now possible to place tooling holes and fiducial marks relative to the center of the panel. When specifying the X/Y distances, you can choose whether the distance is measured from the panel corner or the panel center.

Other improvements

Look and feel

We've given all modules a new look. Modules now have a more consistent layout, with parameters at the top left, info/help text at the lower left, and the graphical viewer's layer list to the right. Button bars across the top of each module give quick access to the most commonly used functions.

The graphical viewer has several status panels along the bottom edge, which display useful information. Click on the view mode or units panel to change the view mode or unit of measure.

Automatic subfolder management

When theproduct archive contains many files (typically more than 1000-3000), then performance may become sluggish. If desired, Macaos Gallery can automatically organize your products into subfolders. Choose between numeric or alphanumeric subfolders. Numeric subfolder management creates a subfolder for each 1000 product numbers. Alphanumeric subfolder management creates subfolders for the first character(s) of the filename, automatically creating subfolders when the number of files in a folder exceeds a user-specified threshold.

Gerber Job file

When exporting to Gerber, a Gerber Job file (.gbrjob) is included in the exported zip file. The Gerber Job file provides information which allows a manufacturer to automatically process the Gerber files and product properties.

Export profiles

It is now possible to define multiple profiles for use when exporting a product to Gerber. For example, you could create a different profile for each PCB supplier you use. User-defined export profiles allow you to define the filename suffix and/or filename extension for each generated Gerber and Drill file.

Check boxes allow individual files to be omitted from the output zip file.

Minimum copper to unplated edge clearance

Pressing the N key (with the mouse over the graphic viewer module while viewing a PCB product), highlights and zooms to the objects having the minimum distance between a copper feature and an unplated hole or contour edge.

Connection manager

The connection manager has been expanded with Ping and DNS lookup functions, which can help when troubleshooting connection issues.

What was new in Macaos Gallery

What was new in Macaos Gallery bruce Wed, 06/19/2013 - 13:24

Macaos Gallery 1.7 (February 2018)

Macaos Gallery 1.7 (February 2018) bruce Mon, 11/12/2018 - 15:33

Import module improvements

Custom stackup definition

Expanded custom stackup definition

In this version we have expanded the custom stackup definition module to better support flex and rigid-flex boards.

  • In addition to the dielectric and copper layers which make up a stackup, it is now possible to define solder mask, cover layer, adhesive/bonding and stiffener layers.
    Note: It is not necessary to add cover layer or solder mask layers to a simple stackup, since these layers are already specified by product properties. However, if you have special material or thickness requirements, or are defining a rigid-flex board, then these layers may be specified.
  • It is now possible to specify the thickness of dielectric and thermal substrate layers in a metal-based board stackup.
  • Any individual layer may be marked as a flex layer. This would be used to indicate the layers in the flex region of a rigid-flex board.
    Note: With this version you can define two stackup regions for a rigid-flex board: the rigid region (encompassing all layers) and an implied flex region (the layers marked as flex). Our goal is to support up to five stackup regions in the next major release of Macaos Enterprise.
  • The format for specifying stackup materials has been expanded. The material name and manufacturer may be specified, as well as whether or not the material must be halogen-free. For dielectrics, IPC-slash sheet and minimum Tg may also be specified.


Refresh file during import

If while preparing a product for import, you discover that a layer needs to be updated, you can replace that layer without having to restart the entire import process. Right-click on the file name and choose Replace file.

Note: It is not possible to replace the board/contour file. If this file needs to be updated then the entire product must be imported again.

Gerber job file

If the product you are importing contains a Gerber job file (*.gbrjob) then file linking information and product parameters will be extracted from the file.

Note: The final format of the Gerber job file has not yet been published. Some Gerber job files may not be compatible with the current draft specification. We will update this feature when the final format is published.

Macaos Gallery 1.6 (May 2017)

Macaos Gallery 1.6 (May 2017) bruce Thu, 03/01/2018 - 08:16

Replace board in panel

A board may be replaced in a panel. To do so take the following steps:

  1. Locate the panel in the browser.
  2. Right-click and choose Edit panel.
  3. In the panel editor, choose File|Replace board in panel.
  4. Select the new board. The program will check that the selected board has the same size bound box (surrounding rectangle) as the board in the panel. If so, the board is replaced. If not, an error message is generated.
  5. Save the new panel.

Test fixture improvements

Macaos standard test jig

Macaos Standard Jig

This version supports the Macaos standard test jig. The Macaos standard test jig is designed to use a lower fixture box with an internal height of 70mm, giving room for connectors, wiring and electronics in an easily swappable module.

The Macaos standard jigs is supplied with an easily removable generic upper fixture allowing for flexible placement of press pins. An adjustment screw and magnet make it possible to finely adjust the spacing between upper and lower fixtures.

Static guide pin placement

It is now possible to place static (non-deflecting) guide pins at any location along the edge of the PCB. Static guide pins are useful for insuring proper placement of boards that do not have holes with an appropriate diameter for normal guide pins.

Specify or edit pin coordinates

It is now possible to modify the pin coordinates and/or hole diameter when placing a test pin. It is also possible to edit these values after a pin has been placed.

The coordinates and diameter of holes for guide/support/press pins may also be edited, by first right-clicking on the pin list and showing guide pins.

View opposite test fixture

When creating a test fixture for the opposite side of an existing test fixture, the "other" test fixture may be viewed.

Note: The "other" fixture data is not saved with the new fixture.

Annotation fields

Annotation field size dialog

Annotation fields may be placed with an appropriate size for a text, bar code or 2-dimensional bar code. The Define annotation field dialog box automatically calculates the size of a rectangle for the text or bar code for a specified number of digits or alphanumeric characters, including appropriate margins. This feature is useful for laser marking of date codes and/or serial numbers.

Annotation fields may be added to a new product in the Import module, or to a new panel in the Panel module. Annotation fields may also be added to an existing product with the Add Masks module.

Other new features

Cancel symbol placement

In the Import Module, when drawing or placing a symbol, right-click to cancel the operation.

Macaos Gallery 1.5 (February 2017)

Macaos Gallery 1.5 (February 2017) bruce Tue, 05/30/2017 - 09:55

Test fixture improvements

Fixture specification

When creating a test fixture, you may choose a fixture suitable for one of the Macaos test jigs, or specify your own dimensions.

The fixture designer supports two kinds of lower fixtures:

  • Flat: A single sheet of fixture material with holes drilled in it for test pins. Test pins are wired to connectors in the base of the test jig.
  • Box: A low profile box with test pins in the top plate of the box. Test pins are wired to connectors mounted in the side walls of the box.

Macaos test jigs are supplied with a generic upper fixture allowing for flexible placement of press pins. In case of more specific needs, an upper fixture may be designed by selecting the lower fixture and then opening the test fixture designer.

Text may be placed on the fixture as desired. Text may be rotated in 90° increments.

When a box-style fixture is designed, then connector openings may be placed in the box walls as desired. Choose from pre-defined connector sizes, or specify your own opening. Connectors may be deleted by right-clicking on the list of connectors.

Pin placement

When placing pins you may choose a Macaos pin style, or specify your own hole diameter. Test pins must be placed on pads or holes. Guide pins must be placed on holes. Press pins and support pins may be placed at any location.

When placing test pins, if more than one pad/hole is selected, the pin will be placed at the center of the selected pads/holes.

Z-axis visualizer

The Z-axis visualizer shows vertical spacing of fixtures, PCB, guide pins and test pins, both with the test jig handle up and down. The drawing is dynamic, automatically updating in accordance with your specifications. Select from Macaos test/guide pin types or specify your own pin dimensions.

The drawings are stored with the test fixture data when you publish the fixture. Note: You must view both the up and down drawings in order for both to be stored.

Test accessories

Test jigs, test pins and related accessories available for purchase from

Import module improvements

Contour specification

Depth routing: When specifying inner contours or track routing, a routing depth from the top or bottom side of the board may be specified.

Quick contour selection: Press the "Q" selection button to create a contour object from a selection rectangle. This is a quick way to define a rectangular outer contour in cases where only corner marks have been provided.

Select pads: Pads may be selected to define slots by holding down the Ctrl key while selecting. It is not possible to select pads and lines in the same operation.

Ferrite layers

Ferrite Top and Ferrite Bottom have been defined for use with sheets of ferrite material to be added to a PCB.

Proteus link filter

An additional link filter has been added for use with newer versions of Proteus.

Stencil module improvements

Adjust stencil opening size by height and/or width

Openings may be adjusted by a percentage of their height and/or width (instead of or in addition to adjusting them by a percentage of their area).

Stencil types

A number of additional stencil types (for licensed frame patterns, etc) have been added.

Stencil options

Options for polished hole walls, coating of hole walls and protecting/strengthening stencil edges have been added.

Viewer improvements

A status bar at the bottom of the product viewer indicates if the view has been rotated or mirrored.


Pro version improvements

The visual appearance of the quotation module has been changed somewhat. Check boxes for quantities and lead times have been moved to the left and top edges of the price grid.

An expanded price engine allows for more flexible calculation of prices for a wider variety of product parameters.

Improved support for exchange rates and holidays.

Panel drawings may be included with quotations.

Macaos Gallery 1.4 (August 2016)

Macaos Gallery 1.4 (August 2016) bruce Thu, 02/23/2017 - 09:44

"Bed of Nails" test fixture creation

Test jig

A "bed of nails" test jig is used for in-circuit testing of a PCB with components. Typically, the jig consists of a bottom fixture with many spring-loaded test pins (pogopins) that are placed to make contact with test points on the PCB. An upper fixture presses the board onto the bed of nails so that all of the pins make good contact. A test program may then be run to confirm the operation of the PCB.

A test fixture is a plastic plate with holes drilled at each of the test point positions. Each test point hole will have a base (or receptacle) mounted in it. For each receptacle diameter, a spring-loaded pin head is inserted. You may choose from several different pin head styles, depending on the type of test point the pin will contact.

Test pinTest pin receptacle

Test Fixture Creator

Test fixture creator module

Open a PCB product in the test fixture creator module and specify the parameters of the fixture plate. Then click on holes to place alignment pins, and click on holes or pads to place test pins. Once all pins have been placed, adjust the position of the press point and then center the PCB under the press point. The published test fixture product includes a drill file for the fixture plate and wiring list documentation.

Top side fixture

Ideally, all of the test points should be on the bottom side of the PCB. However, if necessary, a top side fixture may also be created. If a test fixture already exists for a PCB, then you may choose to use that fixture to specify the placement of the PCB in the new fixture.

Test accessories

Test jigs, test pins and related accessories available for purchase from

Viewer improvements

Lock cursor to axis

Press Alt+X or Alt-Y to lock the cursor position to the current X or Y coordinate. Press Esc to release the lock.

Macaos Gallery 1.3 (April 2016)

Macaos Gallery 1.3 (April 2016) bruce Wed, 02/22/2017 - 16:02

Product Browser Improvements

New product specifications and statistics

Numerous product parameters have been added to the Macaos system. This will improve online pricing and quality control. See the Import Module section (below) for a complete list.

Import module improvements

New product specifications:

  • board type: rigid, flex, rigid-flex, metal-based-board
  • depth routing
  • flex stiffener (flex, rigid-flex only)
  • cover layer  (flex, rigid-flex only)
  • thermal conductivity (metal-based-board only)
  • via fill type
  • flexible layers (rigid-flex only)
  • carbon print
  • kapton tape
  • countersink
  • half-moon holes
  • microvias
  • plated slots
  • beveled edge (with angle and backoff)

New product statistics:

  • holes/dm2
  • minimum non-plated hole/edge to copper clearance
  • qty routs
  • minimum rout tool diameter
  • total rout length
  • estimated weight
  • number of test points (solder mask openings)

Product options

  • Performance class 2, 2+ or 3
  • Impedance control to be done by manufacturer
  • Do not allow manufacturer marking on board
  • Do not allow copper shaving from board edges

New viewer functions

  • d Highlight minimum width lines on each visible copper layer
  • a Highlight minimum annular ring pads on each visible copper layer
  • o Toggle show only centerline/outline of objects

Custom stackup definition

  • It is now possible to indicate if a dielectric layer is core or prepreg in a custom stackup.
  • It is now possible to indicate that a dielectric layer is flexible
  • It is now possible to indicate that the thickness of a dielectric layer is impedance critical

Alignment of pick and place files

When aligning pick and place files, only the visible layer(s) will be moved. In this way, it is possible to make separate adjustments for top and bottom sides.

Panelization improvements

Place text

Allow text on notation layers to be placed within boards in a panel

Graphical remarks

Add graphical remarks to a panel.

Stencil improvements

Show potential errors

The stencil creator checks for stencil openings that do not appear to be consistent with the original stencil data. This could be due to the original openings having been reduced by the board designer, or because the stencil creator was not able to locate the correct reference pad on the copper layer. If potential errors are found, they can be highlighted for inspection.

Automatic fiducial detection

If the stencil data contains objects that appear to be fiducials, these are automatically detected and can be easily marked as fiducial or deleted. The same is true for stencil fiducials in a panel frame defined in the panel module.

Edit/split rotated shapes

The pad shape editor now works on shapes with any rotation factor.

Transfer objects from any layer

It is possible to copy objects from any layer to a stencil layer.

Assembly Data Manager

The Quick Help button opens a web page with step-by-step guidelines for generating an RFQ for Assembly.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Before processing, a hint window reminds the user to specify column headers.

After processing, the rows of the output BOM are green if a single match is found, or yellow if multiple product matches are found.

Pro version improvements

Order packaging option

A new order option has been added to the Quotation module: Package in accordance with IPC-1601 (antistatic, humidity sensor, dessicant, etc)

Quotation quantities

When making price quotes for panels, the order quantity is always the number of panels. But it is now possible to specify number of boards, which will automatically be converted to number of panels in the price grid

Macaos Gallery 1.2 (September 2014)

Macaos Gallery 1.2 (September 2014) bruce Wed, 04/13/2016 - 08:22

Assembly Data Manager

The new Assembly Data Manager Module allows you to work with component purchasing and placement data for a PCB. You may also create and modify graphical remarks for a product.

Pick and Place Data (PnP)

PnP data specifies the designator, location and rotation of components that will be automatically placed for (usually) reflow solderinig. There are, unfortunately, a multitude of different PnP data formats. Macaos Enterprise is able to read more than a dozen of these formats. (See the user manual for details about the most common formats supported.)

With the Assembly Data Manager, you can do the following:

  1. View PnP data for top and/or bottom side
  2. Show/hide individual components. Hidden components are deleted from PnP data once the data is saved.
  3. Double-click on a component in the list to zoom into that component in the viewer.
  4. Import PnP data
  5. Align PnP data. If the PnP data does not have the same coordinate origin as the Gerber data, this can be corrected.
  6. Create PnP data. You can select one or more pads and define a PnP component or fiducial mark to be located at the center of the rectangle surrounding the selected pads.
  7. Edit PnP data. You can edit the designator, side, rotation and description text for any component.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

A BOM is a list of the components that are to be used with the printed circuit board. The BOM is used to select and purchase the correct components as well as to specify where each component should be placed on the printed circuit board.

In many cases, a BOM contains component descriptions that require some interpretation by the purchaser, due to inconsistent or incomplete specifications. The Assembly Data Manager attempts to improve the usability of the BOM by applying a number of parameter recognition techniques.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Import a BOM. BOM data may be imported as a text file, an Excel .xls file, or copied and pasted directly from a spreadsheet program.
  2. Right-click on a row to mark it as the column headers or the first row of valid component data.
  3. Right-click on a column header to specify the type of information contained in the column
  4. Click on the Process (gears) button to process the list of components.
  5. A new spreadsheet is created with the interpreted parameters. If necessary, make corrections and click on the Retry button to do a new search.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the BOM, save the processed list to the product.
  7. The processed list may be exported to an Excel file.

Graphical remarks

Graphical remarks may be added to any product. Existing graphical remarks may be deleted or replaced, if desired.

A remark may be created as follows:

  1. Click on the Add remarks to board (yellow note) button.
  2. Draw a circle around the feature(s) to which the remark applies.
  3. Enter the remark text in the dialog box.
  4. Click OK.

To delete a remark, click on the Delete button and draw a selection rectangle around the entire remark.

If you need to change the text of a remark, you can click on the Edit button and change a single line of text at a time. Note: This can only be done with remarks created during the current session. For older remarks, you must delete and re-create the remark.

Stencil improvements

Split/replace openings

The module for splitting a large stencil opening into an array of smaller openings has been improved. It is now possible to choose between several split patterns or replacement opening shapes. You have full control over the size and shape of the new opening(s), as well as statistics to indicate how the change will affect total solder delivery.

Although this feature is primarily intended for working with large (heat sink) openings, it may be used to modify the shape of any opening in the stencil.

Highlight large pads

This feature allows you to easily locate stencil openings whose height and width are larger than the size you specify. This way you can quickly find opening that should be split.

Place board data relative to frame edge or frame center

It is now possible to specify the position of the board relative to the edge of the stencil frame, or relative to the center of the frame. Top and bottom side data may be offset horizontally or vertically, as desired.

Mirror bottom side data

Bottom side data is automatically mirrored, so that the squeegee side of the stencil will always be the top side of the stencil.

Import module improvements

Support for up to 30 copper layers

Macaos Enterprise now supports boards with up to 30 copper layers. This is an increase from the previous limit of 22 copper layers.

Full support for the latest Extended Gerber format (Gerber X2 rev J3)

A new version of the Extended Gerber file format was released in the spring of 2014. This version adds a structure for identifying the file format version, board layer or function of the file, and classes of features within the file. Macaos Enterprise fully supports reading and interpreting these extensions.

Support for Pick and Place files generated by Cadstar

Pick and place files generated by Cadstar may now be imported, either in the Import Module or in the Assembly Data Manager.

Panelization improvements

Place tabs in line

When placing break-off tabs on a panel, if you click and drag the mouse then a horizontal or vertical line is shown. When you release the mouse, a break-off tab will be placed at each point where the line crosses a board edge.

Panel drawing improvements

A table in the upper left corner of the panel drawing specifies the size of fiducials and bad marks. For a single-product panel, this table also specifies the X and Y step distance of the boards in the panel.

Product Browser improvements

Specify filenames when exporting to Gerber

When exporting a product to Gerber files for manufacture, you may choose one of two Macaos filename templates, or define your own template.

Macaos Gallery 1.1 (December 2013)

Macaos Gallery 1.1 (December 2013) bruce Wed, 04/13/2016 - 08:21

Import module improvements

Place a text string on the PCB

A text string may be placed on a notation layer of the PCB as follows:

  1. After linking files and creating an outer contour, click on the Add symbols to board (paintbrush) button, and then click on the Text button.
  2. Enter the desired text string.
  3. Select the text height, layer and text rotation, as desired.
  4. Move the mouse cursor to the desired position and click to place the text.

Add IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609A compliant marking to the PCB

The IPC/JEDEC J-STD-609A stanard defines how PCBs should be marked to identify the the presence (or absence) of lead and/or other attributes in a PCB or PCB assembly. The import module includes a simple dialog box where you can create a compliant text string and add it to a PCB by answering up to 6 questions about the laminate material, surface finish and (optionally) the required assembly processes. Once the text string has been generated, it may be placed at any location on the notation layer of the PCB.

While in Add text mode, click on the J-STD-609A button to open the dialog box. Select the appropriate parameters for the text string, and then click OK. Place the text string as described above.

Add remarks to the PCB graphically

You can add remarks to a PCB at a specific location. This is useful when a remark is tied to some feature or location of the PCB. A remark may be created as follows:

  1. After linking files and creating an outer contour, click on the Add remarks to board (yellow note) button.
  2. Draw a circle around the feature(s) to which the remark applies.
  3. Enter the remark text in the dialog box.
  4. Click OK.

Remarks are added to the Remarks layer. A circle will be drawn around the selected feature(s) and the remark text placed to the right of the circle.

Via protection (plugging, filling, etc)

All holes with a specific drill tool may be specified for via protection. To do this, right-click on the tool in the tool list (of the Drill tools tab) and choose the desired via protection type from the Via protection submenu. A new layer will be created indicating the via holes to be protected.

Create contour segments graphically

When defining an outer or inner contour, the contour must be defined as a closed polygon. If there are missing segments, these can by drawn. This may be done as follows:

  1. Click on the Draw contour segment (pencil) button.
  2. Move the cursor to the position where the segment will start. If desired, press the X key to snap the cursor to the nearest existing segment endpoint.
  3. Click to start the drawn segment.
  4. Move the cursor to the position where the segment will end. If desired, press the X key to snap the cursor to the nearest existing segment endpoint.
  5. Click to create the segment.

View endpoints of highlighted segments when creating contour

When selecting segments for a contour, the Show endpoints of highlighted segments causes the highlighted segments to be drawn with thin lines and arrowheads. This is useful when trying to see where a gap or overlap exists that prevents the selected segments from being recognized as a closed polygon.

Minimum features

Minimum track width and minimum annular ring are estimated by performing a simple analysis of the imported copper and drill layer data. Minimum clearance is estimated to be the same as the minimum track width. These estimates will be correct in most cases, but some CAD systems generate their trace and/or pad data in a manner that is too complex and time-consuming for the rapid analysis performed by the Import module.

If you know that one or more of the estimated values are incorrect, you should enter the correct values as necessary.

Import of ODB++ jobs

The import module now includes limited support for importing PCB jobs in ODB++ format. An ODB++ job may be imported as a .zip, .gzip, .tgz or .tar archive. When opening an ODB++ project, the layers, outer contour and drill tools are automatically imported and linked. The layers in from the ODB++ project are listed in the ODB++ Layers tab.

If a layer has been linked incorrectly, right-click to link it to a different layer. If the board has inner contours, track routing or scoring, then these must be specified in the normal manner. The stackup, finish and mask colors must also be specified.

If the ODB++ project contains multiple steps, you must choose which step to open. In most cases, one step will be the board and another step will be a panel containing the board. If you are unsure which step to open, choose any step. After viewing the step, you can reopen the file to view a different step, if necessary. The import module has some limitations when working with panelized steps, so we recommend importing the board step and using the Panelization module to create your panel.

Note: Import of ODB++ files is a new technology in the Import module. It has not yet been widely tested by Macaos. Please inspect your board carefully before publishing. If you encounter problems, you can help us improve the ODB++ engine by using the Help|Send problem report command to send us your files together with a description of the problem.

Import of HPGL files

The Import Module has limited support for plotter files in HP-GL format. HP-GL files may be included in a product for documentation purposes only.

Due to the nature of the HP-GL format it is not possible to reliably detect an HP-GL file without parsing the entire file. Therefore, the Import Module detects HP-GL files as Text (or Other, if the file contains plotter setup escape sequences).

To view an HP-GL file, right-click on the file name and choose Change file type|HP-GL. The file will be displayed in the viewer. To include the file in a product, link the file to a User layer. It is not possible to link an HP-GL file to any other layer.

Align pick and place files with Gerber data

If the coordinate origin of pick and place data is different from that of the Gerber data, the offset can be aligned in the same manner as when aligning drill data with Gerber data.

Panelization improvements

Flip board in panel

An individual board in a panel may be flipped upside-down. When a board is flipped, it is mirrored and all of its layers are swapped from top to bottom (and vice versa). This is useful when creating a panel where it is desirable to use the same solder paste stencil for both sides of the panel, or when necessary to improve the copper balance of the panel.

To flip a board, press Shift+Space while the mouse cursor is above the board to be flipped. (The board does not need to be selected.

Clear zone for fiducials

The clear zone around a fiducial mark may be specified as the diameter or width of a circle or square (depending on the soldermask shape). When copper fill is selected for outer layers, then the copper fill will be removed from the clear zone of each fiducial.

Pull scoring line back from panel edges

Scoring lines extend normally from one edge of a panel to the opposite edge. Individual scoring lines may be pulled back from the outside panel edge to the inside edge of the panel frame by holding the mouse cursor over the end of the scoring line and pressing Ctrl+V. Note: Manufacturing a panel with this feature requires Jump Scoring. Not all manufacturers are able to deliver panels with Jump Scoring.

Copper fill on inner layers

Copper fill on inner layers is now generated as a pattern of 5mm diameter dots rather than as solid copper..

Product number layer for multi-product panels

When working with multi-product panels, an additional Product number layer shows the placement and product number of each board in the panel. This layer is for documentation purposes only and may not be exported as a manufacturing layer.

Stencil improvements

Define reduced thickness region based on objects from any layer

When defining a reduced thickness region based on selected objects, the objects may be selected from any layer. The reduced thickness region may either be a rectangle surrounding the selected objects, or may follow the shape(s) of the selected objects plus an "oversize" dimension.

Viewer improvements

View from below

Press the M key to toggle the view between view from above and view from below. When viewed from below, the board is mirrored and only the bottom side layers are visible. This is useful if you wish to see what the bottom side of the product will look like.

Rotate view

Press the R key to toggle the view between unrotated and rotated by 90 degrees. This is useful when viewing a tall, narrow board to make it fit better into the available screen space.

Screen dump

Press Ctrl+V to copy the product viewer image to the clipboard. Press Ctrl+Shift+V to save the product viewer image as a file in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

Macaos Gallery Release Notes

Macaos Gallery Release Notes bruce Wed, 04/10/2013 - 15:49

Latest version: Macaos Gallery -

For a description of new features, see What's new.

Macaos Gallery 2.0

Macaos Gallery 2.0 bruce Mon, 11/12/2018 - 15:14

Build (17-12-2018)
- 0004139: [Browser] Improved explanation of various outline files in ProductInfo.txt
- 0004129: [Browser] Expanded support for export profiles
- 0004144: [Import] Selected inner contour not shown
- 0004142: [Stencil] Add possiblity to scale and change size of features when moving features to paste layer
- 0004113: [Stencil] Add tooling holes to stencil
- 0004147: [Import] Solder mask is set to green for both sides of a single sided board
- 0004146: [Import] Rotated oval pads with holes are not exported with rotation
- 0004133: [Import] Problem recognizing drill file containing multiple files
- 0004126: [Import] Warn if number of linked files does not match selected number of layers
- 0004137: [Stencil] Shape splitter window can't open

Build (21-11-2018)
- 0004116: [Price] Allow to change parameters for mechanical part
- 0004121: [Test fixture] Width of USB connector is wrong
- 0004118: [Browser] Filenames in gbrjob file are wrong
- 0004106: [Depanel] Some arc tabs have wrong arc direction
- 0004102: [Depanel] Position of nozzles are wrong at startup
- 0004125: [Import] Outer contour gets wrong tool size on autocontour
- 0004120: [Import] ODB++ imports some user shapes with wrong dimensions
- 0004119: [Import] Can not select 4-layer stackup
- 0004103: [Import] Most layers missing from product published from ODB++
- 0004124: [Panel] Rotated boards not displayed correctly rotatated or mirrored view
- 0004123: [Stencil] Selected fiducials not exported
- 0004115: [Stencil] Can not deselect visible layers in viewer
- 0004114: [Stencil] Problems with transfer objects

Build (12-11-2018)
New functionality:
- 0004100: [Browser] Include GbrJob file when exporting to Gerber
- 0004062: [Browser] Support for subfolder management
- 0004066: [Depanel] Depanelization module
- 0003915: [Import] Allow defining "missing" layer in custom stackup
- 0003971: [Panel] Specify panel outer dimensions
- 0003631: [Panel] Allow placing tooling holes/fiducials relative to panel center
- 0004064: [Pro Version Quote] Enable price inspector in Quote dialog
- 0003978: [Viewer] Show minimum copper to unplated edge clearance in viewer
- 0003982: [Other] Use more consistent look/feel across all modules
- 0003979: [Other] Expanded connection manager
- 0004020: [Import] Highlight selected contour object
- 0003960: [Import] Show Symbols layer when showing top/bottom layers
- 0004067: [Panel] Allow selecting bad marks for only boards or only panel in autopanel
- 0004007: [Panel] Instance spacing should not be reset when changing instance count
- 0003989: [Stencil] Automatically convert simple polygons to flash pads
- 0004087: [Viewer] Show cover layer for flex boards
- 0004033: [Browser] Problem with long filenames when exporting to Gerber
- 0004085: [Import] Zero-length drawn pads should not be ignored
- 0004031: [Import] Stackup sets the flex / rigid-flex style incorrectly
- 0004021: [Import] Primitives in Gerber macros are rotated around the wrong origin
- 0003985: [Import] Inner layers not listed in correct order
- 0003959: [Import] EP mark and UL mark does not seem to get saved
- 0004006: [Panel] Panel believes straight edge is round and makes circular outline
- 0003996: [Panel] Panel report does not support fiducials with cross shape
- 0004104: [Pro Version Price Editor] Grid data disappears from price wizard
- 0004065: [Pro Version Quote] Price lists may not have unique ID numbers

Macaos Gallery 1.7

Macaos Gallery 1.7 bruce Wed, 02/28/2018 - 16:00

Build (26-06-2018)
- 0003994: [Import] Access violation when saving certain ODB++ products
- 0003977: [Import] Error in estimating min. hole-cu distance
- 0003976: [Import] Drill parser fails on block with M08M30
- 0003965: [Import] Via protection layer missing after save
- 0003962: [Import] Drill files do not link to correct Gerber X2 drill depths
- 0003974: [Panelization] Frame objects sometimes placed within boards
- 0003973: [Panelization] plated slot diameter rounded up after panalization

Build (28-05-2018)
- 0003968: [Pro version] Access violation when opening quote dialog with newly imported product

Build (07-05-2018)
- 0003961: [Other] Require users to confirm privacy policy (GDPR confirmation)
- 0003958: [Import] Pressing Ctrl+s shows Enterprise warning message
- 0003956: [Import] Automatic feature estimations fail for outer layers

Build (23-04-2018)
- 0003918: [Import] Select user-defined stackup material from CircuitData database
- 0003949: [Import] Symmetric stackup gets warning about not symmetric
- 0003946: [Import] Can not set nominal thickness to 50µm
- 0003940: [Import] Can not specify dielectric thickness for 1-layer MBB
- 0003747: [Panelization] A few issues with scratch elements in panels
- 0003935: [Stencil] Can not open Gerber file
- 0003936: [Test fixture] Allow test pin pitch of 1.25mm for R50 pins

Build (21-03-2018)
- 0003928: [Import] Can not specify number of different products in panel
- 0003913: [Import] Problems defining custom stackup for 1-layer MBB
- 0003914: [Import] Layer-specific matl does not load properly when editing custom stackup
- 0003932: [Pro Version Archive] Data type error when viewing quotation
- 0003926: [Stencil] Loading outline data from gerberfile caused access violation
- 0003819: [Stencil] Delete stencil objects, sometimes deletes other objects than the ones selected

Build (28-02-2018)
New functionality:
- 0003857: [Import] Import board specs from Gerber .gbrjob file
- 0003801: [Import] Allow for refresh of import files
- 0001710: [Import] Improved support for flex/flex-rigid stackups
- 0003766: [Stencil] Options for stencil: coated, polish
- 0003873: [Import] Unsupported PnP file
- 0003783: [Panelization] Easy exchange of x/y placement of objects
- 0003859: [Test fixture] Redraw after changing jig or fixture style
- 0003856: [Viewer] Show drill depths in stackup viewer
- 0003837: [Viewer] Show coverlayer when showing top/bottom side of a flex board
- 0003903: [Import] AutoContour selects too large tool for outer contour with notches
- 0003889: [Import] Multi-quadrant arc slots in excellon file incorrectly imported
- 0003888: [Import] Min rout dia not always rounded properly
- 0003887: [Import] Remark layer missing from imported product
- 0003871: [Import] Min buried diameter not calculated for ODB++ jobs
- 0003863: [Import] Unlinking files fails
- 0003852: [Import] Eagle PnP file not recognized if field contains space
- 0003842: [Import] Slots in drill/milling files not visible when viewing -single file
- 0003829: [Import] Error in contour file generation
- 0003895: [Panelization] Rigid board with outer rout diameter < 1mm causes program to crash
- 0003835: [Panelization] Problem with polygon intersection detection
- 0003894: [Other] Very small files get corrupted when extracting from zip
- 0003864: [Other] Add peel-off with Duplicate pads does not work
- 0003854: [Other] Error in reading files in some cases
- 0003865: [Viewer] Access violation, when doing a mouse scroll before date is loaded into a viewer

Macaos Gallery 1.6

Macaos Gallery 1.6 bruce Tue, 05/30/2017 - 09:40

Build (31-07-2017)
- 0003732: [Pro Version Archive] Combine the three quote files into a single file
- 0003752: [Pro Version Archive] Factory price displayed incorrectly
- 0003739: [Pro Version Price Editor] Some issues with wizard

Build (23-06-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003742: [Pro Version Archive] Move quotations to another folder in archive
- 0003741: [Pro Version Archive] Show seller initials

Build (21-06-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003731: [Pro Version Archive] Add support for subfolders in quotation archive
- 0003721: [Pro Version Archive] Additional columns in quotation archive
- 0003737: [Pro Version Price Editor] Show choice list when specifying selector value
- 0003735: [Pro Version Price Editor] Additional price parameters
- 0003738: [Pro Version Price Editor] Selector chooses wrong category when param<=category
- 0003734: [Pro Version Price Editor] Some issues with wizard
- 0003733: [Pro Version Price Editor] Can not enter negative default value in curve editor

Build (30-05-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003650: [Import] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003651: [Panel] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003630: [Panel] Replace board in panel
- 0003692: [Test fixture] Support for new Standard Macaos Test Jig
- 0003678: [Test fixture] Place static alignment pin along edge of board
- 0003584: [Test fixture] Allow user to specify/edit pin coordinates
- 0003652: [Import] Should be possible to cancel UL mark placement with right mouse
- 0003705: [Panel] Break off holes should be symmetric on both sides of panel frame
- 0003716: [Pro version Quote] Order weight does not update when changing quote specs

Macaos Gallery 1.5

Macaos Gallery 1.5 bruce Wed, 02/22/2017 - 15:44

Build (24-05-2017)
- 0003709: [Import] Solder mask files have wrong Gerber X2 .FilePolarity
- 0003697: [Import] Core checkbox not set when editing aluminum core stackup
- 0003690: [Import] Not possible to change layer of drill file in the Files tab
- 0003694: [Panelization] Some contours get smaller tabs than the user selected after publish
- 0003695: [Viewer] Layer name for pick and place layers not shown
- 0003701: [Other] Submitting a bug report causes loss of connection

Build (05-04-2017)
- 0003688: [Browser] Search should not filter after each keystroke
- 0003687: [Import] Contour objects with 2.4mm diameter are not correctly specified
- 0003686: [Pro version] Editing shipping price should not change markup

Build (29-03-2017)
- 0003632: [Import] Possibility to specify default finish/colors
- 0003665: [Test fixture] Pressing Save without any pins defined causes access violation
- 0003675: [Pro version] Some users report difficulty selecting qtys/days due to font size
- 0003661: [Pro version] Color/finish not correctly constrained if mode is in-list/not-in-list

Build (10-03-2017)
- 0003654: [Browser] Stencil data is missing from exported Gerber data
- 0003640: [Browser] About dialog displays zero date for when updates expire
- 0003605: [Browser] Polygon missing after export to Gerber if starts at X or Y = zero
- 0003645: [Import] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
- 0003643: [Import] Can't link drill files if filename incorrectly parsed
- 0003623: [Import] Some GerberX2 file function parameters are not mapped to correct layers
- 0003598: [Import] Cannot link "out of context" layers in ODB++
- 0003655: [Stencil] Stencil statistics not saved with product
- 0003624: [Stencil] Auto selection of panel fiducials fail
- 0003649: [Test fixture] Product name is not copied from board product
- 0003648: [Test fixture] Aligning of fixtures top and bottom
- 0003646: [Test fixture] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
- 0003644: [Test fixture] Saved test fixture with flipped board does not restore properly
- 0003615: [Test fixture] Reloading saved fixture shows edit dialog for pins without signal name

Build (02-03-2017)
- 0003639: [Browser] Incorrect product info shown in Document set
- 0003636: [Browser] New product not properly selected after creating panel or stencil
- 0003635: [Browser] Browser fails if archive in UNC-defined path
- 0003638: [Stencil] Several bug fixes around new frame styles when storing frames locally
- 0003637: [Stencil] Improve method for fetching frames locally and from server
- 0003634: [Stencil] Could not delete frames from Frame Manager
- 0003633: [Stencil] Convert to Float error

Build (28-02-2017)
- 0003626: [Import] ODB++: Rotated rectangular pads get enlarged rather than rotated
- 0003629: [Pro version] Start price shown in quote is not always correct

Build (22-02-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003581: [Import] Quick contour mode
- 0003578: [Import] Ability to select obround pads as track objects
- 0003503: [Import] Specify inner contour or track rout as depth rout from top or bottom
- 0003601: [Stencil] Add possibility to change height or width of stencil openings by selection
- 0003475: [Stencil] Additional stencil product parameters
- 0003525: [Test fixture] Possibility for rotated text
- 0003517: [Test fixture] Z-dimension visualizer
- 0003491: [Test fixture] Would like to save partially finished test fixture for later use
- 0003399: [Pro version] Create price list from tables
- 0003394: [Pro version] Independently specified path to price files
- 0002139: [Pro version] Additional parameters in price engine
- 0003580: [Import] 2-layer custom stackups should be defined with free thickness
- 0003574: [Import] Link filter tweak for Proteus
- 0003552: [Import] Options: Allow set warning threshold for small Track and Annular ring
- 0003380: [Import] Support for ferrite layer
- 0003431: [Order] Should be possible to include email and org# with invoice address
- 0003514: [Panel] Insert solder mask objects in cover layer
- 0002410: [Panel] Add more info to PanelReport.txt so it's easier to recreate a panel
- 0003583: [Test fixture] Should be possible to place pin even when multiple objects selected
- 0003567: [Test fixture] Select test fixture size within test fixture designer
- 0003558: [Test fixture] Selecting a fixture should not disable the Fixture designer
- 0003550: [Viewer] Add status text to see if the view is mirrored or rotated
- 0003621: [Pro version] Should be possible to send panel drawing together with quotation
- 0003593: [Import] Problem parsing ODB++ soldermask pad
- 0003590: [Import] X2 attribute causes access violation when linking to Board
- 0003577: [Import] .lst files sometimes make the program stop Autolink
- 0003575: [Import] Can not set product id mark
- 0003569: [Import] White square in corner of layers diagram if file has invalid drill depth
- 0003561: [Import] Some cutouts missing from polygon in ODB++ file
- 0003553: [Import] Disallow marking with UL-mark selected warning does not work properly
- 0003534: [Import] ODB++ fails in paint and scratch layers on publish
- 0003618: [Panel] Out of memory error when publishing very small Panels
- 0003607: [Panel] Access violation on publish on some panels
- 0003585: [Panel] Check for dark/clear when inserting objects in solder mask
- 0003555: [Panel] Creating panel from 212708 causes notch in board
- 0003554: [Panel] Autopanel: Checking scoring x/y does not activate modified
- 0003520: [Panel] Rounded/chamfered corners disappear when saving panel
- 0003620: [Product browser] Problem accessing network drives
- 0003582: [Test fixture] Board should not "unflip" after delete or move press point
- 0003572: [Test fixture] Can't place top fixture press pins outside of bottom fixture
- 0003556: [Test fixture] Moving the press point (green arrows) should not move the board
- 0003564: [Test fixture] Horizontal line of test point annotations offset in annotation layer

Macaos Gallery 1.4

Macaos Gallery 1.4 bruce Mon, 08/29/2016 - 15:57

Build (31-10-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003516: [Test fixture] Should be possible to flip board before making fixture
- 0003518: [Browser] Access violation when exporting to Gerber
- 0003519: [Stencil] Can not create stencil product
- 0003522: [Test fixture] Top fixture contour does not surround the slider holes

Build (18-10-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003508: [Test fixture] Should be possible to add support pins to bottom fixture
- 0003507: [Test fixture] Should be possible to add annotation to fixture
- 0003504: [Test fixture] Choose fixture size and side when opening fixture module
- 0003495: [Test fixture] Update materials for test fixture
- 0003505: [Import] Set minimum allowed total thickness for free build to 20µm
- 0003506: [Test fixture] Include board layers in published test fixture
- 0003496: [Test fixture] Update Material thickness of test fixtures
- 0003472: [Test fixture] Make 4 buttons for moving board in fixture
- 0003510: [Import] If excellon drill file has plated slots, the product property doesn't get set
- 0003509: [Import] Adjust/warn soldermask/coverlayer for flex boards
- 0003494: [Import] Zero layer boards gets solder mask color as green as standard
- 0003493: [Panelization] Wrong route width in panel if non-standard outer tool diameter
- 0003500: [Test fixture] Guide pin count incorrect after deletion
- 0003488: [Test fixture] Test fixture holes should not appear as unplated

Build (05-09-2016)
- 0003467: [Test fixture] When generating top test fixture, press hole should be slot
- 0003466: [Import] Empty Gerber level can lead to following features with wrong color polarity

Build (29-08-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003372: [Test fixture] Test fixture creator
- 0003457: [Import] min buried diameter size is not set
- 0003446: [Import] In some ODB++ cases, polygons are not visible
- 0003442: [Import] Unable to import drill file with comments that begin with # character
- 0003427: [Import] Est. min features hangs if contour file contains drawing frame
- 0003445: [Panelization] Copper fill checkboxes not set correctly if copper fill is in a script
- 0003444: [Panelization] Clearance from Cu fill to frame objects missing in some cases

Macaos Gallery 1.3

Macaos Gallery 1.3 bruce Wed, 04/13/2016 - 10:52

Build (04-08-2016)
- 0003433: [Import] Qty buried via depths does not get saved
- 0003436: [Panelization] For panels with copper fill, openings are not added for frame objects
- 0003437: [Pro version] Surface finish cost not correctly calculated in some cases

Build (09-06-2016)
- 0003395: [Browser] Exported NCD drill file has too many M71 and G90 lines
- 0003398: [Panel] Placement error when rotating board in panel with V-cut
- 0003389: [Panel] Break-off tabs missing from exported Gerber files
- 0003397: [Pro version] Curve editor: Out of range error on point-to-point curve
- 0003396: [Pro version] Price editor: Extra cost colors are not saved properly

Build (24-05-2016)
- 0003384: [Browser] Default filename when saving panel drawing should reflect product name
- 0003385: [Panel] Contour is wrong if panel has rounded corners

Build (12-05-2016)
- 0003381: [Pro version] invalid integer value error when opening quotation archive

Build (13-04-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003283: [Assembly Data] More simplified workflow
- 0003235: [Assembly Data] Various improvements for BOM processing
- 0003298: [Import] It should be possible to align PnP layers independently of each other
- 0003274: [Import] Beveled edge specification
- 0003265: [Import] Parse PnP files from Expedition
- 0003256: [Import] Add support for additional product specifications and statistics
- 0003196: [Import] Allow 180 and 270 rotation of manuf ident mark
- 0002267: [Import] Add "flex" as a Board type in Custom Stackup
- 0001867: [Import] Stackup viewer/pdf. Add view/selection of cores and prepreg
- 0003161: [Other] Export drill files in Excellon format
- 0003198: [Panelization] Add functionality for adding remarks in panel module
- 0003195: [Panelization] Allow legend text to be placed within boards in panel
- 0003219: [Pro version] It should be possible to get prices for panels by qty boards
- 0003315: [Stencil] Check if reduced paste data and original paste data vary in size
- 0003207: [Stencil] Add ability to edit/split rotated shapes
- 0002911: [Stencil] Ability to transfer objects from any layer to paste mask
- 0003248: [Stencil] When showing possible fiducials add option to set as fiducials
- 0003001: [Viewer] Press D to highlight min tracks or A to highlight min annular rings
- 0003241: [Assembly Data] When importing Pnp file show file name when asking for side
- 0003303: [Import] Selecting contour give many similar warnings
- 0003321: [Import] Set checkboxes and board type according to selected layers/features
- 0003285: [Import] Change thickness for 1080 prepreg to 70um
- 0003272: [Import] Warn for flex/rigid-flex boards in combination with HASL
- 0003257: [Import] Highlight specs and stats that can affect price or manufacturability
- 0003232: [Import] Add checks for MBB
- 0003213: [Import] Allow import of products with tracks/iso below 100um
- 0003189: [Import] Allow larger error margin when detecting too large contour cutter diameter
- 0003142: [Import] Selecting contour. Adjust popup when tool size should be changed
- 0003129: [Import] Inner layer menus don't automatically expand with autolinked high layer count
- 0003125: [Import] When linking/unlinking SM/notation layers, colors should be set appropriately
- 0003065: [Import] Stackup definitions should refer to IPC-4101 (no revision letter)
- 0003308: [Other] Make hyperlinks of URLs in What's New panel of update wizard
- 0003309: [Panelization] Add board thickness to panel report
- 0003233: [Panelization] For MBB, mousebite holes should use larger hole size by default
- 0003320: [Stencil] Stencil side indicators were placed randomly
- 0003316: [Stencil] It is not possible to undo after having deleted objects from a paste layer
- 0003160: [Stencil] "Copper as reference"
- 0003337: [Viewer] Show flex cover layer when choosing top/bottom side view
- 0003347: [Viewer] Show exact coordinate values when press 'x' to snap to nearest feature
- 0003318: [Import] Problems with ODB++
- 0003266: [Import] Hard to see drill layers
- 0003264: [Import] Cannot export ODB++ with rotated rounded rectangles to Gerber
- 0003262: [Import] ODB++ v8 file does not scale properly
- 0003218: [Import] Ignore undefinded unused d-codes
- 0003136: [Import] Use largest pad to find annular when multiple pads are colocated
- 0003260: [Object Structure] Round inner contour disappears after publish
- 0003284: [Panelization] Pnp fiducial position is wrong when making changes to boards in x/y
- 0003252: [Stencil] Wrong reference pad is found when reducing some pads
- 0003209: [Stencil] On select stencil outline from data, objects overlapping data gets deleted
- 0003297: [Viewer] Thermal apertures incorrectly affect display of nearby objects

Macaos Gallery 1.2

Macaos Gallery 1.2 bruce Thu, 08/28/2014 - 14:42

Build (29-06-2015)
- 0003082: [Import] Access violation when saving imported product
- 0003073: [Import] ODB++ files with chamfered corner rectangle pads can't publish
- 0003074: [Viewer] Rectangle pads with chamfered corners are shown with rounded corners

Build (18-06-2015)
- 0003076: [Browser] Gerber export: readme.txt should specify that unplated holes are square
- 0003050: [Panelization] Remove copper fill around fiducials on inner layers
- 0003075: [Browser] Panel tooling holes missing on Gerber export
- 0003077: [Panel] Panel outline error
- 0003081: [Stencil] Splitting of pads causes access violation

Build (30-04-2015)
New functionality:
- 0003052: [Panelization] Allow fiducial to be placed relative to boards in panel
- 0003049: [Assembly Data] Input BOM column type guess should not override column header text
- 0003042: [Panelization] Add Remove all option to all Remove-buttons
- 0003041: [Panelization] Script manager: Change default settings to fiducial objects
- 0003040: [Panelization] Allow larger offset on breakoff tabs
- 0003053: [Panelization] The registration control coupon sometimes moves to outside of panel
- 0003039: [Product browser] Mouse scroll in product history listes does not work
- 0003047: [Viewer] Error at product view
- 0003046: [Viewer] Padstack report is not enabled for frame objects in a panel
- 0003044: [Viewer] Product view on product 185248 gives an error

Build (14-04-2015)
- 0003043: [Viewer] Slots created in import module disappear from product

Build (13-04-2015)
- 0003038: [Browser] Access violation when opening Assembly Data Manager
- 0003037: [Browser] PnP component rotations incorrect in panel with rotated boards
- 0003028: [Import] Drill file with D7x in header not recognized as drill file
- 0003026: [Import] Lines to arc conversion fails
- 0003022: [Import] Automatic contour claims to create contour without doing so
- 0002937: [Other] Stackup drawing does not handle double-plated buried vias well
- 0003029: [Panelization] Problem with scoring in multiple product panel

Build (26-03-2015)
- 0003028: [Import] Drill file with D7x in header not recognized as drill file
- 0003026: [Import] Lines to arc conversion fails
- 0003022: [Import] Automatic contour claims to create contour without doing so
- 0002937: [Other] Stackup drawing does not handle double-plated buried vias well
- 0003032: [Stencil] Zooming to paste top fails for panels
- 0003031: [Stencil] Panel with PnP data caused out of bounds error
- 0003011: [Stencil] Frame objects are deleted when top/bottom instances are moved to overlap the objects
- 0002537: [Stencil] Top and bottom paste on the same stencil product does not work with Panels

Build (17-03-2015)
- 0003027: [Browser] Exporting to Gerber creates invalid D-code between 1 and 9

Build (26-02-2015)
- 0003018: [Import] Number of copper layers reverts to wrong even after setting desired value
- 0003017: [Import] Remark layer disappears
- 0003019: [Panelization] Panelizing a board without any holes gives incorrect minimum hole
- 0003016: [Panelization] Chamfered corners interfere with boards on panel
- 0003014: [Stencil] Rotated rectangles not drawn nicely when zoomed out
- 0003013: [Stencil] Zooming to individual positioned top and bottom data fails in some cases

Build (20-01-2015)
- 0002991: [Panel] Illegal route width when creating panel

Build (14-01-2015)
- 0002979: [Import] Comment text causes drill tool sizes to be read as mm instead of inch
- 0002976: [Stencil] No stencil frame error message

Build (22-12-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002971: [Assembly Data] Mark components as Do Not Install
- 0002741: [Stencil] Define initial settings for stencil creator
- 0002972: [Viewer] Show objects as outline/centerline
- 0002968: [Assembly Data] Add parser for pick and place files from Orcad and Supermax E-CAD
- 0002969: [Import] Add search functionality to View file as text dialog box
- 0002966: [Import] Improved detection of outer/inner contours with tool too large for contour
- 0002944: [Import] Parse drill file coordinate format from METRIC/INCH command, if given
- 0002942: [Price] Support for very large quantities (up to 999M) [Pro version only]
- 0002973: [Viewer] Change shortcut keys for viewing copper layers
- 0002967: [Assembly Data] Some Allegro and Cadstar pick and place files are not recognized properly
- 0002959: [Import] Problems with ODB++
- 0002933: [Import] When adding marks on notation layer, be sure that the the gerber set is dark/positive
- 0002931: [Import] Ground plane missing from ODB++ job on publish
- 0002939: [Browser] Stackup definition should not show in description (when custom stackup)
- 0002950: [Stencil] Adjustment with original stencil as reference, loses corner rounding
- 0002934: [Stencil] Not able to import stencil scripts
- 0002932: [Stencil] Script manager: Auto horz/vert does not change the caption of x/y offset spin edit

Build (22-10-2014)
- 0002931: [Import] Ground plane missing from ODB++ job on publish
- 0002930: [PriceEditor] Cannot select price curve

Build (20-10-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002928: [Browser] Show tool list for board products
- 0002921: [Import] Show drill tool list for ODB++ jobs
- 0002919: [Import] Add support for PNP file from Protel
- 0002918: [Import] Force cutter diameter to 1.0, 1.6, 2.0 or 2.4 for outer contour
- 0002910: [Import] Add support for PNP file from Allegro
- 0002922: [Browser] Incorrect minimum hole in Layout Documentation for ODB++ job
- 0002927: [Import] Minimum annular ring calculated incorrectly for some complex aperture macro pads
- 0002926: [Import] Ring aperture gets drawn in wrong sequence after initial display
- 0002920: [Import] Incorrect minimum hole for ODB++ file
- 0002917: [Import] Incorrect rotation of mirrored pads
- 0002912: [Import] During UL-mark placement. If right-clicking, UL-mark should not be placed
- 0002924: [Panelization] Tabs covering multiple small segments may come out too small or not at all
- 0002923: [Panelization] Tabs placed on arc segments gets wrong orientation after rotation of instance

Build (09-10-2014) [Pro version only]
- 0002915: [PriceEditor] Wrong seller name when printing quote after having opened price editor
- 0002914: [PriceEditor] Access violation when opening price editor prevents loading prices

Build (24-09-2014)
- 0002895: [Assembly Data] Add context menu to activate all components
- 0002883: [Assembly Data] Do not reset visible layers when updating PnP view
- 0002885: [Quote] It should be possible to specify parameters such as carbon when creating free specs quote
- 0002882: [Quote] Show 3 decimals for panel/unit/dm² price
- 0002899: [Viewer] Show long filenames as hint in viewer file list
- 0002878: [Assembly Data] Unable to process BOM after pasting data from spreadsheet
- 0002877: [Assembly Data] BOM parser should not find "0." value for valueless components
- 0002907: [Import] Error saving product with scoring
- 0002875: [Import] Autocontour does not check slot width when creating inner contours
- 0002873: [Product browser] Stiffener and cover layers are not included in layout documentation
- 0002904: [Panelization] Settings menu is missing
- 0002854: [Panelization] Incorrect min hole diameter if no mousebite holes in a panel
- 0002892: [Stencil] Height/width texts for obround shapes edit must be exchanged
- 0002891: [Stencil] Scripts created after publish, do not perform global adjustment
- 0002890: [Stencil] Zoom to fit when data placed in individual positions doesn't work in for fiducials in all cases
- 0002889: [Stencil] Selecting similar openings as fiducials, does not show selected when asking for confirmation
- 0002888: [Viewer] Step thicknesses (etch) is not shown in product viewer

Build (08-09-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002777: [Assembly Data] BOM Processor module
- 0002677: [Assembly Data] Allow graphical comments on published products
- 0001888: [Assembly Data] Checklist for Assembly RFQ
- 0001855: [Assembly Data] PnP data management module
- 0002856: [Browser] Allow specifying filenames when exporting to Gerber
- 0002780: [Import] Add support for latest version of Extended Gerber with File and Aperture Attributes
- 0002776: [Import] Add support for more than 20 inner layers
- 0002737: [Import] Make option for disabling estimation of minimum feature sizes
- 0002496: [Panel] Add table listing shape/size of fiducials and bad marks to panel drawing
- 0002743: [Panel] Add count column and filter to Product Chooser
- 0002642: [Panel] Add placement of tabs by lines
- 0002767: [Panel] Show step distances in panel drawing
- 0002740: [Stencil] Position stencil data with reference to frame edge
- 0002739: [Stencil] Create stencil script after publishing stencil
- 0002719: [Stencil] Add possibility to change shapes
- 0002297: [Stencil] Add info about areas of original and resulting patterns when splitting features
- 0002826: [Browser] Open Stencil module maximized
- 0002845: [Import] Update Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
- 0002818: [Import] Make it possible to not show the Edit title block contents window after publish
- 0002822: [Panel] Make it possible to not show the Edit title block contents window after publish.
- 0002815: [Panel] Add fiducials to PnP data, if exists
- 0002813: [Panel] Show tooling hole diameters in panel drawing
- 0002811: [Panel] It should not be possible to save a script with the same name as an existing script
- 0002803: [Panel] Increase copper fill clearance default size for square or cross fiducial marks
- 0002722: [Panel] Documentation layers should not be clipped at board edges when panelizing
- 0002882: [Quote] Show 3 decimals for panel/unit/dm² price
- 0002847: [Stencil] Show frame id as a hint text in the frame list
- 0002836: [Stencil] Remove "Article Number" if the product has no article number
- 0002812: [Stencil] It should not be possible to save a script with the same name as an existing script
- 0002804: [Stencil] Update Stencil Script Manager to handle new positioning methods
- 0002788: [Stencil] It should be possible to specify corner radius when splitting an opening to an array
- 0002762: [Stencil] Identify rotated rectangular shapes to enable corner rounding and splitting
- 0002757: [Stencil] Mirror bottom stencil data on import
- 0002724: [Stencil] Enlarge frame text width
- 0002538: [Stencil] When running stencil scripts, the form flashes and takes long time to update
- 0002850: [Browser] Files stored with earlier versions show paste layers as Kapton layers
- 0002817: [Import] Manuf ID text on bottom is not shown properly relative to rectangle
- 0002809: [Import] Multi-quadrant arcs from ODB++ do not export properly to Gerber
- 0002808: [Import] Full circle arcs in ODB++ files disappear
- 0002807: [Import] Ignore unused shapes when estimating min track/clearance
- 0002798: [Import] Board contents hidden after importing old MOS file
- 0002794: [Import] Parse pick and place files from Cadstar
- 0002779: [Import] Custom stackup is not recovered when opening .mei file
- 0002760: [Import] Add warning of drill tools with zero size
- 0002764: [Import] UL Mark box should map to valid coupon size
- 0002752: [Import] Excellon rout arcs get wrong center point
- 0002766: [Import] List index out of bounds error on ODB++ file
- 0001738: [Import] Parameter macro aperture causes range check error
- 0002797: [Other] Cannot close window (modal dialog hidden behind window)
- 0002772: [Other] Inner contour compensation and sharp corners
- 0002853: [Panel] SQL error when adding test coupon to panel frame
- 0002842: [Panel] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width
- 0002835: [Panel] Moving rectangle is not displayed when placing registration controll coupon
- 0002748: [Panel] Multi-product panel has wrong blind tool count
- 0002860: [Stencil] Show product name and number in the top of the form when opening a product
- 0002857: [Stencil] It is not possible to exit SelectSplit mode
- 0002852: [Stencil] Creating stencil based on panels causes the board data to move outside the panel frame
- 0002838: [Stencil] Auto Zooming does not work properly when top and bottom not in same position
- 0002825: [Stencil] Frame Manager: It is not possible to delete frames
- 0002823: [Stencil] Show possible fiducials does not work corretly
- 0002786: [Stencil] Bottom side holes/contour are not shown if top side layers are visible
- 0002778: [Stencil] Drawn pad converted to wrong shape when opened in Stencil
- 0002761: [Stencil] Check that fiducial d-codes are correct when publish
- 0002756: [Stencil] Various small bugs in d-codes for adding frames
- 0002723: [Stencil] When creating new frames, d-codes for frame text are duplicated
- 0002720: [Stencil] Shape splitter does not work with rotated shapes
- 0002713: [Stencil] Check that Select mode is not pre-set false
- 0002712: [Stencil] In Etch, when removing layers auto-select remove thickness if only one thickness is present
- 0002711: [Stencil] Selection of objects should not be based on boundbox
- 0002536: [Stencil] Display of various reductions disabled for panels
- 0002535: [Stencil] Etching of stencils disbled for panels
- 0002534: [Stencil] Splitting of features not possible for panels
- 0002171: [Stencil] When loading files, they were not shown in viewer
- 0002170: [Stencil] Product number is not correctly inserted when deleting frame text

Macaos Gallery 1.1

Macaos Gallery 1.1 bruce Fri, 12/06/2013 - 16:03

Build (02-04-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002705: [Panelization] Kapton Tape should be a layer that may be specified in Add Masks
- 0002733: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Load target points from curve
- 0002734: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Insert/delete row in target points
- 0002725: [Import] Add support for Round Thermal Rounded in ODB++ parser
- 0002704: [Product browser] Remark layer should be included in PDF Documentation set
- 0002706: [Import] Via plugging: Menu item is missing and text disappears when going to another tab
- 0002699: [Panelization] Copper fill dots on inner layers may occur inside contour on boards with arcs in contour
- 0002735: [PRO: PriceEditor] Curve editor: Cannot create curve from targets if first target x=0

Build (07-03-2014)
- 0002693: [Import] Align drills fails after selecting multiple pads
- 0002694: [PRO: Quote] Can't select more than 10 layers when changing product specs for quote

Build (19-02-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002672: [Import] Add method to fix Pick&Place offset if Gerber and PnP files do not have the same origin
- 0002673: [Import] It is not possible to assign a pick&place file in import filter
- 0002674: [Import] Zooming by mouse wheel does not always retain zoom point
- 0002675: [Panelization] Zooming by mouse wheel does not always retain zoom point
- 0002678: [Panelization] Removal of frame objects can cause layers to be deleted
- 0002676: [Product browser] Zooming by mouse wheel does not retain zoom point

Build (07-02-2014)
New functionality:
- 0002655: [Browser] Allow filtering product (file) list
- 0002656: [Browser] Add feature to search for product file by filename
- 0002140: [PRO: Quote] Implement functionality for specifying impedance control or eltest
- 0002657: [Import] Improved warning when min feature prevent saving product
- 0002149: [Panel] Calculate qty routs and rout length when saving panel
- 0002619: [Import] Round-off error on minimum track/clearance prevents saving product
- 0002662: [Import] Various issues with selecting track routing
- 0002664: [Import] Placement of marks must be disabled when board is rotated
- 0002637: [Panelization] In some cases copper fill on innerlayers places pad inside the board contour
- 0002638: [Panelization] In some cases some layers are missing from panelized products when exported to gerber
- 0002641: [Panelization] If place tabs is pressed and you zoom (by right mouse click) place tabs mode is abandoned
- 0002659: [Panelization] Floating rectangle for text/barcode/datamatrix is incorrect if the view is rotated
- 0002660: [Panelization] When entering text for barcode or text, the view rotates/mirrors when "r" or "m" is pressed
- 0002624: [Stencil] Dcodes of exported paste files are out of range in some cases
- 0002654: [Stencil] Select subtract deletes objects instead of de-selecting them
- 0002663: [Stencil] Wheel scroll does not work
- 0002658: [Viewer] View top and View bottom menu doesn't select the appropriate layers in Stencil module
- 0002665: [PRO: Quote] Modifying freight price does not change total price

Build (27-01-2014)
- 0002647: [Pro: Quote] Print "empty" quotation (without prices)
- 0002648: [Pro: Quote] Include total area and total weight in quotation
- 0002619: [Import] Round-off error on minimum track/clearance prevents save
- 0002645: [Import] Inner contour gets incorrect tool diameter after panelization
- 0002637: [Panelization] In some cases copper fill on inner layers places pad inside the board contour
- 0002641: [Panelization] If place tabs is pressed and you zoom (by right mouse click) place tabs mode is abandoned

Build (18-12-2013)
- 0002611: [Viewer] Ctrl+Alt+Click on hole to open padstack viewer
- 0002617: [Import] Problem interpreting Gerber as drill file without line break between %FS and %MO lines
- 0002618: [Import] Problem parsing Gerber file with implicit NOR01 aperture table
- 0002616: [Stencil] Index error in optimizaton gave false result when reducing pads

Build (12-12-2013)
- 0002605: [Import] Support import of ODB++ file with empty profile
- 0002600: [Panelization] Reduce dot diameter and spacing on inner layer copper fill
- 0002607: [Viewer] Allow rotate view to rotate 0/90/180/360 degrees
- 0002606: [Viewer] Add vertical scroll bar to help tab in layer list
- 0002602: [Panelization] Copper top layer not visible when publishing panel with copper fill
- 0002598: [Panelization] Cannot place test coupon on panel in certain cases

Build (06-12-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002578: [Import] Add text to board
- 0002576: [Import] View segment endpoints when selecting contour segments
- 0002512: [Import] Add lead-free marking in accordance with J-STD-609A
- 0002081: [Import] Manage/view hpgl files
- 0002047: [Import] Add possibility to select which holes must be plugged and which IPC method to use
- 0001975: [Import] Import ODB++ files
- 0001974: [Import] Draw contour segments graphically
- 0001944: [Import] Assign via plugging from drill tool list
- 0001179: [Import] Place remarks graphically on board
- 0000307: [Import] Auto-estimation of tolerances
- 0002575: [Panelization] Add posibility to enter the size off the opening in copper fill for fiducials
- 0002573: [Panelization] Allow removing vcut from specific edges of panel frame
- 0002119: [Panelization] Possibliity to flip boards upside-down in panel
- 0002549: [Stencil] Make it possible to select etch features from other layers than paste for Region by oversize
- 0002489: [Viewer] For multi-product panels, show Product number layer
- 0002242: [Viewer] Make screendump from Viewer directly
- 0002190: [Viewer] Mirror and/or rotate view
- 0002569: [Import] It should be possible to click on a drill hole to view its stackup report
- 0002200: [Import] Make it possible to type in exact numbers for min track/space
- 0002574: [Panelization] Enlarge track/spacing in test coupon if copper thickness more than 45um
- 0001926: [Panelization] Cu fill for inner layers should be done with dots, not solid
- 0002597: [Stencil] Change position of top/bottom when both are on the same stencil
- 0002580: [Stencil] In the help text, write the number of selected elements after each selection
- 0002572: [Import] Do not automatically adjust meas. unit in drill file if specified in file
- 0002570: [Import] Cannot change filetype from Text to Gerber
- 0002588: [Stencil] Bug in splitting objects
- 0002563: [Stencil] Pad size calculations are wrong for large pad sizes
- 0002553: [Stencil] Cannot create split opening when there are holes in pad
- 0002536: [Stencil] Display of various reductions disabled for panels (mikkel) - resolved.
- 0002366: [Stencil] Fiducials are selected multiple times if select add is chosen
- 0002292: [Stencil] Stencil does not load frames if server connection has been missing
- 0002554: [Viewer] Buried via layers not shown as drill layers
- 0002592: [Other] Stackup drawing does not scale properly if stackup >4mm thick

Macaos Gallery 1.0

Macaos Gallery 1.0 bruce Wed, 04/10/2013 - 15:52

Build (17-10-2013)
- 0002557: [Browser] Problem creating archive directory on new installation
- 0002550: [Browser] Problem with display of text in viewer
- 0002548: [Stencil] Some items in the file menu are not linked to the correct functions
- 0002535: [Stencil] Etching of stencils for panels does not work in Gallery

Build (14-10-2013)
- 0002547: [Product browser] Add column separator lines to contents page of layout documentation set
- 0002545: [Product browser] Include number of layers in product info of layout documentation set
- 0002546: [Import] Cannot save imported product
- 0002541: [Stencil] File|Save as... opens the User Guide instead of saving

Build (08-10-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002532: [Browser] It should be possible to edit an existing panel product
- 0002525: [Browser] The contents of the readme.txt file are incomplete when exporting panel products
- 0002524: [Browser] It's not possible to create a stencil from paste files - only from board products
- 0002523: [Browser] Measuring a panel product in product viewer gives an access violation
- 0002520: [Browser] When clicking on a new product (showing product specs) the edit boxes flash multiple times
- 0002528: [Panel] Should check for break-off tabs before saving panel
- 0002527: [Panel] Default folder for adding products to panel should be Gallery Archive
- 0002526: [Panel] fresedim.txt missing from panelized mif files
- 0002538: [Stencil] When running stencil scripts, the form flashes and takes long time to update
- 0002534: [Stencil] Splitting of features not possible in Gallery for panel products
- 0002533: [Stencil] Stencil scripts do not work with panel products

Build (02-10-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002495: [Browser] It should be possible to open/save products from/to any file location
- 0002470: [Import] Expand Perfag-10 aperture table to include thermal and donut pads
- 0002427: [Panelization] Allow placing registration coupon anywhere on panel frame
- 0002513: [Browser] When viewing a stencil product, the viewer should set paste and frame files visisble
- 0002509: [Browser] When renaming products, the old product name should appear in the edit box
- 0002504: [Browser] Browser product list does not update after importing product from ME
- 0002516: [Import] Cannot add symbols to non-existing legend layer
- 0002491: [Import] It's not possible to select blind/buried vias from the drill-file layer selection popup
- 0002463: [Import] Incorrect file linking with very short common name
- 0002460: [Import] Should be possible to delete Product/Batch No without entering Place Product/Batch No mode
- 0002429: [Import] Some objects are offset in gerber file with incremental coordinates
- 0002416: [Import] Problem selecting more then 9 inner contours
- 0002390: [Import] When selecting an inner contour, it shows as a track routing
- 0002503: [Panel] Incorrect initial directory when saving panel
- 0002471: [Panel] Tab has incorrect rotation if scoring enabled
- 0002431: [Panel] Datamatrix on copper layers not deleted when removing test coupons
- 0002409: [Panel] Show Edit Titleblock Contents dialog only once on panel publish
- 0002404: [Panel] In auto panel, when rename script, write the original name in the edit box
- 0002519: [Stencil] Stencil product not created properly if based on panel product
- 0002508: [Viewer] Space key causes access violation
- 0002469: [Viewer] Inner contour opening is slightly too large
- 0002430: [Viewer] Contour is not displayed properly
- 0002396: [Viewer] Some rout tracks do not show properly in viewer
- 0002502: [Other] Should be more space between vias in stackup drawing

Build (20-06-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002379: [Import] Allow disabling auto-contour
- 0002356: [Import] Add Data Matrix 2-D bar code symbol to board
- 0002359: [Panelization] Allow rotating board 180 degrees in panel with scoring
- 0002358: [Panelization] Add registration control coupon to panel
- 0002357: [Panelization] Add Data Matrix 2-D bar code symbol to panel
- 0002362: [Product browser] Add table of contents page to PDF layout documentation file
- 0002381: [Quote] Should be possible to show any currency exchange rate combination
- 0002387: [Import] Disable minimum features selection for non copper products
- 0002360: [Import] Unplated inner contours do not display properly
- 0002311: [Import] Aperture table dialog should check parsed aperture table after changes
- 0002309: [Import] Arc converted to straight line during auto-contour
- 0002385: [Panelization] Problem with tab placement on panels with scoring and rout
- 0002384: [Panelization] Rout is not always cut at the right place when scoring is selected
- 0002370: [Panelization] Slots larger than 6.3 mm in autopanel scripts are shortened to 6.3 mm
- 0002308: [Panelization] Annotation field always gets the default location and size when defined in scripts
- 0002290: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if frame width, instance count or spacing are changed
- 0002347: [Product browser] Filter product list keyword does not work every time
- 0002335: [Stencil] Selection mode buttons are not set correctly after jumping between panels
- 0002304: [Stencil] Incorrect calculations in split stencil opening
- 0002382: [Viewer] Overlapping or colocated donut apertures do not display correctly in the viewer
- 0002313: [Other] Material description does not show in PDF drawing for stackup with aluminum

Build (16-05-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002324: [Import] Import product downloaded from Macaos Enterprise
- 0002279: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if copper fill or scoring are changed
- 0002262: [Panelization] Scratch for copper layers if copper filling and scoring extends the board outline
- 0002300: [Viewer] Access violation occurs if a D code that is not defined in the header is referenced

Build (16-04-2013)
- 0002301: [Import] Save to local disk does not work
- 0002279: [Panelization] Frame objects should follow frame edges if copper fill or scoring are changed
- 0002262: [Panelization] Scratch for copper layers if copper filling and scoring extends the board outline
- 0002300: [Viewer] Access violation occurs if a D code that is not defined in the header is referenced

Build (10-04-2013)
New functionality:
- 0002294: [Import] Add Stiffener to Additional layers
- 0002297: [Stencil] Add info about areas of original and resulting patterns when splitting features
- 0002293: [Import] Scoring or track routing incorrect if more than one segment selected
- 0002299: [Panel] Increase solder mask clearance around bad marks on copper
- 0002298: [Panel] Frame objects should follow frame edges if frame width or instance count or spacing are changed
- 0002295: [Panel] Create new script frame object should use parameters of selected object
- 0002296: [Quote] Estimated weight not calculated for aluminum stackups

Build (21-03-2013)
Initial public release