Welcome to Macaos

 Macaos Software AS is a leading developer of software for streamlining the acquisition and production of printed circuit boards and assemblies.

Bottom line is that the software is so good it really deserves more attention from the German market. I would stretch it and say that the global market needs an eye opener towards this newcomer. This is the future. -- Knut M Hansen, A2G Industri

Macaos BOM Screener

The Macaos BOM Screener is a new module for parsing a Bill of Materials list and matching each component to a database of known components. We will be demonstrating this technology at the DNU spring seminar in Oslo on March 18th. The first release of the BOM Screener is planned for late April.

Macaos Rounds Ten Thousand

Congratulations to Fredrik Huseby of Hadelandprodukter AS who is the holder of Macaos license number 10000! As a token of our appreciation, we have given him a free license to Macaos Gallery.

Announcing Macaos Gallery 1.0

Macaos Software announces the release of Macaos Gallery, a powerful tool for creating assembly arrays (panels) and solder paste stencils. Simply import the Gerber files for your PCB and within a couple of minutes you can generate production files and technical drawings for your panel and stencil.

Macaos Enterprise User guide

Macaos Enterprise allows you to easily browse, panelize and place orders for printed circuit boards and solder paste stencils. This quick user guide will help you get started.
For more detailed info, use the Help menu in Macaos Enterprise to open the user manual.

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