Macaos Convergence

Macaos Convergence bruce Fri, 01/15/2010 - 07:53

Macaos Convergence is a PCB supply chain management system, which is designed to manage the sales and manufacture logistics between multiple organizations. It gives each organization an overview of their part of the process and provides a platform for transfer of information throughout the process.


Macaos Convergence allows sellers to easily generate RFQs and Work Orders to their suppliers. In addition, Convergence gives the seller an overview of the current status of work orders and an archive for all work order documents. Integration with Macaos Enterprise automates the processing of customer RFQs and orders.


Sellers may send their work orders directly to a fabricator, or through a broker. Brokers may make use of the Production Planning module to mix multiple orders together in order to maximize the use of production panels, thereby reducing fabrication costs. Work orders may be generated for mixes in the same manner as for incoming orders.


Macaos Convergence provides fabricators with an overview of their incoming RFQs and work orders, and provides a communication channel for messages as well as for documents such as quotations, purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. The packing/shipping module may be used to generate packing labels and documents. In addition, Convergence provides a tool for managing the fabricator's price list(s) used in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system.


Sellers bjarte Mon, 12/11/2017 - 14:12

Macaos Convergence allows sellers to easily generate RFQs and Work Orders to their suppliers. In addition, MTS gives the seller an overview of the current status of work orders and an archive for all work order documents.

Incoming ordersIncoming orders

The incoming orders view lists orders which customers have placed through Macaos Enterprise, as well as orders entered directly into the system. Colors make it easy to see which orders need attention. Automatically generate an RFQ or Work order to the desired fabricator with just a few clicks.

Work ordersWork orders

The Work orders view lists both active and inactive work orders in a specified time frame. It gives an overview of the participants and the logistics of each work order. It also gives easy access to all of the documents archived with each work order.

Supported documents include purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. End user documents, such as shipment tracking and quality documentation are also made available to customers and end users through Macaos Enterprise.

Work order statusWork order status

The Work orders status view displays an overview of active work orders and their progress through the various steps from order to shipment. Color-coded mileposts make it easy to see progress and to see which work orders require attention. Where appropriate, signing off for a milepost initiates adding a document to the archive.


Brokers bruce Fri, 01/15/2010 - 08:06

Sellers may send their work orders directly to a fabricator, or through a Broker. Brokers may make use of the Macaos PCB Factory Production Planning module to mix multiple orders together in order to maximize the use of production panels, thereby reducing fabrication costs. Work orders may be generated for mixes in the same manner as for incoming orders.


Fabricators bruce Fri, 01/15/2010 - 08:25

Macaos Convergence provides fabricators with an overview of their incoming work orders, and provides a communication channel for messages as well as for documents. In addition, Convergence provides a tool for managing the fabricator's pricing as it will be used in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system.

Work order statusWork order status

The Work orders status view displays an overview of active work orders and their progress through the various steps from order to shipment. Color-coded mileposts make it easy to see progress and to see which work orders require attention. Where appropriate, signing off for a milepost initiates adding a document to the archive.

Work ordersWork orders

The Work orders view lists both active and inactive work orders in a specified time frame. It gives an overview of the participants and the logistics of each work order. It also gives easy access to all of the documents archived with each work order.

Supported documents include purchase orders, order confirmations, quality documentation, shipment tracking numbers and invoices. End user documents, such as shipment tracking and quality documentation are also made available to customers and end users through Macaos Enterprise.


A fabricator may make a price list available for use in the Macaos Enterprise online quotation system. A price list is a set of parameters such as price per area, start cost, etc. The Prices view in Convergence allows a fabricator to manage and test the parameters in their price list.

In addition to listing price parameters and curves, a quotation module simulates online quotations as they would be obtained by customers using Macaos Enterprise. Product parameters may be specified and prices obtained for various quantities and delivery times, as necessary for testing the price list parameters. Prices displayed are the fabricator's price to the seller, and do not include shipping or any percentage that the seller may add to the customer price.

What's new in Convergence

What's new in Convergence bruce Mon, 01/18/2010 - 12:01


Create Work Order from RFQ

If an RFQ has been created from an incoming order, then it is possible to create a work order from the RFQ.

Speed improvement

The time required by the server to generate RFQs has been greatly reduced.

Automatically close RFQs

Creating a work order for an incoming order automatically closes any RFQs created from that order.

Work Orders

Improved workflow when creating work orders

When a work order is created, any RFQs created from the incoming order are automatically closed. In addition, the dialog for signing the "Send data" milepost is automatically opened.

Outgoing shipments

Delivery precision

The delivery precision for a specified date range is listed to the right of the list of outgoing shipments.

Macaos Convergence Release Notes

Macaos Convergence Release Notes bruce Mon, 01/18/2010 - 12:02

Macaos Convergence 2.x

Macaos Convergence 2.x bruce Tue, 11/03/2015 - 15:22

Build (22-09-2021)
- 0004758: [Status] Extended product info missing from download pkg for PCBA

Build (21-07-2021)
- 0004729: [RFQs] Prices in wrong grid columns if RFQ for Assy has target date

Build (13-07-2021)
- 0004714: [RFQs] Make it possible to change the number of days a quotation is valid
- 0004709: [RFQs] Show Prod Info check box to add product name, article and Customer columns
- 0004704: [RFQs] Forward quote extensions
- 0004713: [Production data] It should not be possible to sign ASSY orders for data sent if product is not signed for CAM
- 0004724: [Production data] Subj for EQ mails in PCBA order pkg not included in spec file
- 0004719: [Production data] MIT test jig to support 3D file in output
- 0004710: [Work orders] Tracking link does not work
- 0004684: [Work orders] Can not upload invoice for mech part work order

Build (14-04-2021)
- 0004658: [RFQs] Mat'l spec (for Other mat'l) of mech part not shown in RFQ
- 0004640: [RFQs] Forward quote - ignore max markup if checked, but <= min markup

Build (29-03-2021)
New features:
- 0004624: [Production data] Allow assy+PCB data to be downloaded as 2 separate products
- 0004617: [RFQs] It should be possible to view price/availability for Assy BOM
- 0004564: [Production data] Include alternate MPNs in BOM for production
- 0004636: [RFQs] SQL error on forward quote to customer

Build (15-03-2021)
- 0004621: [Mixing] Mix|Update Manuf Price does not calculate properly

Build (11-03-2021)
- 0004621: [Mixing] DB error on Mix|Update Manuf Price
- 0004583: [RFQs] Add unit weight to forward price to customer

Build (09-03-2021)
- 0004614: [RFQs] Wrong qty/days in Create WO from RFQ

Build (10-02-2021)
- 0004565: [Viewer] Show angle in measurement display
- 0004307: [Viewer] Increase data resolution from 100 nm to 1 nm

Build (18-12-2020)
- 0004547: [RFQs] Comments are not included in RFQs for mechanical parts
- 0004531: [RFQs] Cannot create WO for assy from RFQ

Build (10-11-2020)
- 0004526: [MIF] DNP component property not saved to cache
- 0004517: [Production data] List of designators in BOM list is incorrect
- 0004525: [Production data] PnP file exported to xls might lose decimal sign
- 0004511: [RFQs] Components not loaded if Show Product chosen

Build (20-10-2020)
- 0004507: [RFQs] Forward quote does not import RFQ for PCB+Assy correctly
- 0004508: [Other] Allow update without login

Build (12-10-2020)
- 0004506: [Status] Problem downloading production data for assy WOs

Build (05-10-2020)
New features:
- 0004499: [Work orders] It should be possible to make WO/RFQ for PCB+Assy
- 0004498: [Status] Allow Norway office to send incoming invoice to Uni Økonomi
- 0004496: [Status] Product viewer for Assy WOs should show component list and allow export of BOM/PnP data

Build (28-08-2020)
- 0004469: [Production data] Set up production output for Assembly
- 0004468: [Production data] Improve output for Assembly RFQ and orders

Build (19-08-2020)
- 0004460: [Other] Cannot view pallet products
- 0004459: [Viewer] Thermal aperture does not display properly

Build (18-08-2020)
- 0004456: [Production data] Parsing error in rounded rectangle aperture
- 0004455: [Production data] Extra files (images/pdf, etc) were not included in manufacturer download
- 0004449: [Production data] Product number in filenames and zip file not always consistent

Build (23-07-2020)
New features:
- 0004444: [RFQs] Show component list in RFQ for assembly viewer
- 0004442: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer - for assembly
- 0004428: [Other] Comments are shortened after generating a PDF
- 0004430: [RFQs] Start cost doesn't display properly in forwarded quote

Build (18-06-2020)
New features:
- 0003967: [RFQs] Make a check-list for RFQs
- 0000000: [Production data] Gerber 2019.06 compliant output
- 0004419: [RFQs] Forward quote: allow reduced delivery time
- 0004409: [RFQs] Forward quote: Changing currency should not change min/max markup
- 0004418: [RFQs] Forward quote does not import RFQ for assembly correctly

Build (22-11-2019)
- 0004329: [Status] Preserve sort column on page refresh
- 0004342: [Work orders] Make it possible to upload .xlsx .docx files as order confirmations and other documents
- 0004309: [Other] Block usage for old versions
- 0004367: [Production data] Update zip functionallity
- 0004327: [RFQs] Bugs/changes in forward quote to customer
- 0004363: [RFQs] Forward quote does not pass order options

Build (15-08-2019)
- 0004304: [Production data] Error when downloading drill files for single sided boards
- 0004305: [Status] Mech parts not signed for CAM can't be downloaded, even though signed for send data

Build (12-08-2019)
- 0004296: [RFQs] When creating and RFQ based on customer created RFQ, IPC class 3 is ignored

Build (09-07-2019)
- 0004291: [RFQs] Notification mails do not get sent

Build (01-07-2019)
- 0004286: [RFQs] Problem sending RFQ notification to multiple addresses

Build (26-06-2019)
- 0004282: [RFQs] Cannot notify of RFQ when multiple notify adresses
- 0004281: [RFQs] Cannot view RFQ for mix

Build (24-06-2019)
New features:
- 0004263: [RFQs] Hide tooling charge in Forward Quote to Customer
- 0004277: [RFQs] Create RFQ for assembly from incoming order
- 0004278: [Work orders] Create WO for assembly
- 0004086: [Work orders] When deleting WO ask to send a cancellation email to fabricator
- 0004060: [Incoming Orders] Exclude fully delivered orders from Incoming Orders list
- 0004254: [Work orders] Comments get truncated in PO
- 0004276: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ without product

Build (24-04-2019)
- 0004242: [Other] Warn Elprint China if user does not update program
- 0004219: [Other] Clear cache on change login
- 0004226: [RFQs] Add button to clear search memory
- 0004225: [RFQs] Add shortcut to create new RFQ
- 0004224: [Viewer] Show flex layers slightly wider in rigid-flex stackup
- 0004167: [Viewer] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004200: [Production data] Description text does not include definition of UL mark layers
- 0004240: [RFQs] Long comments are truncated in supplier quotations

Build (13-02-2019)
- 0004187: [RFQs] Show RFQs from ME to Offline Supplier with bold text

Build (05-02-2019)
- 0004171: [Production data] Errors occured when signing for data
- 0004170: [Production data] Description of UL-mark-Layers missing from description.txt
- 0004150: [Work orders] Work orders can't reopen in some cases

Build (22-11-2018)
- 0004111: [Incoming Orders] When creating a WO, warn if a work order for that order already exists
- 0004109: [Production data] Make description.txt depend on actual files in the package and not a general description
- 0004061: [Work orders] Improved search for old WOs for CONN-products
- 0004132: [Work orders] Can not delete PO or mix after update of database
- 0004107: [Production data] For test fixtures, information about protective cover is not passed to the manufacturer
- 0004108: [Production data] For Depanel products, info about ESD paint was not passed to manufacturer

Build (29-10-2018)
- 0004069: [Incoming Orders] Set color blue to indicate RFQ sent after sending RFQ
- 0004089: [Work orders] Information about options should be included in PO
- 0004084: [RFQs] Cannot enter Quotaton viewer for mech parts
- 0004083: [RFQs] Comments for RFQs to mechparts are not included in the RFQ pdf

Build (11-10-2018)
- 0004070: [Other] Access violation when viewing mix

Build (09-10-2018)
- 0004023: [Mixing] Add phone number to Mix info popup
- 0004037: [RFQs] RFQs for 3D products (incl depanel fixtures), auto-check Allow Download
- 0004058: [Work orders] When creating a WO, set the shipping price to 0 no matter what
- 0003768: [Work orders] Preselect "DHL" as shipping method when creating PO
- 0004024: [Production data] It is not possible to download product data for 3D parts
- 0003995: [Status] Print mix summary gives a SQL error

Build (12-06-2018)
- 0003963: [Viewer] Older stackup material descriptions fail to load
- 0003950: [Viewer] 1-layer MBB stackup does not load properly

Build (07-05-2018)
- 0003947: [RFQs] Add Forward quote for customer to 3D parts
- 0003937: [RFQs] Error with calculation of max markup
- 0003885: [RFQs] Problem locating older RFQs
- 0003948: [Viewer] Viewer does not show product info

Build (12-04-2018)
- 0003945: [Other] 1-layer MBB stackup does not show properly
- 0003933: [RFQs] Show Product in context menu does not load mixes properly

Build (22-03-2018)
- 0003922: [Production data] Change via filling file name to follow the selected IPC type
- 0003920: [RFQs] Enlarge viewer window for RFQ for mech part
- 0003927: [Incoming Orders] When placing an order for a Mech Part it says "Unsupported product type"
- 0003921: [Incoming Orders] Orders with RFQ not shown unless date range checked
- 0003931: [Other] Product viewer does not respond to keyboard shortcuts

Build (07-03-2018)
New features:
- 0003845: [RFQs] Panel optimizer in create RFQ dialog
- 0003904: [Incoming Orders] Indicate if Incoming order has an RFQ created
- 0003775: [Other] Contact phone number should be visible anywhere shipping address is visible
- 0003905: [RFQs] Show Allow product data download in create RFQ dialog for mech parts
- 0003848: [RFQs] Not possible to set only MLT in create RFQ dialog

Build (05-03-2018)
- 0003908: [Other] Warn more insistently about available updates
- 0003911: [RFQs] Download product as MIF
- 0003884: [Status] RFQ Status takes very long time to refresh

Build (08-02-2018)
- 0003839: [Other] Make it possible to open quote-pdfs simultaneously
- 0003851: [Work orders] Allow upload of invoices before CoC reports
- 0003878: [Other] Stackup does not show in product viewer

Build (07-02-2018)
- 0003806: [RFQs] Forward quote: Allow negative seller's one-time cost (to reduce total one-time)
- 0003809: [RFQs] Creating RFQ from mech part product gets wrong order type

Build (19-10-2017)
- 0003776: [Other] Should be possible to copy shipment details to clipboard
- 0003794: [Work orders] Can not generate POs for mech product orders

Build (05-09-2017)
- 0003772: [RFQs] Mix data is missing from RFQ for mix

Build (04-09-2017)
- 0003769: [Other] AV when trying to make RFQ or PO from product with special material

Build (31-08-2017)
New features:
- 0003530: [RFQs] Possibility for "Minimum lead time" in stead of actual number of days
- 0003759: [Production data] Expanded checks and allow download of 3D plastic products
- 0003755: [RFQs] MBB boards with x021 stackup don't say they are alu boards
- 0003768: [Work orders] Preselect "DHL" as shipping method when creating PO
- 0003758: [RFQs] Create RFQ based on existing RFQ will not set the same IPC class

Build (22-06-2017)
- 0003740: [Work orders] Add support for mechanical part products
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs when finding older product orders

Build (05-04-2017)
- 0003684: [RFQs] Forward quote factory start price shows in wrong currency
- 0003685: [RFQs] Some users report that program crashes/disappears when trying to view RFQ

Build (30-03-2017)
New features:
- 0003683: [RFQs] Copy detailed quote info to clipboard
- 0003679: [Work orders] Enlarge Qty spin edit in Create work order form
- 0003627: [RFQs] Forward quote should be updated to use new price engine
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs if search for product number not in the list
- 0003642: [Incoming Orders] Stencil products are hardcoded to Musen as manufacturer
- 0003641: [Incoming Orders] Preset currency
- 0003659: [Mixing] Fetch correct exchange rate to Mix Calculator
- 0003663: [RFQs] IPC class 2+ is not included when making RFQ from product
- 0003656: [Work orders] Display error with new line

Build (24-02-2017)
New features:
- 0003599: [RFQs] Upload engineering drawing to connector RFQ
- 0003602: [Other] Preselect currency for each company
- 0003595: [RFQs] On RFQ pdfs the text is misleading in case of panels
- 0003587: [RFQs] Need to be able to specify DAP or EXW on forwarded quote
- 0003586: [RFQs] Forward quote dialog is too tall for 768 pixel monitor
- 0003597: [RFQs] RFQ for connector - picture shows in background of RFQ frame

Build (07-12-2016)
- 0003571: [Production data] Datecode text missing from the downloaded files for production

Build (06-12-2016)
- 0003535: [Other] Notification emails to suppliers should contain product nu in subject
- 0003566: [Production data] Allow merging of hires colors
- 0003560: [Production data] Update to latest version of download module
- 0003490: [Status] QA checklist for test fixtures is wrong

Build (06-09-2016)
- 0003477: [Status] Cannot sign for shipped work orders

Build (05-09-2016)
- 0003476: [Status] Downloaded files are not processed properly

Build (02-09-2016)
- 0003465: [RFQs] Forward quote should not be enabled for fabricators
- 0003474: [RFQs] Product parameters are ignored on create RFQ without product

Build (24-08-2016)
- 0003461: [Status] Add support for test fixture products

Build (18-08-2016)
- 0003458: [RFQs] Include picture of product in RFQ and PO for OTS products
- 0003435: [RFQs] On RFQ tab, show the customer in requester column when viewed as office
- 0003459: [Status] Add support for "off-the-shelf" products
- 0003456: [Other] Error if login dialog open for more than 60 seconds

Build (18-04-2016)
- 0003356: [Production data] Add no x-outs to specifications text
- 0003361: [Status] Panel Builder: Insure that routing goes clockwise on outer contour

Build (05-04-2016)
- 0003354: [Status] Panel Builder: Routing and tab removal output

Build (16-03-2016)
-0003324: [Status] Tweaks and fixes to Panel Builder module
-0003325: [Work orders] Nominal thickness of 1080 prepreg changed to 70µm

Build (04-03-2016)
New features:
- 0003306: [Status] Add Panel Builder module
- 0003302: [Incoming Orders] Change default view/loaded items in Incomming orders
- 0003307: [RFQs] Use DHL China Norge curve for shipping in Forward Quote
- 0003292: [Work orders] Disallow manuf mark and No Cu shave should be read-only

Build (15-02-2016)
- 0003178: [Status] Additional info on packing list
- 0003271: [Status] If searched WO when signing, repeat search after sign
- 0003269: [Work orders] Support for performance class 2+
- 0003270: [Incoming Orders] Hide active orders
- 0003246: [Work orders] Add "cancel" possibility to price options custom dlg in Create WO from Quotation
- 0003254: [Work orders] DAP not passed on to PO even though chosen in WO
- 0003268: [Other] Shipped orders should not show red date on shipped orders

Build (06-01-2016)
- 0003177: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer should send email copy office
- 0003220: [Other] Show details check box should not be visible to manufacturer

Build (19-11-2015)
- 0003208: [Status] Improved messages if unable to download production data

Build (16-11-2015)
- 0003193: [Other] Add Beveled Edge and No Cu Shave as product specifications
- 0003194: [Production data] Shows messages for used for debugging when downloading files
- 0003191: [Production data] Error in downloading changed production files
- 0003190: [Production data] Some files with non standard file names missing from zip-files

Build (12-11-2015)
- 0003179: [Other] Add Ctrl+mouse click in any cell to copy contents to clip board
- 0003175: [Production data] Error in signing for mixes. Always denies manu download

Build (04-11-2015)
- 0003173: [Work orders] Show all product specs in Create Work Order dialog
- 0003172: [Production data] Downloading and approving file for manu-download gives false error if UL-mark is defined
- 0003174: [RFQs] Access violation on Forward Quote to ME user
- 0003171: [RFQs] IPC class 3 incorrectly selected for some products
- 0003170: [RFQs] Area not specified on Create RFQ from product
- 0003169: [RFQs] Access violation on Create RFQ without product

Build (03-11-2015)
New features:
- 0003164: [Other] Extended product specifications
- 0003163: [Other] Support for order options
- 0003126: [Other] Give intuitive filename for PO, Invoice, QA etc.
- 0003156: [RFQs] Forward quote: One-time prices do not update when changing currency

Macaos Convergence 1.11

Macaos Convergence 1.11 bruce Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:35

Build (03-11-2015)
New features:
- 0003164: [Other] Extended product specifications
- 0003163: [Other] Support for order options
- 0003126: [Other] Give intuitive filename for PO, Invoice, QA etc.
- 0003156: [RFQs] Forward quote: One-time prices do not update when changing currency

Build (13-08-2015)
- 0003087: [RFQ] Stackup thicknesses wrong if 1-layer lam thick<Cu thick
- 0003102: [General] Compatible with extended product type IDs

Build (13-05-2015)
New features:
- 0003036: [Work orders] Sort Work orders to invoice dialog by product number
- 0003063: [RFQs] RFQs do not support prices in SEK
- 0003064: [RFQs] Download Assembly Info button should not show if not an Assembly RFQ
- 0003062: [RFQs] Cannot create WO from RFQ for stencil product
- 0003048: [RFQs] Forward quote: Very large quantities not displayed properly
- 0003035: [RFQs] Quoter comment gets truncated

Build (26-02-2015)
New features:
- 0003020: [RFQs] When forwarding quote to customer, send copy to sales office
- 0003002: [RFQs] Make checkbox for repeat order for RFQ
- 0003004: [Status] Show in Pack/Ship module and Ship Details dlg if shipment is EXW

Build (10-02-2015)
- 0003005: [Other] Out of bounds error when loading product 194601 into viewer

Build (05-02-2015)
- 0003000: [RFQs] Unable to view RFQ for mix due to access violation

Build (04-02-2015)
New features:
- 0002983: [RFQs] Generate RFQ and WO for Assembly
- 0002994: [RFQs] Forward quote: Automatically set order options if specified in product comment
- 0002995: [Work orders] Uncheck the Hide closed/finished items when searching for work orders

Build (07-01-2015)
- 0002984: [Other] Remember state of Hide closed/finished check box
- 0002985: [Work orders] Close WO (if still open) when marking invoice OK
- 0002982: [Production data] Ep factory prefix is wrong in some cases
- 0002977: [RFQs] Wrong surface finish in quote

Build (22-12-2014)
- 0002975: [RFQs] Forward quote: Eltest should default to true
- 0002974: [RFQs] Forward quote: wrong exchange rate used for Freight/Macaos price

Build (11-12-2014)
New features:
- 0002949: [RFQs] Major upgrade of Forward Quote to Customer module
- 0002962: [Other] Load any product in price view
- 0002957: [Production data] Add EQ subject line to specifications.txt
- 0002956: [Production data] Gerber X2 commands are not removed for Gerberfile only containing polygons

Macaos Convergence 1.10

Macaos Convergence 1.10 bruce Fri, 12/28/2012 - 13:47

Build (12-11-2014)
- 0002947: [RFQs] RFQ PDF should refer to stackup PDF for custom stackups
- 0002946: [RFQs] Show price/dm² as hint in price grid in quote viewer
- 0002935: [Other] Remember user name when closing the program
- 0002948: [RFQs] Memory leak in quote viewer panel optimizer
- 0002945: [RFQs] Prod specs group boxes improperly placed in product quotation viewer
- 0002938: [RFQs] Comment field truncates text at 500 chars
- 0002925: [Work orders] Multiline address does not print properly in PO pdf

Build (24-09-2014)
- 0002903: [Other] Add our order ref and boards/panel to packing list
- 0002886: [Other] Filter RFQ and WO supplier lists by product type
- 0002901: [Production data] Add pnp, drill, notation, soldermask and copper files in production files for paste products
- 0002906: [Production data] Error in Gerber output for Mif text
- 0002908: [RFQs] Must be possible to create RFQs for stencil products

Build (03-09-2014)
- 0002855: [Other] Add timer to check for update every 24 hrs
- 0002874: [Status] Warn if closing work order when not last milepost
- 0002851: [Status] Signing for mix data send, does not include all checks
- 0002872: [Work orders] SQL error when viewing WO history

Build (21-08-2014)
- 0002845: [Status] Updated Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
- 0002830: [Viewer] Pick and Place data is not correctly cached in some cases
- 0002842: [Viewer] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width

Build (22-07-2014)
- 0002799: [RFQs] Add possibility to disable Gerber X2 when downloading files for RFQ
- 0002793: [Status] Remember state of GerberX2 check box when downloading

Build (26-06-2014)
- 0002791: [Status] Allow download of Gerber files without X2 Attributes
- 0002792: [Status] Traces in some boards in mix missing

Build (24-06-2014)
New features:
- 0002765: [Other] Enable multiple logins
- 0002763: [Status] Show list of missing QA documents
- 0002784: [Work orders] Add Tariff numbers to PO and papers for shipment
- 0002782: [Other] Support for Gerber files with RS-274X2 file attributes
- 0002775: [RFQs] When holding mouse over the comment, show the entire comment as a hint
- 0002759: [RFQs] Un-check "Use dates on search" doesn't work

Build (19-05-2014)
- 0002750: [Other] "Unexpected Class ID encountered: CTMifPoint" when viewing new mixes

Build (28-04-2014)
- 0002758: [Other] Access violation if clicking Get Prices before clicking Refresh prices

Build (24-04-2014)
- 0002749: [Production data] Update download system to disregard @OC commands
- 0002754: [Status] Cannot rotate or mirror view in QA dialog

Build (15-04-2014)
New features:
- 0002728: [RFQs] Forward quote: Double-click to search for user
- 0002744: [RFQs] Forward quote: Add markup/day curve
- 0002745: [RFQs] Forward quote: Show original quote
- 0002732: [Other] Add price editor module for fabricators to manage their online price list

Build (02-04-2014)
- 0002726: [RFQs] Forward quote: Can not modify retail start cost; add minimum markup
- 0002727: [RFQs] Forward quote: Should be able to disable output prices by blanking upper right cells
- 0002729: [RFQs] Forward quote: Prices do not update if no factory price available
- 0002730: [RFQs] Forward quote: Remove "Quote no.:" when pushing quote to database

Build (27-03-2014)
- 0002714: [RFQs] Minor fix to Forward quote to ME customer

Build (25-03-2014)
New features:
- 0002630: [Work Orders] Add checkbox for Repeat order
- 0002714: [RFQs] Add more flexibility to specifying retail prices when forwarding quote to customer
- 0002685: [RFQs] Allow choosing order from which to create WO from RFQ that is not linked to an order
- 0002667: [Production data] Signing for product data should not be possible if product is not signed for CAM

Build (14-01-2014)
- 0002560: [RFQs] Show non-standard properties more clearly
- 0002539: [Work orders] Notify supplier by e-mail when a work order is created
- 0002540: [Work orders] Make POs for Elprint China as Agent WOs visible to buyer

Build (08-01-2014)
- 0002613: [Production data] Change from error to warning for small slots/routed tracks
- 0002614: [Production data] Fix compatibility with MySql 5.1 on new database server
- 0002623: [Production data] Unexplained error message "38" on download

Build (30-12-2013)
- 0002615: [Work orders] Check box to include/exclude date range when searching
- 0002620: [Status] Download module updated for compatibility with new database server
- 0002543: [Status] Download: It's not possible to download mixes with 0-layers
- 0002544: [Status] Download: Empty showMessage box pops up for stencil products

Build (03-10-2013)
- 0002522: [Work orders] Error in output of mixes

Build (01-10-2013)
- 0002461: [Mixing] If all mixes on a date are deleted then none of them are visible
- 0002518: [Status] Improved support for global products
- 0002483: [RFQs] No indication of RFQ creation
- 0002493: [Work orders] Cannot upload OC with space character in path/filename

Build (13-08-2013)
- 0002451: [RFQs] Access violation in quotation module
- 0002450: [Status] RFQ info does not show for mixes in unchecked list of Status view
- 0002449: [Work orders] Problems uploading invoice and QA docs

Build (09-08-2013)
New features:
- 0002447: [Mixing] Show deleted mixes and allow undeleting
- 0002446: [RFQs] RFQ viewer for mixes should display hole counts and minimum features
- 0002448: [Work orders] Cannot open invoice file with space character at end of filename

Build (07-08-2013)
New features:
- 0002315: [RFQs] Show detailed price breakdown for prices in Forward Quote To ME dialog
- 0002316: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ in MC, the "No x-outs allowed" checkbox is gone
- 0002317: [RFQs] Often when searching for RFQ's nothing is found
- 0002343: [RFQs] Unable to create WO from RFQ
- 0002417: [RFQs] RMB as currency is not fully supported
- 0002433: [RFQs] Remove "X rfq's created succesfully"
- 0002418: [Work orders] Do not show "Send response to quoters .." if only one RFQ was made

Build (30-04-2013)
New features:
- 0002284: [RFQs] Use parameters from existing price list when forwarding quotation to customer
- 0002205: [RFQs] Quote viewer should show IPC class in red text if not class 2
- 0002266: [RFQs] RFQ recipient list fails if no "regular" recipient is chosen
- 0002233: [Status] All orders should be shipped direct to customer in pack/ship
- 0002282: [Work orders] access violation on attempt to create stencil WO from incoming orders
- 0002218: [Other] Internal invoicing list is built up wrong

Build (28-12-2012)
New features:
- 0002077: [RFQs] Duplicate RFQ
- 0002044: [RFQs] Customer RFQ's from ME should be sent to the sales office, for forwarding to desired suppliersRFQ to
- 0002147: [Status] Additional info with bar codes required on shipment docs
- 0002080: [Status] Additional information requested for outside package label
- 0002121: [Work orders] View all pack list info in Shipment Details
- 0002045: [Work orders] Change "Save to archive" to "Save and close" on "Purchase Order" form
- 0002039: [Work orders] Sort suppliers by priority
- 0002108: [Incoming Orders] Customer RFQ does not contain info about IPC class 3, if checked
- 0002079: [Incoming Orders] Remove freight from ME-orders
- 0002126: [RFQs] Download of data is not possible
- 0002109: [RFQs] Creating RFQ from mixes med in MixDemo are missing size, stackup and surface
- 0002107: [RFQs] Local settings causes date format to be wrong
- 0002106: [RFQs] Check pCardInfo for info when creating RFQ for mixes
- 0002111: [Status] Downloading product data should sign for recieved data
- 0002157: [Work orders] Cannot delete work order

Macaos Convergence 1.9

Macaos Convergence 1.9 bruce Tue, 09/04/2012 - 15:57

Build (23-10-2012)
- 0002034: [Incoming Orders] Change default stencil fabricator
- 0002036: [Work orders] Update default stencil prices
- 0002104: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for mix generated by Fusion
- 0002105: [RFQs] RFQs to chinese suppliers should be owned by sales office rather than by china office

Build (05-09-2012)
- 0002031: [Status] Unable to download product data for mix
- 0002030: [RFQs] Problem creating RFQs

Build (04-09-2012)
New features:
- 0002005: [General] Copy product number to clipboard on Ctrl+click in (almost) any list
- 0002020: [RFQs] Let sales offices send RFQs directly to chinese suppliers
- 0001927: [RFQs] Forward quotation to customer
- 0001925: [RFQs] Allow download of files for (some) RFQ's
- 0002027: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from an RFQ, the delivery date is lost
- 0002009: [RFQs] RFQs with surface HASL (Non RoHS) show as (Undefined finish)
- 0002007: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from incoming orders, do not check the "Waiting" factory
- 0002004: [RFQs] When toggling quotes OK, the color of one-line quotes is not changed until you update
- 0001957: [RFQs] Quotations do not contain info about holes
- 0001948: [RFQs] Remove default values for Days and Qty when creating a new RFQ
- 0001928: [Work orders] Do not allow signing for send (data by seller) unless there is a PO

Macaos Convergence 1.8

Macaos Convergence 1.8 bruce Fri, 02/24/2012 - 14:10

Build (18-04-2012)
- 0001917: [Status] Packinglist columns not alligned properly

Build (30-03-2012)
- 0001900: [Work orders] Remove the need to make a comment if price is changed when making WO

Build (09-03-2012)
- 0001882: [Other] Add support to mix viewer for mixes published in MIFv3 format
- 0001858: [Other] Add number of panels to raw material optimizer
- 0001874: [Status] Download: Etch/Buildup-files for stencils are missing from zip file

Build (24-02-2012)
New features:
- 0001837: [RFQs] Production panel optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001838: [RFQs] Raw material sheet optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001839: [RFQs] Price calculator for optimizer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001834: [Status] QA checklist must indicate that board has aluminium
- 0001826: [Status] Need a mechanism for passing shipment comments to pack/ship
- 0001845: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for product with stackup 1015 aluminium

Macaos Convergence 1.7

Macaos Convergence 1.7 bruce Wed, 06/08/2011 - 16:02

Build (19-01-2012)
New features:
- 0001822: [Status] Function to change ship to address after packing
- 0001422: [Status] Add yellow/green colors to Pack/Ship module to show complete/incomplete
- 0001821: [Other] Need to be able to fulfill orders from local stock
- 0001818: [RFQs] Prevent supplier from changing quotation price after an RFQ has been closed
- 0001806: [RFQs] Cannot forward an RFQ for a mix
- 0001805: [RFQs] RFQs for mixes do not display in correct order in list
- 0001819: [Other] Outgoing shipments should show unfulfilled orders if today/next 3 days/next 7 days is chosen

Build (23-12-2011)
New features:
- 0001767: [RFQs] Show RFQ for a mix in mix viewer
- 0001697: [Status] Receive milepost: For re-orders, display text describing changes from previous order
- 0001792: [Work orders] Add RMB as valid currency for placing orders
- 0001785: [Other] Right-click to show mix info in Outgoing Shipments
- 0001745: [RFQs] Error when displaying quote forwarded to ME customer
- 0001727: [RFQs] Need to have more characters for product comments
- 0001769: [Status] Stencil products do not show in Status view when logged in as Running
- 0001743: [Status] Download: Due to change in MIF, changed notation files was not exported
- 0001772: [Other] When searching for product number, don't show messagedlg "..try with expanded date range"
- 0001771: [Other] Change default start date to always be one month prior to current date

Build (28-10-2011)
New features:
- 0001719: [RFQs] Access to documentation files when viewing RFQ product
- 0001698: [Status] Download only changed files for reorders
- 0001716: [Work orders] Search for WO or PO number
- 0001720: [Status] Eliminate spaces from tracking numbers

Build (15-08-2011)
New features:
- 0001671: [RFQs] Send response to quoters after RFQ becomes order
- 0001628: [RFQs] When making RFQ from product/free spec, use days rather than date
- 0001651: [Other] Number of orders in delivery precision does not match number of orders in outgoing shipments
- 0001652: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ from RFQ if there are multiple quantities
- 0001664: [Work orders] Ignore deleted work orders when searching by product outside of date range
- 0001650: [Work orders] Production site in Convergence should also be transferred to order in Perception
- 0001638: [Work orders] Searching for stencil fails

Build (01-07-2011)
New features:
- 0001642: [Other] Menu item for uploading supplier certification documents
- 0001641: [RFQs] Sort incoming and outgoing RFQs with same product number together
- 0001639: [RFQs] Work order created from RFQ not properly linked to incoming order
- 0001604: [RFQs] Quotation for RFQ generated from price module has too many digits in hard gold area
- 0001640: [Work orders] Make dropdown lists in Create work order wider

Build (08-06-2011)
New features:
- 0001635: [Incoming Orders] Open "Send" milepost for signing after creating work order
- 0001634: [Incoming Orders] Close RFQs when creating work order
- 0001623: [RFQs] Create WO directly from RFQ
- 0001475: [RFQs] Panel optimizer module for generating quotation
- 0001631: [Other] Show delivery precision
- 0001619: [Mixing] Create WO from MixList does not remove order from mix list
- 0001618: [RFQs] RFQs take a long time to generate
- 0001630: [Other] Outgoing shipments list too slow

Macaos Convergence 1.6

Macaos Convergence 1.6 bruce Fri, 03/11/2011 - 15:27

Build (29-04-2011)
New features:
- 0001600: [Status] Print package content label for each product in packlist
- 0001593: [Status] Make provision for slower shipments in Pack/Ship module
- 0001577: [Mixing] Function to mark boards on a mix as waste, so that they reappear on the mix list
- 0001597: [Status] Packing: DHL tracking numbers get UPS tracking URL
- 0001592: [Other] Mix viewer gets access violation
- 0001602: [Mixing] Production site sometimes not reset on Remove from Mixlist

Build (08-04-2011)
New features:
- 0001567: [RFQs] Show requester info for customer created RFQs
- 0001553: [RFQs] Mark customer created RFQs with a Macaos C in the parent line
- 0001565: [Work orders] View tracking info from Shipment Info dialog
- 0001564: [Other] Support for internal invoicing for Elprint China as agent
- 0001569: [Incoming Orders] When creating workorder, agent should not default to MT
- 0001573: [Mixing] Remove from MixList generates an error message
- 0001566: [Mixing] Problem recalculating mix prices
- 0001568: [RFQs] Price in hint text does not show correctly when not in USD
- 0001554: [Status] Dowload: Bug in downloading of stencils

Build (30-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001552: [Mixing] Add freight prices to product list in mix calculator
- 0001550: [Status] Download: Extra files are not added to mix-zip files
- 0001551: [Status] Download: Comments for stencil products are not added to specifications.txt

Build (28-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001540: [Mixing] Add stackup and board area to mixlist
- 0001542: [Status] Generate proforma invoice for UPS export
- 0001528: [RFQs] Cannot unmark group of RFQs
- 0001541: [Status] Some changes needed for XML export to UPS
- 0001548: [Work orders] Unable to generate internal invoice for orders where Elprint China is agent
- 0001527: [Work orders] Insure that WO is saved with valid delivery address/contact person

Build (14-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001525: [RFQs] Add currency RMB to quotation viewer
- 0001526: [Other] RFQ page is missing on login

Build (11-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001515: [RFQs] Make it possible for agents to create an RFQ from an RFQ
- 0001512: [RFQs] Differentiate between incoming and outgoing RFQs (for agents)
- 0001474: [RFQs] Send mail on receipt of RFQ
- 0001524: [Other] Support for chinese user manual
- 0001523: [Other] Export shipment data to UPS
- 0001501: [RFQs] It's not possible to open more than one quotation at a time
- 0001517: [Status] Download: Bug in creating soldermask opening for products without soldermask on mixes
- 0001511: [Status] Seller cannot sign for sent if purchased through agent
- 0001514: [Work orders] Hide price related information from factory floor users
- 0001516: [Other] Shipments do not appear in list if position is spread over multiple work orders
- 0001513: [Other] Suppliers are duplicated in dropdown checklist

Macaos Convergence 1.5

Macaos Convergence 1.5 bruce Wed, 08/04/2010 - 14:20

Build (25-02-2011)
- 0001480: [Status] Packing: Add mix number to packing list for mix
- 0001479: [Status] Download: Invalid D-codes for apertures exported to contour file

Build (17-02-2011)
New features:
- 0001468: [Status] Allow deletion of extra boards when packing
- 0001452: [Other] Reload list after search where product is not found
- 0001470: [Work orders] Hide price, PO, OC and invoice info from external party when an agent is used
- 0001469: [Incoming Orders] Cannot convert null error when creating work order
- 0001465: [Mixing] Delete mix does not always work
- 0001467: [Other] Multi-product panels and mixes do not display properly in viewer
- 0001466: [Status] Shipment information sometimes missing from work order

Build (18-01-2011)
- 0001445: [RFQs] Product comments missing from RFQ when created from product
- 0001414: [RFQs] Link to Quote document missing if first quotation cell is empty
- 0001447: [Status] Shipments direct to customer from mix are registered as sent to sales office
- 0001446: [Status] Transfer mix to vacuum stock does not always work as expected
- 0001444: [Status] Download. Output product numbers of original products in case of multi-product panels
- 0001421: [Status] When signing Manuf with QA (milepost 17) do not show MoveToStock check box
- 0001448: [Work orders] Prevent user from entering tracking number in WorkOrder if they should use Pack/Ship module
- 0001409: [Work orders] Search for tracking number fails if date range is too small

Build (25-11-2010)
New features:
- 0001391: [RFQs] Allow delete of all RFQs in a group
- 0001397: [Work orders] Add nordic currencies to currency list
- 0001375: [Work orders] Ability to filter closed items from lists
- 0001368: [Status] Pack/ship module with automatic QA
- 0001393: [RFQs] Quotations with No Offer should not have a link, since there is no document to view
- 0001396: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer
- 0001403: [RFQs] Quotes for single layer boards incorrectly report 0 as copper thickness
- 0001382: [Status] Download: Mixing of new (hi-res) silk colors
- 0001383: [Status] Download: Mixing of surface fails if no surface (and no copper) mixed with any other surface
- 0001384: [Status] Download: Rotation of rectangle apts fails in some cases

Build (01-11-2010)
New features:
- 0001362: [RFQs] Allow multiple qtys/dates when generating RFQ for an order
- 0001345: [Other] User-definable notification popup interval
- 0001353: [Incoming Orders] Disallow creating WO if order does not have valid shipping address
- 0001346: [Incoming Orders] Need to be able to specify same day shipment of stencils when creating WO/PO
- 0001361: [RFQs] Product and order comments not displayed on Quote viewer
- 0001349: [RFQs] Incorrect copper thickness in quotation for 1-layer board
- 0001348: [RFQs] Prices display incorrectly when multiple qtys and days
- 0001358: [Work orders] UL requirement not included in PO
- 0001344: [Work orders] Some info missing from purchase order
- 0001360: [Status] Unable to complete pack/ship if lost contact with server while packing
- 0001328: [Status] Add check for text that extends contour and/or objects in notation/soldermask before download

Build (01-10-2010)
New features:
- 0001334: [Other] Add overview of orders awaiting shipment
- 0001335: [Other] Module for getting price quotes from mix suppliers
- 0001342: [Status] Unable to download production data for some products
- 0001340: [Status] Unable to pack some orders
- 0001337: [Status] Do not refresh list after cancelling the milepost sign dialog
- 0001333: [Status] ÆØÅ print as chinese characters on first-time print of labels
- 0001332: [RFQs] Peel-off, scoring and hard gold missing from auto-generated quote
- 0001338: [Work orders] Cards/pnl incorrectly parsed into PO

Build (15-09-2010)
New features:
- 0001325: [RFQs] Add UL-Certified fabricator requirement to RFQs and POs
- 0001318: [RFQs] Look up exchange rate when forwarding RFQ
- 0001329: [Status] Part of mix ID text missing when downloading files in China
- 0001324: [Status] Error (List index 5 out of bounds) when packing some shipments
- 0001322: [Status] Need to check downloaded files for exceptions when loading into MIF
- 0001319: [Status] Tracking numbers sometimes missing from customer order
- 0001327: [Prices] Updated price viewer

Build (01-09-2010)
New features:
- 0001313: [Status] Add support for download of production data for mixes

Build (19-08-2010)
New features:
- 0001302: [RFQs] Add function to respond to RFQ with "No offer"
- 0001301: [RFQs] Show RFQs in a tree hierarchy
- 0001300: [Work orders] Add method to accept a PO from the unanswered POs list
- 0001303: [RFQs] Buildup not shown for custom stackups
- 0001304: [Status] Cannot download stencil product data with product number < 100000
- 0001305: [Work orders] Force due date to be later than work order date

Build (06-08-2010)
New features:
- 0001291: [RFQs] Highlight best quote
- 0001290: [RFQs] Add support for RFQs generated from Enterprise
- 0001287: [RFQs] Generate quotation in RFQ product viewer
- 0001295: [Incoming Orders] Raise a notification for incoming orders which have not been processed
- 0001289: [Mixing] Need to be able to delete a mix
- 0001297: [Other] Add product list to mix viewer
- 0001288: [Other] Cache product data locally to improve product viewer performance
- 0001294: [RFQs] Search for RFQ does not work
- 0001293: [Incoming Orders] Incorrect prices when double orders
- 0001296: [Other] Mix production sites sometimes duplicated in site checklist
- 0001292: [Other] Unable to download product data for stencil products

Macaos Convergence 1.4

Macaos Convergence 1.4 bruce Tue, 06/01/2010 - 12:13

Build (20-07-2010)
New features:
- 0001286: [RFQs] Add quote viewer to product viewer
- 0001284: [Work orders] Search for tracking number does not work
- 0001285: [Mixing] Cannot update mix prices

Build (24-06-2010)
New features:
- 0001273: [Incoming Orders] Support for work orders for solder paste stencils
- 0001104: [Work orders] Add Product/Mix viewer
- 0001274: [Status] Download product data directly from Receive milepost
- 0001278: [Other] Allow uploading text documents and spreadsheets as Quotation, Order confirmation or Invoice
- 0001276: [Other] Automatic acceptance of POs when signing Receive
- 0001258: [Other] Show only requested records on search
- 0001277: [Status] Product viewer not accessible from Status view
- 0001257: [Other] Internal invoice only works once

Build (02-06-2010)
New features:
- 0001239: [RFQs] Send RFQ to multiple recipients

Build (28-05-2010)
New features:
- 0001238: [Work orders] Add WO# to Status view
- 0001216: [Work orders] Expanded quality control milepost
- 0001215: [Work orders] Expanded packing and shipping milepost
- 0001240: [RFQs] Links in RFQ view don't work

Macaos Convergence 1.3

Macaos Convergence 1.3 bruce Mon, 01/18/2010 - 12:04

Build (09-04-2010)
New features:
- 0001187: [Work orders] Phone number on address label
- 0001190: [Other] Add quantity to Status view
- 0001189: [RFQs] Problems with product viewer
- 0001188: [Work orders] Att in wrong position on PO
- 0001186: [Work orders] æøå are not printable in China

Build (16-03-2010)
New features:
- 0001185: [Other] Product specs shown in product viewer
- 0001184: [Mixing] Partially mixed order does not appear in mix list
- 0001183: [Work orders] Specify company/address/att in PO ship/invoice addresses
- 0001182: [Work orders] Mangled product numbers in upload invoice checklist
- 0001181: [Work orders] Article bar code on labels is owner article rather than partner

Build (09-03-2010)
New features:
- 0001177: [Work orders] Show expanded product details for work orders
- 0001169: [Work orders] Print labels and packing list from product details
- 0001168: [Work orders] Disallow uploading invoice if QA documents have not been uploaded
- 0001176: [Mixing] Change frame of mix
- 0001167: [Other] Sort lists with most recent item first rather than last

Build (15-02-2010)
New features:
- 0001153: [RFQs] Generate RFQs without having a pre-defined product
- 0001154: [Other] Stackup viewer in product viewer

Build (08-02-2010)
New features:
- 0001129: [Work orders] Pop up a list of unconfirmed RFQs and POs
- 0001105: [Incoming Orders] Generate RFQ from order or mix
- 0001045: [Other] Generate RFQ from product
- 0001135: [Incoming Orders] "Waiting" orders not shown in incoming list
- 0001133: [Incoming Orders] Product links do not always work
- 0001130: [Incoming Orders] Unable to select self as supplier when creating work order

Build (15-01-2010)
New features:
- 0001116: [Work orders] List undelivered products on mix
- 0001098: [Work orders] Changed column display to show/hide groups of columns
- 0001084: [Other] Pricing management module for fabricators

Macaos Convergence 1.2 and earlier

Macaos Convergence 1.2 and earlier bruce Mon, 01/18/2010 - 14:37

Build (17-12-2009)
New features:
- 0001109: [Mixing] Move order from mixlist to separate fabrication
- 0001077: [Work orders] Show "Mark as" info in PO
- 0001071: [Work orders] Search for tracking number
- 0001047: [Work orders] Better search for products
- 0001044: [Other] Synchronize AWB/Track n' trace numbers between programs, and support for more shippers
- 0001112: [Work orders] Wrong billing address on PO when Elprint is agent
- 0001046: [Other] Upload of invoices is not logical

Build (20-08-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] Added contact phone number to PO
- [Work orders] Fixed problems with Elprint as Agent
- [Work orders] Fixed problem with editing WO if fabricator changed

Build (09-07-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] Added upload of QA documents from WO view
- [Incoming orders] Fixed incorrect order quantity

Build (22-06-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] View/print purchase order for work order

Build (05-06-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] OK status for Order confirmations and Invoices
- [Work orders] Prevent uploading non-zip QA documentation

Build 1.0 (24-03-2009)