Macaos Enterprise 5.4 (February 2021)

Product Browser improvements

Recent activity listRecent Activity

We have added a Recent activity list, which lists the most recent events related to your company. For each event, you can click on the product number to view the product in the browser, or click on a document number to view the document details. The supported events are:

  • Product published
  • Quotation
  • Request for quotation
  • Order placed
  • Order shipment

Other tweaks

A new Has assembly info folder has been added to the My products group of folders. This folder includes any product marked as having PnP or BOM data attached.

If you have products that you wish to delete from Macaos Enterprise, you may use the Remove from all folders (make dormant) command. This will prevent the product from being listed in the product browser for all users. The product may be restored, if necessary, by locating it with the View|List dormant products command.

Panel module improvements

Panel scripts

Panel script manager

The panel script feature has been expanded to support fixed size frames, as well as scripts which only add frame objects to an existing panel. If desired, board rotation in a best fit script may be disabled.

It is now also possible to add text or a bar code to a panel script. You may specify any text, or right-click on the text field to insert the product number, name, article number, description or date of panelization.

Board as couponAdd board as a test coupon

Any (small) board may be added to the panel frame as a coupon. By default the Board as coupon chooser allows you to select boards with width or height small enough to fit in the panel frame. For each layer in the panel, data from the board is copied to the desired location in the frame.

Other tweaks

A notch may be added to the panel frame by placing a tooling hole or slot at the edge of the frame.

Diamond and octagon have been added to the available shapes for fiducial marks.

When placing an impedance coupon, if the frame width is too small for the coupon you may choose to automatically enlarge the width of one or more frame sides to accommodate the coupon width.

Import module improvements

When importing an archive which contains both Gerber/Drill and ODB++ data, the user may choose which dataset to import. (The other dataset will be ignored.)

Layers have been added for Beveled edge, Coating top and Coating bottom.

It is now possible to mark drill tools as countersink. This is done in the same manner as for marking drill tools with via protection or as press-fit holes.

Assembly Data Manager improvements

We have made numerous tweaks to streamline ADM usability. Our goal is to make the process of verifying PnP and BOM data as quick and painless as possible. Here's a list of the tweaks:

ADM module

  • New shortcut keys: Ctrl+Z=zoom to component; Ctrl+E=enter edit mode; Ctrl+S=save and exit edit mode
  • Ctrl+Click on component in viewer (to see component properties) works when in Move mode (but not other graphic modes)
  • BOM Placement list sorted in same order as component tree
  • Added Viewer button beside BOM list buttons in toolbar

Add component/Add fiducial

  • When adding a component, you may copy properties from the component selected in the component tree
  • Warn if specified designator is a duplicate and show alternatives
  • After adding a component or fiducial, the module remains in add component or add fiducial mode
  • Does not reload view if focused component's layer is already visible

Component treeComponent tree

  • Filter list by designator
  • "All approved" icons at parent level(s)
  • Value or OrigDescr is shown in the tooltip of Component level items
  • Hide approved components
  • Buttons to expand or collapse all levels of tree
  • Added Mechanical, Fuse, and Crystal component styles
  • Set Equivalent or Better for selected components
  • Set or remove Include in PnP Output for selected components
  • Set zoom size for double-click on component

Component editor

  • Check box for Allow Equivalent or Better

Import BOM

  • Add column to source grid
  • Edit text in selected cells (both grids)
  • Edit text in all cells of selected column (both grids)
  • Specify default mounting style when no column mapped for mounting style

Other improvements

A major change in this release is under the hood. We have increased the resolution of our internal database from 100 nm to 1 nm. Among other things, this will greatly reduce round-off errors in determining the center of arc objects.

Mechanical parts: It is now possible to choose Other material (see specification) and enter the material description in the Spec field.

User manager: We've added action buttons to the User manager, to make functionality more visible.

Viewer: When measuring, the angle from start to end point is also displayed.