Macaos Convergence 1.8

Build (18-04-2012)
- 0001917: [Status] Packinglist columns not alligned properly

Build (30-03-2012)
- 0001900: [Work orders] Remove the need to make a comment if price is changed when making WO

Build (09-03-2012)
- 0001882: [Other] Add support to mix viewer for mixes published in MIFv3 format
- 0001858: [Other] Add number of panels to raw material optimizer
- 0001874: [Status] Download: Etch/Buildup-files for stencils are missing from zip file

Build (24-02-2012)
New features:
- 0001837: [RFQs] Production panel optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001838: [RFQs] Raw material sheet optimizer with viewer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001839: [RFQs] Price calculator for optimizer in RFQ quote editor
- 0001834: [Status] QA checklist must indicate that board has aluminium
- 0001826: [Status] Need a mechanism for passing shipment comments to pack/ship
- 0001845: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ for product with stackup 1015 aluminium