Macaos Perception 1.5

Build (02-03-2022)
- 0004859: [Product] Add assembly comments to products
- 0004865: [Product] Can not view film product

Build (24-02-2022)
- 0004853: [ADM] Add Ctrl+D shortcut to search in Octopart search dialog
- 0004852: [ADM] Auto search when opening Octopart search if manufacturer and MPN specified
- 0004849: [ADM] Update product specs when closing ADM
- 0004848: [ADM] In Octopart search, check for manuf. name should not be case sensitive
- 0004846: [ADM] Layer visibility when showing instances
- 0004844: [ADM] Select component if exact match in Filter function
- 0004840: [ADM] Change Save button to OK in component editor
- 0004839: [Search] Add product name and order comments columns to shipping view
- 0004850: [ADM] When importing BOM, the original file does not get saved with the product
- 0004841: [ADM] If a space is found in Designator line - ADM will keep asking you if you want to use it as separator

Build (08-02-2022)
New features:
- 0004838: [Order] Renumber and regenerate order confirmation
- 0004837: [Order] Merge orders into single order
- 0004825: [Order] The ability to split incoming orders
- 0004813: [Quote] Allow attaching BOM file to quotation for assembly
- 0004823: [Product] ADM: Add designators to components report, and MPN to placement report
- 0003902: [Product] Changes to panel drawing
- 0004826: [Search] Add sent/rest columns to orders and shipments lists
- 0004819: [Search] Add icon for dormant products (and in wastebasket) in products list
- 0004818: [Order] Mark as shipped fails with "Unknown column CN" error
- 0004832: [Product] Some 0-layer stackups do not display properly in stackup chooser
- 0004814: [Product] ADM: Missing columns in BOM components and placement reports