Macaos Perception 1.2

Build (21-11-2016)
New features:
- 0003537: [Order] Factory price should be included with order for OTS product
- 0003538: [Product] OTS product mgr should support sorting products into subcategories
- 0003532: [Product] Add more icons to product specifications cell
- 0003529: [Product] Wrong min hole size when creating variant
- 0003526: [Product] drill table missing

Build (02-11-2016)
- 0003523: [Statistics] Add test equipment and connectors to product types
- 0003511: [Quote] Wrong product in quote module

Build (13-09-2016)
- 0003486: [Product] Cannot sort by columns in OTS manager browser tree
- 0003479: [Product] OTS product image should show in product viewer module
- 0003485: [Order] Editing position changes supplier to waiting prepaid
- 0003480: [Order] Elprint China does not display in Supplier text box when supplier for position

Build (22-08-2016)
New features:
- 0003448: [Product] Generate quotation for OTS product
- 0003450: [Product] Warn that ordered product may not be deleted
- 0003439: [Product] OTS manager: Product weight does not get saved/restored

Build (04-08-2016)
- 0003434: [Product] Make product viewer show product view tab when opening form
- 0003437: [Price] Surface finish cost not correctly calculated in some cases

Build (26-07-2016)
- 0003430: [Order] Orders for SW-Mix shows Brandner in JO, MC and MP icon in order search
- 0003421: [Order] Placing orders for panels adds No x-outs order comment
- 0003432: [Product] Add blind/buried vias to prod specs icons
- 0003422: [Product] For 152795, it's not possible to change product type
- 0003423: [Quote] Quote with no X-out not shown as being with no X-out
- 0003424: [Order] Wrong product type icons when adding products to an order

Build (21-06-2016)
- 0003407: [Product] It should not be possible to create or copy connector products
- 0003390: [Product] Annular ring edit box changes entered value
- 0003413: [Quote] When viewing a quote for free specs, the product number is shown
- 0003408: [Search] It is not possible to search for OTS products

Build (30-05-2016)
- 0003388: [Order] OC does not display No X-Out
- 0003383: [Order] Various bugs in MP

Build (13-05-2016)
- 0003382: [Product] Add support for EU tariff code in OTS products

Build (09-05-2016)
New features:
- 0003370: [Product] Press P to open cursor position dialog in viewer
- 0003359: [Quote] Push edited quotations to database
- 0003368: [Order] IPC-1601 defaults to True
- 0003369: [Order] Quotation module claims that IPC2 orders can not get IPC3 price

Build (06-05-2016)
New features:
- 0003367: [Other] Off-the-shelf product manager
- 0003358: [Quote] Change specs for quote bug

Build (29-03-2016)
- 0003343: [Order] The new extra options are not shown in OC
- 0003340: [Order] Changing Sold By or Manuf. by popup menu on position does not update the forms controls
- 0003344: [Quote] Round off prices for quotations

Build (14-03-2016)
- 0003311: [Order] Order area and weight is wrong in some cases

Build (04-03-2016)
- 0003286: [Product] Change the product type icon when it is edited
- 0003287: [Macaos] Pricelists, discount. Can't set discount to negative
- 0003288: [Quote] Can't set negative discount in Quotation spin edit

Build (16-02-2016)
- 0003277: [Search] Add a What's new item in the help menu
- 0003278: [Product] Unable to edit stackup
- 0003280: [Order] Copy of OC not sent to sales office

Build (12-02-2016)
- 0003261: [Order] It should be possible when creating an order to search for products not owned by the orderby company
- 0003275: [Search] When a search returns no hits, popup a message
- 0003258: [Order] Supplier name not shown in Supplier field for price list 15
- 0003253: [Product] Save button gets activated when clicking rapidly on different products
- 0003251: [Product] It's not possible in Product search to find a Global product
- 0003245: [Product] Looks like not public stackups has been hidden in the edit stackup
- 0003255: [Quote] Order options do not show in quotation viewer
- 0003263: [Search] search gives sql error if nothing selected in compare combo box

Build (30-11-2015)
- 0003217: [Product] Add hole density and min hole-to-Cu clearance to board statistics
- 0003212: [Quote] Quote viewer shows price list icon, even if price is NA
- 0003214: [Product] Stencil reduction does not get written to the NVPs

Build (24-11-2015)
- 0003211: [Quote] Access violation when viewing quotation

Build (19-11-2015)
- 0003186: [Customer] On merging company, add Macaos User Id to the company comment
- 0003203: [Product] Add Beveled Edge and No Cu Shave product specifications
- 0003206: [Search] Newlines in Address column of search grid show as ##_13_10##
- 0003201: [Order] Show customer number in select contact person dialog
- 0003200: [Order] Price line description sometimes is Product rather than CARD
- 0003162: [Order] Quotation: Setting board price to 0 give 0 division error
- 0003176: [Product] Create product variant does not set min through hole size
- 0003137: [Product] Order comment or product comment does not work for OC

Build (12-10-2015)
- 0003154: [Product] Show buildup details as hint of Stackup label
- 0003152: [Order] SQL error when adding position to existing order
- 0003153: [Order] Area and weight do not display properly in Order tree

Build (05-10-2015)
New features:
- 0003130: [Order] Incoterm possibilites: DDP, DAP, Ex Works
- 0003120: [Order] Add Vacuum pack size as order option
- 0003090: [Order] Add support for order options
- 0003078: [Order] Add possibility to save packing list (pdf) from packing list popup
- 0003091: [Product] Add support for additional product types
- 0003089: [Product] Add additional product properties
- 0003143: [Search] Right-click to show recent orders/products for company
- 0003138: [Search] Ctrl+click in any cell should copy the cell contents to clipboard
- 0003119: [Macaos] When creating new user, copy as much info from exising user as possible
- 0003093: [Quote] On quotations for panel products, make the qty more clear
- 0003092: [Quote] Add info to email text/subject for quotations sent to customers
- 0003106: [Order] When placing orders, the contact persons are not gray if inactive
- 0003088: [Order] Divide by zero error if board qty is zero
- 0003087: [Order] Stackup thicknesses are incorrect in OrderConf if 1-layer lam thick