Macaos Convergence 1.x

Macaos Convergence 1.11

Build (13-08-2015)

  • 0003087: [RFQ] Stackup thicknesses wrong if 1-layer lam thick<Cu thick
  • 0003102: [General] Compatible with extended product type IDs

Build (13-05-2015)

New features:
  • 0003036: [Work orders] Sort Work orders to invoice dialog by product number
  • 0003063: [RFQs] RFQs do not support prices in SEK
  • 0003064: [RFQs] Download Assembly Info button should not show if not an Assembly RFQ
  • 0003062: [RFQs] Cannot create WO from RFQ for stencil product
  • 0003048: [RFQs] Forward quote: Very large quantities not displayed properly
  • 0003035: [RFQs] Quoter comment gets truncated

Build (26-02-2015)

New features:
  • 0003020: [RFQs] When forwarding quote to customer, send copy to sales office
  • 0003002: [RFQs] Make checkbox for repeat order for RFQ
  • 0003004: [Status] Show in Pack/Ship module and Ship Details dlg if shipment is EXW

Build (10-02-2015)

  • 0003005: [Other] Out of bounds error when loading product 194601 into viewer

Build (05-02-2015)

  • 0003000: [RFQs] Unable to view RFQ for mix due to access violation

Build (04-02-2015)

New features:
  • 0002983: [RFQs] Generate RFQ and WO for Assembly
  • 0002994: [RFQs] Forward quote: Automatically set order options if specified in product comment
  • 0002995: [Work orders] Uncheck the Hide closed/finished items when searching for work orders

Build (07-01-2015)

  • 0002984: [Other] Remember state of Hide closed/finished check box
  • 0002985: [Work orders] Close WO (if still open) when marking invoice OK
  • 0002982: [Production data] Ep factory prefix is wrong in some cases
  • 0002977: [RFQs] Wrong surface finish in quote

Build (22-12-2014)

  • 0002975: [RFQs] Forward quote: Eltest should default to true
  • 0002974: [RFQs] Forward quote: wrong exchange rate used for Freight/Macaos price

Build (11-12-2014)

New features:
  • 0002949: [RFQs] Major upgrade of Forward Quote to Customer module
  • 0002962: [Other] Load any product in price view
  • 0002957: [Production data] Add EQ subject line to specifications.txt
  • 0002956: [Production data] Gerber X2 commands are not removed for Gerberfile only containing polygons

Macaos Convergence 1.10

Build (12-11-2014)

  • 0002947: [RFQs] RFQ PDF should refer to stackup PDF for custom stackups
  • 0002946: [RFQs] Show price/dm² as hint in price grid in quote viewer
  • 0002935: [Other] Remember user name when closing the program
  • 0002948: [RFQs] Memory leak in quote viewer panel optimizer
  • 0002945: [RFQs] Prod specs group boxes improperly placed in product quotation viewer
  • 0002938: [RFQs] Comment field truncates text at 500 chars
  • 0002925: [Work orders] Multiline address does not print properly in PO pdf

Build (24-09-2014)

  • 0002903: [Other] Add our order ref and boards/panel to packing list
  • 0002886: [Other] Filter RFQ and WO supplier lists by product type
  • 0002901: [Production data] Add pnp, drill, notation, soldermask and copper files in production files for paste products
  • 0002906: [Production data] Error in Gerber output for Mif text
  • 0002908: [RFQs] Must be possible to create RFQs for stencil products

Build (03-09-2014)

  • 0002855: [Other] Add timer to check for update every 24 hrs
  • 0002874: [Status] Warn if closing work order when not last milepost
  • 0002851: [Status] Signing for mix data send, does not include all checks
  • 0002872: [Work orders] SQL error when viewing WO history

Build (21-08-2014)

  • 0002845: [Status] Updated Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
  • 0002830: [Viewer] Pick and Place data is not correctly cached in some cases
  • 0002842: [Viewer] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width

Build (22-07-2014)

  • 0002799: [RFQs] Add possibility to disable Gerber X2 when downloading files for RFQ
  • 0002793: [Status] Remember state of GerberX2 check box when downloading

Build (26-06-2014)

  • 0002791: [Status] Allow download of Gerber files without X2 Attributes
  • 0002792: [Status] Traces in some boards in mix missing

Build (24-06-2014)

New features:
  • 0002765: [Other] Enable multiple logins
  • 0002763: [Status] Show list of missing QA documents
  • 0002784: [Work orders] Add Tariff numbers to PO and papers for shipment
  • 0002782: [Other] Support for Gerber files with RS-274X2 file attributes
  • 0002775: [RFQs] When holding mouse over the comment, show the entire comment as a hint
  • 0002759: [RFQs] Un-check "Use dates on search" doesn't work

Build (19-05-2014)

  • 0002750: [Other] "Unexpected Class ID encountered: CTMifPoint" when viewing new mixes

Build (28-04-2014)

  • 0002758: [Other] Access violation if clicking Get Prices before clicking Refresh prices

Build (24-04-2014)

  • 0002749: [Production data] Update download system to disregard @OC commands
  • 0002754: [Status] Cannot rotate or mirror view in QA dialog

Build (15-04-2014)

New features:
  • 0002728: [RFQs] Forward quote: Double-click to search for user
  • 0002744: [RFQs] Forward quote: Add markup/day curve
  • 0002745: [RFQs] Forward quote: Show original quote
  • 0002732: [Other] Add price editor module for fabricators to manage their online price list

Build (02-04-2014)

  • 0002726: [RFQs] Forward quote: Can not modify retail start cost; add minimum markup
  • 0002727: [RFQs] Forward quote: Should be able to disable output prices by blanking upper right cells
  • 0002729: [RFQs] Forward quote: Prices do not update if no factory price available
  • 0002730: [RFQs] Forward quote: Remove "Quote no.:" when pushing quote to database

Build (27-03-2014)

  • 0002714: [RFQs] Minor fix to Forward quote to ME customer

Build (25-03-2014)

New features:
  • 0002630: [Work Orders] Add checkbox for Repeat order
  • 0002714: [RFQs] Add more flexibility to specifying retail prices when forwarding quote to customer
  • 0002685: [RFQs] Allow choosing order from which to create WO from RFQ that is not linked to an order
  • 0002667: [Production data] Signing for product data should not be possible if product is not signed for CAM

Build (14-01-2014)

  • 0002560: [RFQs] Show non-standard properties more clearly
  • 0002539: [Work orders] Notify supplier by e-mail when a work order is created
  • 0002540: [Work orders] Make POs for Elprint China as Agent WOs visible to buyer

Build (08-01-2014)

  • 0002613: [Production data] Change from error to warning for small slots/routed tracks
  • 0002614: [Production data] Fix compatibility with MySql 5.1 on new database server
  • 0002623: [Production data] Unexplained error message "38" on download

Build (30-12-2013)

  • 0002615: [Work orders] Check box to include/exclude date range when searching
  • 0002620: [Status] Download module updated for compatibility with new database server
  • 0002543: [Status] Download: It's not possible to download mixes with 0-layers
  • 0002544: [Status] Download: Empty showMessage box pops up for stencil products

Build (03-10-2013)

  • 0002522: [Work orders] Error in output of mixes

Build (01-10-2013)

  • 0002461: [Mixing] If all mixes on a date are deleted then none of them are visible
  • 0002518: [Status] Improved support for global products
  • 0002483: [RFQs] No indication of RFQ creation
  • 0002493: [Work orders] Cannot upload OC with space character in path/filename

Build (13-08-2013)

  • 0002451: [RFQs] Access violation in quotation module
  • 0002450: [Status] RFQ info does not show for mixes in unchecked list of Status view
  • 0002449: [Work orders] Problems uploading invoice and QA docs

Build (09-08-2013)

New features:
  • 0002447: [Mixing] Show deleted mixes and allow undeleting
  • 0002446: [RFQs] RFQ viewer for mixes should display hole counts and minimum features
  • 0002448: [Work orders] Cannot open invoice file with space character at end of filename

Build (07-08-2013)

New features:
  • 0002315: [RFQs] Show detailed price breakdown for prices in Forward Quote To ME dialog
  • 0002316: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ in MC, the "No x-outs allowed" checkbox is gone
  • 0002317: [RFQs] Often when searching for RFQ's nothing is found
  • 0002343: [RFQs] Unable to create WO from RFQ
  • 0002417: [RFQs] RMB as currency is not fully supported
  • 0002433: [RFQs] Remove "X rfq's created succesfully"
  • 0002418: [Work orders] Do not show "Send response to quoters .." if only one RFQ was made

Build (30-04-2013)

New features:
  • 0002284: [RFQs] Use parameters from existing price list when forwarding quotation to customer
  • 0002205: [RFQs] Quote viewer should show IPC class in red text if not class 2
  • 0002266: [RFQs] RFQ recipient list fails if no "regular" recipient is chosen
  • 0002233: [Status] All orders should be shipped direct to customer in pack/ship
  • 0002282: [Work orders] access violation on attempt to create stencil WO from incoming orders
  • 0002218: [Other] Internal invoicing list is built up wrong

Build (28-12-2012)

New features:
  • 0002077: [RFQs] Duplicate RFQ
  • 0002044: [RFQs] Customer RFQ's from ME should be sent to the sales office, for forwarding to desired suppliersRFQ to
  • 0002147: [Status] Additional info with bar codes required on shipment docs
  • 0002080: [Status] Additional information requested for outside package label
  • 0002121: [Work orders] View all pack list info in Shipment Details
  • 0002045: [Work orders] Change "Save to archive" to "Save and close" on "Purchase Order" form
  • 0002039: [Work orders] Sort suppliers by priority
  • 0002108: [Incoming Orders] Customer RFQ does not contain info about IPC class 3, if checked
  • 0002079: [Incoming Orders] Remove freight from ME-orders
  • 0002126: [RFQs] Download of data is not possible
  • 0002109: [RFQs] Creating RFQ from mixes med in MixDemo are missing size, stackup and surface
  • 0002107: [RFQs] Local settings causes date format to be wrong
  • 0002106: [RFQs] Check pCardInfo for info when creating RFQ for mixes
  • 0002111: [Status] Downloading product data should sign for recieved data
  • 0002157: [Work orders] Cannot delete work order

Macaos Convergence 1.9

Build (23-10-2012)

  • 0002034: [Incoming Orders] Change default stencil fabricator
  • 0002036: [Work orders] Update default stencil prices
  • 0002104: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for mix generated by Fusion
  • 0002105: [RFQs] RFQs to chinese suppliers should be owned by sales office rather than by china office

Build (05-09-2012)

  • 0002031: [Status] Unable to download product data for mix
  • 0002030: [RFQs] Problem creating RFQs

Build (04-09-2012)

New features:
  • 0002005: [General] Copy product number to clipboard on Ctrl+click in (almost) any list
  • 0002020: [RFQs] Let sales offices send RFQs directly to chinese suppliers
  • 0001927: [RFQs] Forward quotation to customer
  • 0001925: [RFQs] Allow download of files for (some) RFQ's
  • 0002027: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from an RFQ, the delivery date is lost
  • 0002009: [RFQs] RFQs with surface HASL (Non RoHS) show as (Undefined finish)
  • 0002007: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from incoming orders, do not check the "Waiting" factory
  • 0002004: [RFQs] When toggling quotes OK, the color of one-line quotes is not changed until you update
  • 0001957: [RFQs] Quotations do not contain info about holes
  • 0001948: [RFQs] Remove default values for Days and Qty when creating a new RFQ
  • 0001928: [Work orders] Do not allow signing for send (data by seller) unless there is a PO

Macaos Convergence 1.8

Build (18-04-2012)

  • 0001917: [Status] Packinglist columns not alligned properly

Build (30-03-2012)

  • 0001900: [Work orders] Remove the need to make a comment if price is changed when making WO

Build (09-03-2012)

  • 0001882: [Other] Add support to mix viewer for mixes published in MIFv3 format
  • 0001858: [Other] Add number of panels to raw material optimizer
  • 0001874: [Status] Download: Etch/Buildup-files for stencils are missing from zip file

Build (24-02-2012)

New features:
  • 0001837: [RFQs] Production panel optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
  • 0001838: [RFQs] Raw material sheet optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
  • 0001839: [RFQs] Price calculator for optimizer in RFQ quote editor
  • 0001834: [Status] QA checklist must indicate that board has aluminium
  • 0001826: [Status] Need a mechanism for passing shipment comments to pack/ship
  • 0001845: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for product with stackup 1015 aluminium

Macaos Convergence 1.7

Build (19-01-2012)

New features:
  • 0001822: [Status] Function to change ship to address after packing
  • 0001422: [Status] Add yellow/green colors to Pack/Ship module to show complete/incomplete
  • 0001821: [Other] Need to be able to fulfill orders from local stock
  • 0001818: [RFQs] Prevent supplier from changing quotation price after an RFQ has been closed
  • 0001806: [RFQs] Cannot forward an RFQ for a mix
  • 0001805: [RFQs] RFQs for mixes do not display in correct order in list
  • 0001819: [Other] Outgoing shipments should show unfulfilled orders if today/next 3 days/next 7 days is chosen

Build (23-12-2011)

New features:
  • 0001767: [RFQs] Show RFQ for a mix in mix viewer
  • 0001697: [Status] Receive milepost: For re-orders, display text describing changes from previous order
  • 0001792: [Work orders] Add RMB as valid currency for placing orders
  • 0001785: [Other] Right-click to show mix info in Outgoing Shipments
  • 0001745: [RFQs] Error when displaying quote forwarded to ME customer
  • 0001727: [RFQs] Need to have more characters for product comments
  • 0001769: [Status] Stencil products do not show in Status view when logged in as Running
  • 0001743: [Status] Download: Due to change in MIF, changed notation files was not exported
  • 0001772: [Other] When searching for product number, don't show messagedlg "..try with expanded date range"
  • 0001771: [Other] Change default start date to always be one month prior to current date

Build (28-10-2011)

New features:
  • 0001719: [RFQs] Access to documentation files when viewing RFQ product
  • 0001698: [Status] Download only changed files for reorders
  • 0001716: [Work orders] Search for WO or PO number
  • 0001720: [Status] Eliminate spaces from tracking numbers

Build (15-08-2011)

New features:
  • 0001671: [RFQs] Send response to quoters after RFQ becomes order
  • 0001628: [RFQs] When making RFQ from product/free spec, use days rather than date
  • 0001651: [Other] Number of orders in delivery precision does not match number of orders in outgoing shipments
  • 0001652: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ from RFQ if there are multiple quantities
  • 0001664: [Work orders] Ignore deleted work orders when searching by product outside of date range
  • 0001650: [Work orders] Production site in Convergence should also be transferred to order in Perception
  • 0001638: [Work orders] Searching for stencil fails

Build (01-07-2011)

New features:
  • 0001642: [Other] Menu item for uploading supplier certification documents
  • 0001641: [RFQs] Sort incoming and outgoing RFQs with same product number together
  • 0001639: [RFQs] Work order created from RFQ not properly linked to incoming order
  • 0001604: [RFQs] Quotation for RFQ generated from price module has too many digits in hard gold area
  • 0001640: [Work orders] Make dropdown lists in Create work order wider

Build (08-06-2011)

New features:
  • 0001635: [Incoming Orders] Open "Send" milepost for signing after creating work order
  • 0001634: [Incoming Orders] Close RFQs when creating work order
  • 0001623: [RFQs] Create WO directly from RFQ
  • 0001475: [RFQs] Panel optimizer module for generating quotation
  • 0001631: [Other] Show delivery precision
  • 0001619: [Mixing] Create WO from MixList does not remove order from mix list
  • 0001618: [RFQs] RFQs take a long time to generate
  • 0001630: [Other] Outgoing shipments list too slow

Macaos Convergence 1.6

Build (29-04-2011)

New features:
  • 0001600: [Status] Print package content label for each product in packlist
  • 0001593: [Status] Make provision for slower shipments in Pack/Ship module
  • 0001577: [Mixing] Function to mark boards on a mix as waste, so that they reappear on the mix list
  • 0001597: [Status] Packing: DHL tracking numbers get UPS tracking URL
  • 0001592: [Other] Mix viewer gets access violation
  • 0001602: [Mixing] Production site sometimes not reset on Remove from Mixlist

Build (08-04-2011)

New features:
  • 0001567: [RFQs] Show requester info for customer created RFQs
  • 0001553: [RFQs] Mark customer created RFQs with a Macaos C in the parent line
  • 0001565: [Work orders] View tracking info from Shipment Info dialog
  • 0001564: [Other] Support for internal invoicing for Elprint China as agent
  • 0001569: [Incoming Orders] When creating workorder, agent should not default to MT
  • 0001573: [Mixing] Remove from MixList generates an error message
  • 0001566: [Mixing] Problem recalculating mix prices
  • 0001568: [RFQs] Price in hint text does not show correctly when not in USD
  • 0001554: [Status] Dowload: Bug in downloading of stencils

Build (30-03-2011)

New features:
  • 0001552: [Mixing] Add freight prices to product list in mix calculator
  • 0001550: [Status] Download: Extra files are not added to mix-zip files
  • 0001551: [Status] Download: Comments for stencil products are not added to specifications.txt

Build (28-03-2011)

New features:
  • 0001540: [Mixing] Add stackup and board area to mixlist
  • 0001542: [Status] Generate proforma invoice for UPS export
  • 0001528: [RFQs] Cannot unmark group of RFQs
  • 0001541: [Status] Some changes needed for XML export to UPS
  • 0001548: [Work orders] Unable to generate internal invoice for orders where Elprint China is agent
  • 0001527: [Work orders] Insure that WO is saved with valid delivery address/contact person

Build (14-03-2011)

New features:
  • 0001525: [RFQs] Add currency RMB to quotation viewer
  • 0001526: [Other] RFQ page is missing on login

Build (11-03-2011)

New features:
  • 0001515: [RFQs] Make it possible for agents to create an RFQ from an RFQ
  • 0001512: [RFQs] Differentiate between incoming and outgoing RFQs (for agents)
  • 0001474: [RFQs] Send mail on receipt of RFQ
  • 0001524: [Other] Support for chinese user manual
  • 0001523: [Other] Export shipment data to UPS
  • 0001501: [RFQs] It's not possible to open more than one quotation at a time
  • 0001517: [Status] Download: Bug in creating soldermask opening for products without soldermask on mixes
  • 0001511: [Status] Seller cannot sign for sent if purchased through agent
  • 0001514: [Work orders] Hide price related information from factory floor users
  • 0001516: [Other] Shipments do not appear in list if position is spread over multiple work orders
  • 0001513: [Other] Suppliers are duplicated in dropdown checklist

Macaos Convergence 1.5

Build (25-02-2011)

  • 0001480: [Status] Packing: Add mix number to packing list for mix
  • 0001479: [Status] Download: Invalid D-codes for apertures exported to contour file

Build (17-02-2011)

New features:
  • 0001468: [Status] Allow deletion of extra boards when packing
  • 0001452: [Other] Reload list after search where product is not found
  • 0001470: [Work orders] Hide price, PO, OC and invoice info from external party when an agent is used
  • 0001469: [Incoming Orders] Cannot convert null error when creating work order
  • 0001465: [Mixing] Delete mix does not always work
  • 0001467: [Other] Multi-product panels and mixes do not display properly in viewer
  • 0001466: [Status] Shipment information sometimes missing from work order

Build (18-01-2011)

  • 0001445: [RFQs] Product comments missing from RFQ when created from product
  • 0001414: [RFQs] Link to Quote document missing if first quotation cell is empty
  • 0001447: [Status] Shipments direct to customer from mix are registered as sent to sales office
  • 0001446: [Status] Transfer mix to vacuum stock does not always work as expected
  • 0001444: [Status] Download. Output product numbers of original products in case of multi-product panels
  • 0001421: [Status] When signing Manuf with QA (milepost 17) do not show MoveToStock check box
  • 0001448: [Work orders] Prevent user from entering tracking number in WorkOrder if they should use Pack/Ship module
  • 0001409: [Work orders] Search for tracking number fails if date range is too small

Build (25-11-2010)

New features:
  • 0001391: [RFQs] Allow delete of all RFQs in a group
  • 0001397: [Work orders] Add nordic currencies to currency list
  • 0001375: [Work orders] Ability to filter closed items from lists
  • 0001368: [Status] Pack/ship module with automatic QA
  • 0001393: [RFQs] Quotations with No Offer should not have a link, since there is no document to view
  • 0001396: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer
  • 0001403: [RFQs] Quotes for single layer boards incorrectly report 0 as copper thickness
  • 0001382: [Status] Download: Mixing of new (hi-res) silk colors
  • 0001383: [Status] Download: Mixing of surface fails if no surface (and no copper) mixed with any other surface
  • 0001384: [Status] Download: Rotation of rectangle apts fails in some cases

Build (01-11-2010)

New features:
  • 0001362: [RFQs] Allow multiple qtys/dates when generating RFQ for an order
  • 0001345: [Other] User-definable notification popup interval
  • 0001353: [Incoming Orders] Disallow creating WO if order does not have valid shipping address
  • 0001346: [Incoming Orders] Need to be able to specify same day shipment of stencils when creating WO/PO
  • 0001361: [RFQs] Product and order comments not displayed on Quote viewer
  • 0001349: [RFQs] Incorrect copper thickness in quotation for 1-layer board
  • 0001348: [RFQs] Prices display incorrectly when multiple qtys and days
  • 0001358: [Work orders] UL requirement not included in PO
  • 0001344: [Work orders] Some info missing from purchase order
  • 0001360: [Status] Unable to complete pack/ship if lost contact with server while packing
  • 0001328: [Status] Add check for text that extends contour and/or objects in notation/soldermask before download

Build (01-10-2010)

New features:
  • 0001334: [Other] Add overview of orders awaiting shipment
  • 0001335: [Other] Module for getting price quotes from mix suppliers
  • 0001342: [Status] Unable to download production data for some products
  • 0001340: [Status] Unable to pack some orders
  • 0001337: [Status] Do not refresh list after cancelling the milepost sign dialog
  • 0001333: [Status] ÆØÅ print as chinese characters on first-time print of labels
  • 0001332: [RFQs] Peel-off, scoring and hard gold missing from auto-generated quote
  • 0001338: [Work orders] Cards/pnl incorrectly parsed into PO

Build (15-09-2010)

New features:
  • 0001325: [RFQs] Add UL-Certified fabricator requirement to RFQs and POs
  • 0001318: [RFQs] Look up exchange rate when forwarding RFQ
  • 0001329: [Status] Part of mix ID text missing when downloading files in China
  • 0001324: [Status] Error (List index 5 out of bounds) when packing some shipments
  • 0001322: [Status] Need to check downloaded files for exceptions when loading into MIF
  • 0001319: [Status] Tracking numbers sometimes missing from customer order
  • 0001327: [Prices] Updated price viewer

Build (01-09-2010)

New features:
  • 0001313: [Status] Add support for download of production data for mixes

Build (19-08-2010)

New features:
  • 0001302: [RFQs] Add function to respond to RFQ with "No offer"
  • 0001301: [RFQs] Show RFQs in a tree hierarchy
  • 0001300: [Work orders] Add method to accept a PO from the unanswered POs list
  • 0001303: [RFQs] Buildup not shown for custom stackups
  • 0001304: [Status] Cannot download stencil product data with product number < 100000
  • 0001305: [Work orders] Force due date to be later than work order date

Build (06-08-2010)

New features:
  • 0001291: [RFQs] Highlight best quote
  • 0001290: [RFQs] Add support for RFQs generated from Enterprise
  • 0001287: [RFQs] Generate quotation in RFQ product viewer
  • 0001295: [Incoming Orders] Raise a notification for incoming orders which have not been processed
  • 0001289: [Mixing] Need to be able to delete a mix
  • 0001297: [Other] Add product list to mix viewer
  • 0001288: [Other] Cache product data locally to improve product viewer performance
  • 0001294: [RFQs] Search for RFQ does not work
  • 0001293: [Incoming Orders] Incorrect prices when double orders
  • 0001296: [Other] Mix production sites sometimes duplicated in site checklist
  • 0001292: [Other] Unable to download product data for stencil products

Macaos Convergence 1.4

Build (20-07-2010)

New features:
  • 0001286: [RFQs] Add quote viewer to product viewer
  • 0001284: [Work orders] Search for tracking number does not work
  • 0001285: [Mixing] Cannot update mix prices

Build (24-06-2010)

New features:
  • 0001273: [Incoming Orders] Support for work orders for solder paste stencils
  • 0001104: [Work orders] Add Product/Mix viewer
  • 0001274: [Status] Download product data directly from Receive milepost
  • 0001278: [Other] Allow uploading text documents and spreadsheets as Quotation, Order confirmation or Invoice
  • 0001276: [Other] Automatic acceptance of POs when signing Receive
  • 0001258: [Other] Show only requested records on search
  • 0001277: [Status] Product viewer not accessible from Status view
  • 0001257: [Other] Internal invoice only works once

Build (02-06-2010)

New features:
  • 0001239: [RFQs] Send RFQ to multiple recipients

Build (28-05-2010)

New features:
  • 0001238: [Work orders] Add WO# to Status view
  • 0001216: [Work orders] Expanded quality control milepost
  • 0001215: [Work orders] Expanded packing and shipping milepost
  • 0001240: [RFQs] Links in RFQ view don't work

Macaos Convergence 1.3

Build (09-04-2010)

New features:
  • 0001187: [Work orders] Phone number on address label
  • 0001190: [Other] Add quantity to Status view
  • 0001189: [RFQs] Problems with product viewer
  • 0001188: [Work orders] Att in wrong position on PO
  • 0001186: [Work orders] æøå are not printable in China

Build (16-03-2010)

New features:
  • 0001185: [Other] Product specs shown in product viewer
  • 0001184: [Mixing] Partially mixed order does not appear in mix list
  • 0001183: [Work orders] Specify company/address/att in PO ship/invoice addresses
  • 0001182: [Work orders] Mangled product numbers in upload invoice checklist
  • 0001181: [Work orders] Article bar code on labels is owner article rather than partner

Build (09-03-2010)

New features:
  • 0001177: [Work orders] Show expanded product details for work orders
  • 0001169: [Work orders] Print labels and packing list from product details
  • 0001168: [Work orders] Disallow uploading invoice if QA documents have not been uploaded
  • 0001176: [Mixing] Change frame of mix
  • 0001167: [Other] Sort lists with most recent item first rather than last

Build (15-02-2010)

New features:
  • 0001153: [RFQs] Generate RFQs without having a pre-defined product
  • 0001154: [Other] Stackup viewer in product viewer

Build (08-02-2010)

New features:
  • 0001129: [Work orders] Pop up a list of unconfirmed RFQs and POs
  • 0001105: [Incoming Orders] Generate RFQ from order or mix
  • 0001045: [Other] Generate RFQ from product
  • 0001135: [Incoming Orders] "Waiting" orders not shown in incoming list
  • 0001133: [Incoming Orders] Product links do not always work
  • 0001130: [Incoming Orders] Unable to select self as supplier when creating work order

Build (15-01-2010)

New features:
  • 0001116: [Work orders] List undelivered products on mix
  • 0001098: [Work orders] Changed column display to show/hide groups of columns
  • 0001084: [Other] Pricing management module for fabricators

Macaos Convergence 1.2

Build (17-12-2009)

New features:
  • 0001109: [Mixing] Move order from mixlist to separate fabrication
  • 0001077: [Work orders] Show "Mark as" info in PO
  • 0001071: [Work orders] Search for tracking number
  • 0001047: [Work orders] Better search for products
  • 0001044: [Other] Synchronize AWB/Track n' trace numbers between programs, and support for more shippers
  • 0001112: [Work orders] Wrong billing address on PO when Elprint is agent
  • 0001046: [Other] Upload of invoices is not logical

Build (20-08-2009)

New features:
  • [Work orders] Added contact phone number to PO
  • [Work orders] Fixed problems with Elprint as Agent
  • [Work orders] Fixed problem with editing WO if fabricator changed

Build (09-07-2009)

New features:
  • [Work orders] Added upload of QA documents from WO view
  • [Incoming orders] Fixed incorrect order quantity

Build (22-06-2009)

New features:
  • [Work orders] View/print purchase order for work order

Macaos Convergence 1.1

Build (05-06-2009)

New features:
  • [Work orders] OK status for Order confirmations and Invoices
  • [Work orders] Prevent uploading non-zip QA documentation

Macaos Convergence 1.0

Build 1.0 (24-03-2009)

  • Initial release