Placing an order

To order a product, you need to do the following:

  1. Choose a product. Locate and select the product in the Product explorer.
  2. Obtain a price quotation. Click on the Buy button to open the Quotation module. Select one or more quantities and one or more delivery times (days) and then click on the Get Price button.
  3. Add to the Shopping basket. Select a quantity/days/price combination and click on the Add to Basket button. After selecting a delivery address for the product, it is added to the Shopping basket. If you wish to order more of the same product, then select a new quantity/days/price combination and click Add to Basket again. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to order additional products.
  4. Place the order. Click on the Check Out button in the Quotation dialog. After selecting an invoice address for the order, select a payment method and enter a purchase order number. Clicking on the Final Ordering button confirms all orders in the Shopping basket. Your order confirmation is displayed and the ordered products are added to the On order folder of the Product explorer.

Alternatively, you can used Macaos Enterprise to send a Request For Quotation to participating Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers to produce your product for you.