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Macaos Gallery PreCAM is the ideal Pre-CAM solution for PCB manufacturers, resellers and traders. It adds a powerful price calculation and quotation generation functionality to Macaos Gallery, allowing you to respond to RFQs (Reqests for Quotation) within just a couple of minutes.

Macaos Gallery PreCAM adds the following tools and modules to Macaos Gallery Basic version:

Macaos Gallery PreCAM includes the following Macaos Gallery tools and modules: 

Macaos Gallery PreCAM+EMS also includes the following Macaos Gallery tools and modules:


Order a 30-day demo for free.

€5000 per year

Includes one named user on one computer. Contact Macaos Support if a named user needs access from more than one computer.

€800 per year for each additional named user at the same site.

Macaos Gallery PreCAM+EMS: The additional price for access to the EMS modules (Assembly Data Manager, Pallet Designer, Depanel Fixture, Test fixture) is €1500 per year for the first user and €200 per year for each additional user.

Users who manufacture, sell, trade, or broker bare (unpopulated) printed circuit boards must license Macaos Gallery PreCAM. Macaos Gallery (Basic  or EMS version) will not be licensed to such users. This limitation also applies to CAM/Engineering service providers (such as Pre-CAM or Quotation services) for such users.

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Quotation moduleThe quotation module allows you to rapidly create and send a quotation to your customer. The quotation may quote up to 8 different quantities and up to 6 different lead times.

Prices are calculated from price lists. You would typically define one or more price lists for each supplier or production line. A price list combines the price effects of various order and product parameters, such as quantity, lead time, layer count, surface finish, etc. Nearly 200 parameters are supported.

You may choose which price lists to include in the quotation, and whether or not start costs for each supplier should be included in the quotation. Lead times are specified as working days (or weeks).

For each qty/lead-time, the best available price is chosen for inclusion in the quotation. Click on a price to see the price breakdown. A Price Inspector function allows you to see how each individual product parameter affects the calculated price. Prices may also be adjusted individually.

A formal quotation is generated by clicking on the printer button. This quotation uses a template defined according to the user's specifications. The quotation may be sent to the customer by e-mail or saved in PDF format. The quotation is also automatically saved to the Quotation Archive.

Quotation Archive

Quotation Archive Bruce
Quotation Archive

The quotation archive displays all saved quotations in a list for quick review.

Each quotation is listed with its quote number, timestamp, customer name, product name, seller initials, order state (unspecified, Ordered or Will not order) and an optional comment. By clicking on the + button (to the left of the quote number), the individual prices in the quotation may be viewed. Factory and retail unit prices are shown as both per panel prices and per board prices when the product is a panel.

Right-click on a quotation and chose View quotation to open the quotation in the quotation viewer, to change the order state, or to add/edit a comment.

Price Editor

Price Editor Bruce

Price editor module

The price editor module is a tool for creating and managing the price lists used when generating quotations. The Macaos price engine supports nearly 200 different parameters that may be used to configure a price. However, only a few of these are necessary for a basic price list. A price list wizard helps convert a simple spreadsheet price matrix to a price list.

Many of the price list parameters may be defined as curves. A curve may be defined as a series of linear and/or exponential-decay segments. The curve editor supports easy conversion of a set of data points into a stairstep, point-to-point, best fit linear, or best fit exponential curve.

The Macaos Gallery price engine is a powerful and flexible tool for calculating prices. However, setting up price lists correctly can be a fairly complex task. Support for setting up and maintaining your price lists is included in the license fee. A price engine demo is available for download. This simple demo program will allow you to explore the price engine's capabilities.