Macaos Gallery Pro is, among other things, a system for reviewing and managing incoming PCB product data from customers, and for generating quotations based on the data. Macaos Gallery Pro adds three modules to the basic version of Macao Gallery: a quotation module, a quotation archive and a price editor module.

Quotation Module

Quotation module

The quotation module is used to generate a quotation for a specific product and a set of quantities and lead times. It makes use of a set of price lists, as defined by the user.

If the user has defined multiple price lists, then for each quantity/lead-time combination the best available price will be chosen when generating the quotation.

By clicking on the printer button, a formal quotation is generated using a template defined according to the user's specifications. This quotation may be sent to the customer by e-mail or saved in PDF format.

Quotation Archive

The quotation archive lists all quotations generated by the quotation module. Quotations may be organized into subfolders within the archive. Quotations may be marked as "Is ordered" or "Won't order", and/or with a comment. 

Price Editor Module

Price editor module

The price editor module is a tool for creating and managing the price lists used when generating quotations. The Macaos price engine supports nearly 200 different parameters that may be used to configure a price. However, only a few of these are necessary for a basic price list. A price list wizard helps convert a simple spreadsheet price matrix to a price list.

Many of the price list parameters may be defined as curves. A curve may be defined as a series of linear and/or exponential-decay segments. The curve editor supports easy conversion of a set of data points into a stairstep, point-to-point, best fit linear, or best fit exponential curve.

The Macaos Gallery price engine is a powerful and flexible tool for calculating prices. However, setting up price lists correctly can be a fairly complex task. If desired, we will set up your first two price lists for you at no additional cost. A price engine demo is available for download. This simple demo program will allow you to explore the price engine's capabilities.