Output BOM

The results of processing the Input BOM are displayed as the Output BOM.

The Qty and Designator columns are taken from the Input BOM.

The MACAOS key name and Stocked by columns indicate the results of the database search.

The remaining columns show how component parameters from the Input BOM have been interpreted. The information in these columns may be modified, as necessary, in order to improve the search results. After making modifications, click on the Retry button to perform a new component search (without parsing information from the Input BOM).

To replace the text in a cell, click on the cell and start typing to enter the new text. To modify the existing text, click a second time to put the cell in edit mode. Note: Avoid making a double-click, to prevent opening the Macaos Component Chooser.

If only one matching component is found in the database, then it's key name (unique identifier in the Macaos Component Database) is shown together with known suppliers that stock the component. These rows are green.

If two or more matching components are found, then the MACAOS key name column displays the number of components found. Double-click on the row to open the Macaos Component Chooser and select a component. These rows are yellow.

If no matching component is found you may double-click on the row to open the Macaos Component Chooser and perform a manual search for a suitable component or to add the component to the database.

To mark one or more rows as components not to be installed, select the desired row(s) and right-click. To select more than one row, press the Ctrl key while selecting additional rows. For each selected row, the text DO NOT INSTALL will be inserted in the MACAOS key name column. If necessary, double-click on a row to select a component and remove the DO NOT INSTALL mark.

Once you are satisfied with the contents of the Output BOM, click on the Save button to save the changes in the product and update the product in the Macaos Repository.