Macaos Convergence 1.9

Build (23-10-2012)
- 0002034: [Incoming Orders] Change default stencil fabricator
- 0002036: [Work orders] Update default stencil prices
- 0002104: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for mix generated by Fusion
- 0002105: [RFQs] RFQs to chinese suppliers should be owned by sales office rather than by china office

Build (05-09-2012)
- 0002031: [Status] Unable to download product data for mix
- 0002030: [RFQs] Problem creating RFQs

Build (04-09-2012)
New features:
- 0002005: [General] Copy product number to clipboard on Ctrl+click in (almost) any list
- 0002020: [RFQs] Let sales offices send RFQs directly to chinese suppliers
- 0001927: [RFQs] Forward quotation to customer
- 0001925: [RFQs] Allow download of files for (some) RFQ's
- 0002027: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from an RFQ, the delivery date is lost
- 0002009: [RFQs] RFQs with surface HASL (Non RoHS) show as (Undefined finish)
- 0002007: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ from incoming orders, do not check the "Waiting" factory
- 0002004: [RFQs] When toggling quotes OK, the color of one-line quotes is not changed until you update
- 0001957: [RFQs] Quotations do not contain info about holes
- 0001948: [RFQs] Remove default values for Days and Qty when creating a new RFQ
- 0001928: [Work orders] Do not allow signing for send (data by seller) unless there is a PO