BOM reports

Four different BOM reports may be viewed:

  • Component list lists all components, grouped by component class
  • Supplier list lists all components, grouped by supplier
  • Placement list lists all component instances grouped by layer and mounting style
  • Solder temperature report lists all components where the maximum solder temperature has been specified

Double-click on a component in the BOM report to edit the component.

Entering a search text causes all cells containing that text to be highlighted.

Note: Users with a Macaos Enterprise EMS license may export any of these reports to an Excel file.

Export of PnP data

Note: Access to this feature requires a Macaos Enterprise EMS license.

Pick and place data may be exported as a delimited text file. The column order, unit of measure, rotation direction, delimiter and layers may be specified to give the desired export format.

Price estimates

Note: Access to this feature requires a Macaos Enterprise EMS license.

When a manufacturer and part number have been assigned from a search result, an Octopart ID code is attached to the part number. This is indicated by a dollar sign together with the green Approved for BOM icon in the component lists. This ID code enables acquiring price estimates for the component.

You can right-click on a component class and choose Link to Octopart to automatically attach an Octopart ID code to components where the Octopart database has one (and only one) part with a manufacturer part number which exactly matches the component's part number.

Click on the Price button to open the Component pricing estimator module. This module lists all of the components that have an ID code and price offers (in various currencies) from available suppliers. In addition, all suppliers and all currencies are listed at the left.

Component pricing estimator

Specify the Quantity boards to be produced, select a Calculation method and the desired Currency for price estimate. If desired, remove the check mark from any suppliers to exclude when calculating the total price. The total price is automatically updated when a parameter is changed.

For each component, the manufacturer part number, manufacturer, quantity required (for the specified board quantity), estimated price and component description are listed. Right-click on a component to open the Octopart web page for the component.

Click on the small + (plus) button to the left of a manufacturer part number to see details of the supplier offers (with sufficient stock) for that component. For each supplier, the SKU, supplier name, quantity in stock, price in desired currency, price in supplier’s currency and packaging (if known) are listed.

Suppliers with a yellow star are authorized distributors for the manufacturer. Suppliers with a gray star outline are non-authorized stocking distributors. Suppliers without a star are brokers. See for a description of these supplier classifications.

The price estimator converts all prices to the desired currency (using Octopart’s exchange rate) when calculating the total price. In the Description column for each offer, the actual price in the original currency is shown. The total price estimate for all components (with prices) is shown at the bottom of the price estimator module.

Note: All price offers are provided by suppliers through Octopart. Macaos Software AS bears no responsibility for the accuracy, fitness or usability of price offers presented in this module.