Macaos Convergence allows sellers to easily generate RFQs and Work Orders to their suppliers. In addition, MTS gives the seller an overview of the current status of work orders and an archive for all work order documents.

Incoming ordersIncoming orders

The incoming orders view lists orders which customers have placed through Macaos Enterprise, as well as orders entered directly into the system. Colors make it easy to see which orders need attention. Automatically generate an RFQ or Work order to the desired fabricator with just a few clicks.

Work ordersWork orders

The Work orders view lists both active and inactive work orders in a specified time frame. It gives an overview of the participants and the logistics of each work order. It also gives easy access to all of the documents archived with each work order.

Supported documents include purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. End user documents, such as shipment tracking and quality documentation are also made available to customers and end users through Macaos Enterprise.

Work order statusWork order status

The Work orders status view displays an overview of active work orders and their progress through the various steps from order to shipment. Color-coded mileposts make it easy to see progress and to see which work orders require attention. Where appropriate, signing off for a milepost initiates adding a document to the archive.