Creating a solder paste stencil product

  • Locate the PCB product for which you wish to create a stencil and then click on the Stencil button. If you wish to create a stencil product directly from Gerber files, then click on a folder name (so that no product is selected) before clicking on the Stencil button.
  • Click on the Stencil and frame data toolbar button. Specify the layer(s) and frame to use for the stencil.
  • Click on the Placement and fiducials toolbar button. Specify the placement of data within the frame. If desired, top and bottom data may be placed side by side on the same stencil. Indicate which data are fiducials, since these will be etched rather than cut through the stencil.
  • Click on the Shape manipulation toolbar button. Specify opening size adjustment for all openings. If desired, select individual openings to further refine the opening adjustment. All adjustments are specified as a percentage of the reduction/enlargement of the copper pad (if available) or the original pad. Specify the corner rounding to match the nominal solder ball size of the solder past to be used.
  • Click on the Text toolbar button and, if desired, specify the product's name and description and then place the text.
  • Click on the Delete objects toolbar button and delete any unnecessary objects from the stencil data.
  • Click on the Divide large openiongs into smaller segments toolbar button if there are large stencil openings that you wish to split into an array of smaller openings.
  • Click on the Define regions with expanded/reduced thickness toolbar button if you wish to define regions of the stencil that should be built up or etched down to a different thickness than the stencil thickness.
  • Click on the Publish stencil button to create the new paste mask stencil product(s). By default, a stencil product is created with the same product number as the PCB product, plus pt (for top) or pb (for bottom) or just p (for both). If the paste mask product already exists, then the new product will be given a new product number (plus pt, pb or p).