Price Editor

Price editor module

The price editor module is a tool for creating and managing the price lists used when generating quotations. The Macaos price engine supports nearly 200 different parameters that may be used to configure a price. However, only a few of these are necessary for a basic price list. A price list wizard helps convert a simple spreadsheet price matrix to a price list.

Many of the price list parameters may be defined as curves. A curve may be defined as a series of linear and/or exponential-decay segments. The curve editor supports easy conversion of a set of data points into a stairstep, point-to-point, best fit linear, or best fit exponential curve.

The Macaos Gallery price engine is a powerful and flexible tool for calculating prices. However, setting up price lists correctly can be a fairly complex task. Support for setting up and maintaining your price lists is included in the license fee. A price engine demo is available for download. This simple demo program will allow you to explore the price engine's capabilities.