Macaos Convergence 1.7

Build (19-01-2012)
New features:
- 0001822: [Status] Function to change ship to address after packing
- 0001422: [Status] Add yellow/green colors to Pack/Ship module to show complete/incomplete
- 0001821: [Other] Need to be able to fulfill orders from local stock
- 0001818: [RFQs] Prevent supplier from changing quotation price after an RFQ has been closed
- 0001806: [RFQs] Cannot forward an RFQ for a mix
- 0001805: [RFQs] RFQs for mixes do not display in correct order in list
- 0001819: [Other] Outgoing shipments should show unfulfilled orders if today/next 3 days/next 7 days is chosen

Build (23-12-2011)
New features:
- 0001767: [RFQs] Show RFQ for a mix in mix viewer
- 0001697: [Status] Receive milepost: For re-orders, display text describing changes from previous order
- 0001792: [Work orders] Add RMB as valid currency for placing orders
- 0001785: [Other] Right-click to show mix info in Outgoing Shipments
- 0001745: [RFQs] Error when displaying quote forwarded to ME customer
- 0001727: [RFQs] Need to have more characters for product comments
- 0001769: [Status] Stencil products do not show in Status view when logged in as Running
- 0001743: [Status] Download: Due to change in MIF, changed notation files was not exported
- 0001772: [Other] When searching for product number, don't show messagedlg "..try with expanded date range"
- 0001771: [Other] Change default start date to always be one month prior to current date

Build (28-10-2011)
New features:
- 0001719: [RFQs] Access to documentation files when viewing RFQ product
- 0001698: [Status] Download only changed files for reorders
- 0001716: [Work orders] Search for WO or PO number
- 0001720: [Status] Eliminate spaces from tracking numbers

Build (15-08-2011)
New features:
- 0001671: [RFQs] Send response to quoters after RFQ becomes order
- 0001628: [RFQs] When making RFQ from product/free spec, use days rather than date
- 0001651: [Other] Number of orders in delivery precision does not match number of orders in outgoing shipments
- 0001652: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ from RFQ if there are multiple quantities
- 0001664: [Work orders] Ignore deleted work orders when searching by product outside of date range
- 0001650: [Work orders] Production site in Convergence should also be transferred to order in Perception
- 0001638: [Work orders] Searching for stencil fails

Build (01-07-2011)
New features:
- 0001642: [Other] Menu item for uploading supplier certification documents
- 0001641: [RFQs] Sort incoming and outgoing RFQs with same product number together
- 0001639: [RFQs] Work order created from RFQ not properly linked to incoming order
- 0001604: [RFQs] Quotation for RFQ generated from price module has too many digits in hard gold area
- 0001640: [Work orders] Make dropdown lists in Create work order wider

Build (08-06-2011)
New features:
- 0001635: [Incoming Orders] Open "Send" milepost for signing after creating work order
- 0001634: [Incoming Orders] Close RFQs when creating work order
- 0001623: [RFQs] Create WO directly from RFQ
- 0001475: [RFQs] Panel optimizer module for generating quotation
- 0001631: [Other] Show delivery precision
- 0001619: [Mixing] Create WO from MixList does not remove order from mix list
- 0001618: [RFQs] RFQs take a long time to generate
- 0001630: [Other] Outgoing shipments list too slow