Macaos RapidCam 0.x

Build (24-11-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003402: [Viewer] Select Cu layer and then right-click to inspect etch compensation

Build (18-08-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003402: [Output] Show compensated copper layer relative to original copper

Build (18-04-2016)
- 0003362: [Output] Routing tabs disappear when panel in panel
- 0003361: [Output] Insure that routing goes clockwise on outer contour

Build (04-04-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003353: [Output] Tab removal holes and slots generated as separate tab removal layer
- 0003225: [Output] Parameters are not passed from docs to output files
- 0003352: [Output] Assertion failure when extracting unplated holes
- 0003351: [Output] Cannot set up output parameters if output path does not exist

Build (06-01-2016)
New functionality:
- 0003228: [Docs] Etch compensation calculation/display in Docs
- 0003226: [Docs] Settings|Default doc settings function to set default process values
- 0003056: [Frame] Option to allow designated tooling tools to come first in tool list
- 0003230: [Panelize] Show percentage waste as well as waste area in optimizer
- 0003224: [Docs] Information is not properly passed from output process defaults to doc module
- 0003227: [General] Job settings not properly restored after save/reopen
- 0003187: [Tabs] Tabs do not display properly if step container embedded in step container

Build (03-12-2015)
- 0003222: [General] Import incorrectly reports inner contours too small for selected outline

Build (02-12-2015)
- 0003184: [General] Panelization problem in panel optimizer

Build (13-11-2015)
New functionality:
- 0003185: [General] Add option to disable rotation in optimizer
- 0003183: [General] Cancel qty does not cancel
- 0003184: [General] Panel products (from mif) get depanelized before optimizing

Build (17-09-2015)
New functionality:
Open Macaos product zip file with Gerber data
More complete documentation
Fixed issues with configuring Raw Matl Cut and Tool Compensation
Fixed problem with copper layer count

Build (10-08-2015)
New functionality:
- 0003101: [General] Save and reopen production panel jobs
- 0003100: [General] Assertion failure when opening output file generator

Build (04-06-2015)
New functionality:
Define stackup in Docs module
Include stackup drawing in output docs
Include drill template drawing in output docs
Manage raw material sheets
Manage user language strings

Build (28-04-2015)
New functionality:
Added Raw Material Sheet setup functionality
Added UL Coupon Manager
Access violation when opening second job
Some issues with login and renewal interface

Build (20-04-2015)
Initial test release