Macaos Perception 1.1

Build (13-08-2015)
- 0003087: [Order] Stackup thicknesses wrong if 1-layer lam thick<Cu thick
- 0003102: [General] Compatible with extended product type IDs

Build (18-06-2015)
- 0003060: [Macaos] After sending a users login info, Copy login info is incorrect
- 0003034: [Customer] Followup history does not clear when clearing customer

Build (12-03-2015)
- 0003023: [Search] Add markup column to orders summary
- 0003021: [Quote] Office name and address may be wrong after viewing first quotation

Build (18-02-2015)
New features:
- 0002980: [Customer] Customer followup feature
- 0002954: [Customer] Add DHL acct no as type
- 0002953: [Order] "Confirm email" to have a fixed email address for OC's for each company
- 0002952: [Order] It should be possible to choose EXW (Ex Works) as a shipping terms option (rather than DDP)
- 0003010: [Statistics] Add statistics for published products to weekly report
- 0002992: [Macaos] Limit the number of enities loaded for user statistics
- 0003009: [Order] When clicking on ShipTo or Invoice hyperlink, select contact person as well as address
- 0002941: [Order] Subject line in OC mail should include board name
- 0002988: [Order] Weight of an order changes upon saving order details in rare cases
- 0002981: [Customer] Merge company does not clear macaos company link from "old" company
- 0002997: [Search] Surface specifications is wrong for Non Rohs HASL in Order list
- 0002963: [Order] OC: Product comments are included for all stencil products
- 0002986: [Search] Some surface finishes show incorrectly in icons/tooltips