Macaos Enterprise 2.x

Build (2009-01-23)
- 0000944: [Order] Error message when displaying order confirmation
- 0000928: [Panelization] Area of hard gold is not stepped up correctly

Build (2008-12-17)
- 0000942: [Price] Panelization price incorrectly calculated

Build (2008-12-15)
New features:
- 0000941: [Import] Import blind and buried drill files
- 0000923: [Other] Startup parameter to locate product by product number
- 0000848: [User manager] Disallow web-based license distribution
- 0000309: [Product browser] Expanded product search

Build (2008-11-18)
New features:
- 0000936: [Price] allow the customer to choose between different costs to display
- 0000922: [Rem] Annular ring in order confirmation is diameter

Build (2008-10-23)
- 0000932: [Import] Disable notation/solder layer color when no file is present
- 0000928: [Panelization] Area of hard gold is not stepped up correctly
- 0000927: [Other] Stencil product creation fails if no x/y size is stated

Build (2008-10-17)
- 0000930: [Order] Days and quantity are incorrect when ordering stencils

Build (2008-10-14)
- 0000926: [Import] Error generated by M01 in drill file
- 0000925: [Price] Shipping prices incorrectly calculated

Build (2008-10-13)
- 0000924: [Import] Error parsing rotated line segments in macro apertures

Build (2008-09-29)
- 0000914: [Price] Problem with payment method selection

Build (2008-09-25)
New features:
- 0000890: [Order] Preliminary order confirmation
- 0000889: [Import] Add a check to activate Boards/panel edit-box
- 0000888: [Import] Add to Import customer checklist on "Boards/Panel"
- 0000913: [Product browser] Shows incorrect number of orders for partner products
- 0000911: [Rem] Unable to change password without also changing login name
- 0000898: [Order] Text order comments are limited to 255 chars by DB
- 0000896: [Order] Can not order paste masks
- 0000895: [Other] Access violation at start up
- 0000885: [Product browser] Clean up of "Ordering" icon
- 0000884: [Order] Get error message on check out
- 0000842: [Order] Order window stays in front of pop-ups
- 0000839: [Order] Addresses not updated
- 0000494: [Order] Date problem in order confirmation

Build (2008-08-22)
New features:
- 0000480: [Price] Printing out quotation from price
- 0000308: [Other] Customizable viewer colors
- 0000852: [Product browser] Price missing in order history
- 0000849: [Product browser] Qty holes/tools shown incorrectly
- 0000844: [Price] Undefined product in quotation dialog
- 0000841: [Other] Access violation when changing login user
- 0000840: [Price] Prices fail to load if Elprint price list disabled
- 0000836: [Product browser] Wrong filling of drill plt/npl and qty holes/tools
- 0000835: [User manager] Create New User allows invalid login names
- 0000823: [Price] Valid prices ignored if first price found is invalid
- 0000816: [Import] Ask for create path if not existing
- 0000815: [Import] Option windows is not scalable, mean long path is outside window
- 0000809: [Product browser] Peel-off property does not show in product browser
- 0000798: [Viewer] Viewer does not display glue and peeloff layers
- 0000797: [Import] Minimum cutter tool for plated tracks is 0.7mm
- 0000796: [Import] Glue layer missing from layer selection menu
- 0000794: [Price] Error pushing NA quotation prices to database
- 0000746: [Panelization] Fresedim.txt missing from panelized product
- 0000737: [Import] Cannot delete single contour item
- 0000522: [Viewer] The graphic viewer is not showing stencil layers
- 0000476: [Panelization] missing routesize info (fresedim.txt) when panel stepping
- 0000282: [Import] Viewer exits contour mode while contour tab is visible

Build (2008-06-12)
- 0000785: [Product browser] Shipment tracking link does not work
- 0000784: [Order] Problems with invoice addresses

Build (2008-06-05)
New features:
- 0000754: [Price] Get price and place order for paste mask product
- 0000723: [User manager] Add new users
- 0000671: [Product browser] Should be possible to select multiple partners when creating shares
- 0000625: [Order] Shared shipping/invoice addresses
- 0000624: [Order] Add customer-defined addresses to an order
- 0000614: [Price] Conditions for 24 hour prices
- 0000567: [Price] Give a useful explanation when prices are unavailable
- 0000558: [Product browser] Create paste mask product
- 0000556: [Product browser] Edit product name/article/description
- 0000515: [Product browser] Viewer for paste mask products
- 0000489: [Price] Improved price calculation engine
- 0000310: [Product browser] Filter products by submitting license
- 0000296: [Price] Show a progress bar while fetching prices
- 0000760: [Import] Access violation in Aperture Parser dialog
- 0000757: [User manager] Error message when trying to update user info
- 0000755: [Import] Drill interpretation
- 0000742: [Order] Text in ordering field "Edit Board Specifications" is misleading
- 0000692: [Import] Unable to get prices for 0-layer board
- 0000672: [Partner manager] Partners should be listed alphabetically
- 0000667: [Order] SQL error when placing order
- 0000662: [Import] User lost their CompanyID and viewed products with no owner
- 0000626: [Partner manager] Partners must approve invoicing
- 0000583: [Price] Date out from days calculations wrong
- 0000573: [Price] Wrong date displayed in quote module
- 0000572: [Order] Cannot choose correct invoice address
- 0000571: [Price] Price grid not cleared when adding new product to basket
- 0000342: [Rem] Error message: did Not find Addr for CompanyID: 0
- 0000295: [Price] Clear quotation info on get price
- 0000292: [Order] Contact persons should be automatically looked up when an address is selected

Build (2008-03-27)
- 0000711: [Import] Program appears to hang when processing complex gerber files
- 0000710: [Price] Delivery Date causes confusion
- 0000707: [Import] Illegal File Pointer Operation

Build (2008-03-07)
- 0000665: [Price] Unable to edit some board parameters on free spec quotations
- 0000657: [Viewer] Negative zoom

Build (2008-03-05)
New features:
- 0000650: [Rem] Partner must be able to edit some parameters of shares
- 0000637: [Import] Add Mantis bug reporting module
- 0000606: [Partner manager] Confirm before send partner request on search
- 0000317: [Import] Comments to CAM
- 0000315: [Import] Documentation files
- 0000313: [Product browser] Shared product visibility
- 0000312: [Price] Free info quotations
- 0000660: [Other] Virus problems revisited
- 0000656: [Import] Problem with problem report and empty zip file
- 0000655: [Order] Quotation dialog pops up when browsing shopping list
- 0000653: [Other] Cancel login exits program when already logged in
- 0000652: [Import] Very small arc drawn as full circle
- 0000648: [Price] Company-specific access rights
- 0000643: [Price] Peel-off and surface finish wrong with free prices
- 0000642: [Product browser] Link to stackup datasheet does not work
- 0000636: [Import] Closing product with duplicated file causes invalid pointer operation
- 0000635: [Import] Image should zoom to fit after mirror or rotate of drill file
- 0000634: [Import] Error recognizing and parsing drill file with M47 operator message
- 0000622: [Import] Changing save directories doesn't update status bar
- 0000621: [Other] About dialog looks different in main module and in import module
- 0000620: [Import] Viewer doesn't show Gerber file second time
- 0000616: [Other] Program does not run under windows emulator
- 0000575: [User manager] Updating login name or password should update auth info in ini file
- 0000574: [User manager] User disappeared after updating post code
- 0000568: [Product browser] Product description does not display in product browser

Build (2008-01-24)
New features:
- 0000532: [Other] When installing, user should choose install directory and optionally get a shortcut
- 0000565: [Other] Cursor is hourglass even after auto-upgrade completes download
- 0000564: [Other] Stackup viewer should cache stackups
- 0000555: [Import] Error message 'Error in Image2Drill' is confusing
- 0000554: [Import] Drill file from Gerber does not show when auto-linked
- 0000546: [Other] Paste mask layers do not show in Product Viewer
- 0000545: [Other] Set application icon
- 0000544: [Other] Stackup viewer needs to be updated
- 0000541: [Other] Upgrade to latest auto-upgrader to get rid of virus warnings
- 0000538: [Import] G85 in drill file gives wrong error message
- 0000537: [Import] Graphics issues when using non-standard font size in Windows
- 0000536: [Import] No warning if try to save board specs without selecting stackup
- 0000531: [Other] Login without rights gives error message "Access Denied"
- 0000524: [Order] Caption on address form
- 0000516: [User manager] Problems editing customer info
- 0000514: [Other] Product viewer does not display older products
- 0000507: [Import] NOR01 apertures don't work
- 0000483: [Order] Invalid Argument on login
- 0000477: [Import] when loading a file with same name it still show old file data
- 0000472: [Order] date in price grid , is changing on repeat on days over 10
- 0000429: [Order] in graphic viewer , the missing cutout view are reintroduced
- 0000428: [Other] Installer, if upgrade connection fails but Db connection works, the proxy dialog never shows
- 0000424: [Import] File type of EDWin Gerber and Drill files not recognized properly
- 0000335: [Import] User lost their CompanyID and viewed products with no owner
- 0000330: [Import] Problem with flattening Macro primitive 7 (heat traps)
- 0000336: [Price] if previous board was a panel, the board qty in price calculation was not set to 1 for nonpanels
- 0000329: [User manager] User manager is blank

Build (2007-11-23)
- 0000370: [Other] No image comes up, if board has V-cut, but if Route is deselected, image show up
- 0000371: [Import] Specify solder masks on both sides of a single layer board
- 0000369: [Import] Difference between Publish Product and Save Product is unclear
- 0000368: [Import] Possible to close Stackup Selection dialog box without selecting stackup
- 0000367: [Import] Extra hyphen added to file names
- 0000363: [Import] Auto-link fails when opening Elprint zip file
- 0000366: [Import] Import of Gerber file with very small arcs fails with Invalid Operation
- 0000360: [Import] Import of Gerber file with zero-extent polygon fails with access violation
- 0000357: [Import] Import of Gerber file with incorrectly defined outline macro fails with a floating point error
- 0000356: [Import] Zeroline pads disappear after Gerber parsing
- 0000355: [Import] Floating point error when stepping a board
- 0000338: [Import] Non Plated holes looks like X without a ring
- 0000337: [Order] Non Plated Drill holes looks like squares in Enterprise viewer
- 0000334: [Rem] File Path for some older product not found
- 0000333: [Import] when Closing the text window, user is ask if he want to clear data
- 0000332: [Import] Inner contour (d80) in Viewer is not found as a cutout
- 0000331: [Import] Missing change of layer color
- 0000280: [Import] Unplated holes should be displayed as a circle with X rather than just an X

Build (2007-11-09)
- 0000324: [Order] Start costs do not get included in price when order is placed
- 0000323: [Rem] OrderByMacaosID is not inserted into order table
- 0000290: [Import] Aperture table parser fails to parse annulus and thermal apertures
- 0000289: [Import] Need to emphasize stackup selection more clearly
- 0000288: [Import] Auto-linking doesn't work on standard Gerber files
- 0000287: [Import] When adding user layers, the selection menu always says User Layer 0
- 0000286: [Import] Cannot select 0-layer stackups
- 0000285: [Import] Error messages in flattener are too cryptic
- 0000279: [Import] Aligning drill to gerber gives erratic response

Build (2007-10-30)
- 0000277: [Order] Product information not completely displayed
- 0000276: [Rem] Price lists have wrong display name
- 0000275: [Rem] Macaos license should be marked active when user logs in

Build (2007-10-29)
- 0000274: [Order] News/Info tab should be hidden
- 0000273: [Order] After panelization, user must manually refresh to see the panelized product
- 0000272: [Other] Viewer is unable to connect through proxy
- 0000271: [Other] Server location during auto-upgrade should be hidden
- 0000270: [Other] Choosing cancel during login does not prevent access
- 0000269: [Import] Active layer drop-down list is too wide
- 0000268: [Import] Cannot align drill with Gerber on single layer boards
- 0000267: [Rem] System uses incorrect price lists

Build (2007-10-22)
- 0000266: [Other] Unable to connect through proxy when installing
- 0000265: [Import] Unable to publish

Build (2007-10-21)
- Initial release with import module