Assembly Data Manager

With Macaos Enterprise, you can send a Request For Quotation (RFQ) to participating Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers. An RFQ gives the EMS provider read-only access to your board product, pick & place (PnP) data, and bill of materials (BOM) list, so that they have the information necessary to calculate their quotation.

To generate an RFQ for assembly:

  1. Import the board. If you have not already done so, use the Import Module to import your Gerber/Drill or ODB++ files to Macaos Enterprise.
    • PnP data should be imported together with your board data files. Link the PnP data file to the Pick&Place data layer. If necessary, PnP data may also be imported or created in the Assembly Manager module.
    • For best results, BOM data should be added to the product in the Assembly Data Manager module. (See step 4 below.)
  2. Panel and Stencil. Normally, you should not panelize the board or create a stencil. The EMS provider will do these steps in the manner best suited to their production processes.
  3. Choose the product. Locate and select the board product in the Product explorer.
  4. Open the Assembly Data Manager module. Click on the Assembly button to open the module. This module has tabs for processing PnP data, BOM data, remarks and the RFQ.
    Pick and place data
    Check that pick and place data is correct.
    PnP data for individual components may be created, edited, or toggled active/inactive.
    Bill of Materials
    Import and process the BOM.
    The BOM processor attempts to categorize information from each entry in the BOM and match it to known component data. BOM data is not visible to bare PCB manufacturers, but only to the EMS providers with whom you share your product.
    If desired, remarks may be added to the board by drawing a circle around the area in question and adding the remark text. Remarks are generated as an extra board documentation layer, which is visible to both PCB manufacturers and to EMS providers.
    Request for Quotation
    Fill out the necessary information, select EMS provider(s) and then click on the Submit RFQ button.
  5. Quotations and ordering. You should receive quotations within 2 working days by e-mail from the selected EMS provider(s). If you are satisfied with a quotation, you will need to contact the EMS provider directly to place your order with them.
  6. Make sure your selected supplier has access to your product. Generating RFQs automatically shares your product with the EMS provider(s) for a period of 10 days, but only for the purpose of viewing and quoting your product.
    You will need to change the product share for your selected supplier so that they have Order or Manuf scope, and so that the share does not expire until after they are finished with your product.
    • The product share expiry may be changed by right-clicking on the product and choosing Share|<partner name>|Make permanent or Share|<partner name>|Edit.
    • The product share scope may be changed by right-clicking on the product and choosing Share|<partner name>|Change scope to <scope>.

    See the user manual for more info about editing product shares.