Align component layer with PCB

Usually, the coordinates in an imported PnP file will have the same origin as the PCB. If not, then the component layer must be aligned with the PCB data, as follows:

  1. Left-click and draw a rectangle around a component in the component layer. Once selected, a rubber-band stretches from the component to the mouse pointer.
  2. Left-click and draw a rectangle around all of that component's pads on the PCB.
  3. The selected component is moved to the center of the selected pads, and all other components are moved the same distance.

Tip: It is often easiest to choose a relatively large hole-mounted component that does not have any vias near the boundaries of the rectangle that encloses the component's pads.

Note: If a component pad (from the originally imported Gerber data) is drawn (as one or more wide lines/arcs) rather than flashed (as a single shape object) then it will not be identified as a pad in the above procedure. In cases where no pads are found within the selection rectangle, the (center of the) selection rectangle is used.