Macaos Enterprise 4.4

Build (23-11-2017)
- 0003826: [Import] Mech parts: Access violation if no STL file imported
- 0003823: [Import] Check boxes incorrectly positioned in custom stackup editor
- 0003822: [Import] Rounded rectangles have distorted corners in some cases
- 0003820: [Import] Mech parts: Access violation if enter name before loading STL file
- 0003825: [Panelization] False warnings about break-off tabs and copper conflicts
- 0003824: [Panelization] Copper fill added to top only, when copper fill outer is selected
- 0003821: [Price] No x-out not working with free specs

Build (20-11-2017)
- 0003792: [Import] Minimum weight of mechanical part should be 1 gram
- 0003812: [Panelization] Default fiducial size in scripts should be 1 mm
- 0003789: [Viewer] Change the way inaccurate arcs are processed
- 0003791: [Viewer] Improve pan and add zoom fit
- 0003813: [Import] Gerber as drill fails if multiple extended commands in %-pair
- 0003811: [Import] Can not select documentation in link filter manager
- 0003808: [Import] Macaos XYR files not properly imported
- 0003807: [Import] False error message for missing files
- 0003796: [Import] Select rectangle does not show when measuring
- 0003795: [Import] Altium PnP file in mils has wrong scale
- 0003797: [Panelization] Copying/moving boards on panels with copper fill can cause AV
- 0003799: [Test fixture] When loading .mtt file, test pins are marked as guide pins
- 0003810: [Viewer] ODB++ rotated oval pads incorrectly displayed

Build (04-10-2017)
- 0003788: [Import] Colors not correctly restrained to legend or solder mask
- 0003787: [Import] File polarity conflict in solder mask files
- 0003786: [Order] Add to basket should ask for delivery address (on first item only)

Build (01-10-2017)
- 0003720: [Viewer] Rout layer should not be visible when unchecked
- 0003781: [Import] Selecting scoring sets wrong min. route size
- 0003780: [Import] Snap to vertex does not work when drawing contour rectangle
- 0003746: [Panelization] Min tab length is limited by route size for round boards
- 0003779: [Product browser] Folders-panel in product browser can dissapear

Build (06-09-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003745: [Import] Add parsers for Kicad, NetWizard and Allegro headerless PnP formats
- 0001601: [Panelization] Check that mousebite holes do not conflict with copper objects
- 0003765: [Import] Custom stackup - dielectric thickness should have 3 sig. digits
- 0003762: [Order] Use only one shipping address (by default)
- 0003754: [Panelization] Disallow placing boards <1.6mm in multi-product individual boards
- 0003729: [Price] Remember most recently used qty and days values
- 0003743: [Product browser] Make variant should be able to edit options
- 0003771: [Import] Should not be possible to link more than one PnP file to same layer
- 0003756: [Import] Gerber drill files appear to be empty though they are not
- 0003753: [Import] Custom stackup definition - cannot type 0,2 mm without a warning
- 0003725: [Import] Wrong min route diameter in specifications in some cases
- 0003744: [Order] Stencil prices are wrong when adding stencils to shopping basket
- 0003760: [Panelization] Breakoffs wrong offset in some cases
- 0003767: [Price] Quote dialog does not scale properly with scaled display on high DPI screen
- 0003751: [Product browser] "List index out off bounds" on all 3 types of P&P output
- 0003724: [Product browser] Change of login should clear viewer

Build (07-06-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003723: [Test fixture] Place connector on fixture top or at any height in side wall
- 0003719: [Product browser] Show connectors published by user plus previously purchased
- 0003722: [Test fixture] Annotate connector cutouts with type of connector
- 0003718: [Import] Protel PIK files are not recognized as PnP files
- 0003713: [Import] Layer named Copper Top does not link to Copper Top layer
- 0003715: [Order] When puchasing a newly created connector, the preliminary OC is wrong
- 0003712: [Test fixture] Can not enter negative offset for standard lower fixture
- 0003711: [Test fixture] Standard test fixture width and height are not saved/reloaded

Build (18-05-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003676: [Import] Import mechanical part from STL file
- 0003650: [Import] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003651: [Panelization] Place annotation field based on number of characters to write
- 0003653: [Price] Price calculator for connector chooser
- 0003692: [Test fixture] Support for new Standard Macaos Test Jig
- 0003678: [Test fixture] Place static alignment pin along edge of board
- 0003670: [Test fixture] Show existing fixture when creating fixture based on existing fixture
- 0003584: [Test fixture] Allow user to specify/edit pin coordinates
- 0003652: [Import] Should be possible to cancel UL mark placement with right mouse
- 0003705: [Panelization] Break off holes should be symmetric on both sides of panel frame
- 0003700: [Product browser] Sort custom and global subfolders
- 0003696: [Product browser] Add a global product category for Machines
- 0003709: [Import] Solder mask files have wrong Gerber X2 .FilePolarity
- 0003697: [Import] Core checkbox not set when editing aluminum core stackup
- 0003690: [Import] Not possible to change layer of drill file in the Files tab
- 0003694: [Panelization] Some contours get smaller tabs than the user selected after publish
- 0003706: [Product browser] Add mask on previously ordered board caused access violation
- 0003699: [Product browser] Wrong folder loaded after dragging product to folder
- 0003698: [Product browser] Custom folders are not shown under "My folders" when created
- 0003695: [Viewer] Layer name for pick and place layers not shown
- 0003701: [Other] Submitting a bug report causes loss of connection