Macaos Enterprise 4.3

Build (28-03-2017)
- 0003632: [Import] Possibility to specify default finish/colors
- 0003671: [Test fixture] Allow cancel in fixture selection dialog
- 0003681: [Price] RFQs are not created correctly for non-board products
- 0003675: [Price] Some users report difficulty selecting qtys/days due to font size
- 0003665: [Test fixture] Pressing Publish without any pins defined causes access violation

Build (13-03-2017)
- 0003660: [Order] Cannot place order - ME009: not an integer error message

Build (10-03-2017)
- 0003658: [Product browser] Organize folders in categories
- 0003646: [Test fixture] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
- 0003615: [Test fixture] Loading from file shows edit pin dialog for each pin without name
- 0003645: [Import] Zoom to board / Zoom to all
- 0003643: [Import] Can't link drill files if filename incorrectly parsed
- 0003626: [Import] ODB++: Rotated rectangular pads get enlarged rather than rotated
- 0003623: [Import] Some GerberX2 file function parameters are not mapped to correct layers
- 0003605: [Import] Polygon missing after publish if starts at X or Y = zero
- 0003598: [Import] Cannot link "out of context" layers in ODB++
- 0003616: [Order] Order prices should be rounded when passed to basket
- 0003657: [Price] Price for product differs before and after getting price with free specs
- 0003647: [Price] Add to basket should not be enabled if user does not have Purchase rights
- 0003624: [Stencil] Auto selection of panel fiducials fail
- 0003649: [Test fixture] Product name is not copied from board product
- 0003648: [Test fixture] Alligning of fixtures top and bottom
- 0003644: [Test fixture] Saved test fixture with flipped board does not restore properly

Build (03-02-2017)
- 0003613: [Viewer] PKZip error when viewing product with zip file in product data

Build (02-02-2017)
- 0003611: [Price] Add more "click to enter" quantities
- 0003607: [Panelization] Access violation on publish on some panels
- 0003609: [Price] Returns prices for panels qtys even if boards qtys are selected

Build (26-01-2017)
New functionality:
- 0003581: [Import] Quick contour mode
- 0003578: [Import] Ability to select obround pads as track objects
- 0003503: [Import] Specify inner contour or track rout as depth rout from top or bottom
- 0003417: [Other] It should be possible to delete logins from the list known logins
- 0003601: [Stencil] Add possibility to change height or width of stencil openings by selection
- 0003475: [Stencil] Additional stencil product parameters
- 0003525: [Test fixture] Possibility for rotated text
- 0003517: [Test fixture] Z-dimension visualizer
- 0003491: [Test fixture] Would like to save partially finished test fixture for later use
- 0003580: [Import] 2-layer custom stackups should be defined with free thickness
- 0003574: [Import] Link filter tweak for Proteus
- 0003552: [Import] Options: Allow set warning threshold for small Track and Annular ring
- 0003380: [Import] Support for ferrite layer
- 0003431: [Order] Should be possible to include email and org# with invoice address
- 0003514: [Panelization] Insert solder mask objects in cover layer
- 0002410: [Panelization] Add more info to PanelReport.txt so it's easier to recreate a panel
- 0003547: [Product browser] Remember main window maximized state to next startup
- 0003374: [Price] It should be possible to order a product even if no price is available
- 0002785: [Stencil] Add support for licensed stencil types
- 0003583: [Test fixture] Should be possible to place pin even when multiple objects selected
- 0003567: [Test fixture] Select test fixture size within test fixture designer
- 0003558: [Test fixture] Selecting a fixture should not disable the Fixture designer
- 0003600: [Viewer] Set layers visible according to product type
- 0003550: [Viewer] Add status text to see if the view is mirrored or rotated
- 0003593: [Import] Problem parsing ODB++ soldermask pad
- 0003590: [Import] X2 attribute causes access violation when linking to Board
- 0003579: [Import] Can't publish because annular ring too small (0) If no drill file linked
- 0003577: [Import] .lst files sometimes make the program stop Autolink
- 0003575: [Import] Can not set product id mark
- 0003569: [Import] White square in corner of layers diagram if file has invalid drill depth
- 0003568: [Import] Access violation when publishing product with invalid drill depth
- 0003561: [Import] Some cutouts missing from polygon in ODB++ file
- 0003553: [Import] Dissalow marking with UL-mark selected warning does not work properly
- 0003534: [Import] ODB++ fails in paint and scratch layers on publish
- 0003502: [Import] Wrong token error when product name contains "
- 0003473: [Order] When placing orders with free addresss the comment text is incorrect
- 0003585: [Panelization] Check for dark/clear when inserting objects in solder mask
- 0003555: [Panelization] Creating panel from 212708 causes notch in board
- 0003554: [Panelization] Autopanel: Checking scoring x/y does not activate modified
- 0003545: [Panelization] Multipanel fails in some cases
- 0003551: [Partner manager] Email text in Partner requests is not correct
- 0003576: [Product browser] Access violation when deleting product
- 0003573: [Product browser] Product browser list locks if viewer encounters error during load
- 0003546: [Product browser] Access violation in poduct browser
- 0003582: [Test fixture] Board should not "unflip" after delete or move press point
- 0003572: [Test fixture] Can't place top fixture press pins outside of bottom fixture
- 0003556: [Test fixture] Moving the press point (green arrows) should not move the board
- 0003564: [Test fixture] Horizontal line of test point annotations offset in annotation layer