Macaos Perception 1.4

Build (16-11-2021)
- 0004800: [Order] Set country of origin when marking a position as shipped

Build (30-09-2021)
- 0004787: [ADM] Select component in search dialog without changing search texts
- 0004786: [ADM] Button to expand only component level in component list
- 0004784: [Viewer] Show info on x-key snap placement
- 0004782: [ADM] Component layer is visible but the visibility checkbox is not checked
- 0004781: [ADM] Designator filter does not work
- 0004785: [Import] Range check error when selecting 10-layer stackup
- 0004783: [Import] Test pads bottom layer not saved if IPC file not automatically recognized
- 0004788: [OTS] Unknown property error in price element edit dialog

Build (28-09-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004780: [ADM] BOM Import: Exclude components from Equiv or better by designator
- 0004766: [ADM] Can not import BOM from file stored in product

Build (22-09-2021)
New features:
- 0004761: [Mail] New Mail viewer (use View|Show mailbox to enable)
- 0004765: [Product] Allow making variant of test fixture product
- 0004759: [Other] OTS Mgr: Limit file size for product image
- 0004762: [Search] Search list for invoices sums credit notes incorrectly
- 0004760: [Other] OTS Mgr: Category groupings for non-JILN connectors