Macaos Perception 1.6

Build (05-10-2022)
- 0004953: [Product] Change columns for Stat. summary
- 0004968: [Statistics] Add avg this year to weekly report
- 0004977: [Order] PCBA order always has function test option selected
- 0004969: [Product] Should not be possible to create product share if owner has no Macaos licenses

Build (18-07-2022)
New features:
- 0004937: [Statistics] Overview of PCBA orders
- 0004941: [Product] ADM: Show popup warning for PCBA product if no changes permitted
- 0004938: [Product] Save button is not activated when editing PCBA weight
- 0004940: [Product] Stackup drawing does not show flex core
- 0004943: [Order] FTEST in OC comment

Build (22-06-2022)
New features:
- 0004895: [Order] Move shipment to another position
- 0004896: [Product] Change stock place of selected stock
- 0004889: [Product] Support for PCBA product type
- 0004874: [Product] ADM: Add Autolink to Octopart icon
- 0004871: [Product] ADM: Allow offices to edit product comment from ADM
- 0004851: [Product] ADM: Add additional search text to component search parameters
- 0004890: [Other] Holiday manager - List of companies should only contain active suppliers
- 0004891: [Order] Add component count to order confirmations for PCBA products
- 0004872: [Order] Add From factory and To customer dates to positions list
- 0004893: [Product] Add hint with Article/Description to list of related products
- 0004873: [Product] Allow left aligned product specifications icons
- 0004859: [Product] Add assembly comments to products
- 0004839: [Search] Add product name and order comments columns to shipping view
- 0004922: [Customer] unexpected behavior when clicking cancel in add contact info dialog
- 0004909: [Order] Can not print pack list
- 0004882: [Product] Files of type .zip.v0 should not be visible in file list
- 0004865: [Product] Can not view film product